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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Aapke Tare 26 June to 2 July 2016 Weekly Astrology By JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

Aapke Tare Weekly by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekly astrology forecasts by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor
19th June to 25th June 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Learn Prashna from JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Aapke Tare 12 to 18 June 2016 Astrology by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

Aapke Tare Weekly by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June and July 2016

Aries – Your desire to achieve success is indicated. Many opportunities are opening up for you. In the process you are becoming somewhat rigid also. There is need for some moderation of your thinking. Career matters continue to show ups and downs. Financial matters need careful planning.

Relationship TipRapid developments can take place to take some emotional relationship forward. Despite certain apprehensions your elders may support your views. Still, your own dissatisfaction may emerge. Be mild in your thoughts.

Taurus – Associations and partnerships may encourage you to grow and expand. Many options may seem lucrative but they may also prove to be costly. Financial indications are supportive to give you options for some investment. Health related issues in home and family needs care.
Relationship TipYou seem to be connected in some love relationship. Still many issues in home and family need to be discussed, only then the doubts may be removed. Have trust in others as they may guide you appropriately. Personal life issues need to be handled with a concern for others.

Gemini – Health related concerns are likely to bother you. Your own neglect is also visible and that must be controlled. Professional matters are becoming motivating for you to work hard and achieve. Financial matters are becoming difficult to handle as you are not able to plan effectively.

Relationship TipSome love relationship is making you happy. You would like to take those steps which may take you closer to your loved ones. Don’t make a mountain over a molehill as it is not right to do so. For that reason shed all those doubts which are there in your mind.

CancerA little bit of regularity is needed from your side and you will achieve bigger success. Challenges will have to be faced. Nothing is easy, yet success is ensured as your knowledge and skills will help and guide you in the right direction. Financial wastages are indicated.
Relationship TipYour thoughts may be strong in some love relationship, but you are annoying your own loved ones in the process. Don’t say anything in a manner which may cause misunderstandings. Don’t say or plan anything in relationships in which you may have to reverse your stand.

LeoPeace in home and family is ensured, provided recurrent issues are resolved with patience. You have the ability to convey your thoughts with mildness and that will definitely help. Financial matters are stable. Your professional and personal needs will be met. Rewards from career are ensured.
Relationship Tip - Shed those apprehensions in some love relationship, as it can cause unnecessary heart burn. Your family may remain supportive towards you even though they may want to influence you with their forceful thoughts. Try to look at the positive side of this picture.

VirgoProfessional circumstances may be stable but you are creating distance with others. Your involvement in studies will help you to get a lot of motivation. Your own hard work can do wonders for you. Expenses will have to be controlled, especially if you have big plans on your mind.
Relationship TipYou may have to face hindrances in some love relationship. It may not be easy as these ups and downs may bother you. You are not able to keep others happy. Some increased focus towards your personal life is required. Your efforts can resolve these issues to your advantage.

LibraSuccess is generally measured in terms of prosperity. You have the ability to get that adequately. Circumstances are supportive towards you. Your savings can grow. Your performance will enhance. A focused involvement at this stage will definitely help.
Relationship TipEnsure the goodness towards relationships with humility. Don’t be harsh in what you convey to others. Minor day-to-day issues should not be allowed to become a hindrance in life. More than anything else have trust in some love relationship.

ScorpioThis period is making you very forceful in your thoughts. Try to understand others and accept the situation. That will solve many issues. Have trust in the fact that you can do a lot and accomplish a lot. Outflows must be controlled. You may remain stressed for work.
Relationship TipRemain connected with your loved ones in home and family. Some love relationship is there and yet you are not fully happy. That is why there is lack of contentment on your mind. Don’t let any upsets appear in the smooth flow of your personal life or marriage.

SagittariusThis is a period of wastage which you are not able to control. Your financial inflows are such that you may not have any complaints. Still, your savings need to be protected as much as possible. Any impulsive decisions will have to be avoided.
Relationship TipThere is a strong emotional desire on your mind and yet you are not able to bridge the distance which is getting created. There are lots of ups and downs which creates stress. The issues may be minor and yet they are there. You need to be more at peace with yourself.

CapricornFinancial prosperity is indicated, still the work related performance is not what it should be. If people are not happy with you then there must be reasons behind that. Actually your own focus is diverted. You need to reorient your priorities.
Relationship TipMinor day-to-day issues may continue to bother you in relationships. There is a chance that these issues may go out of hand. Hence, a lot of patience is needed from your side. Luck or auspiciousness will eventually help you to resolve any differences. Give priority to relationships rather than money.

AquariusCareer is your focus area at this moment, yet there are many thoughts for change on your mind. Routine issues will continue to cause stress. Have faith in your own abilities. Your financial position will remain stable to meet your requirements.
Relationship TipYour emotional circumstances are such that nothing is against you. You will be able to find peace and happiness with others. Your loved ones are ever supportive towards you. Communicate with clarity of your mind. Find a balance between your personal and professional life.

PiscesFinancial issues are supportive towards you, yet you are not able to plan effectively. That is why your issues are constantly there to make you impulsive. In matters connected with your career you have to avoid conflicts or differences. The fact still is that luck is supporting you in every sense.
Relationship TipPersonal life has happiness and support for you. Your family may seem to have divergent views but basically they are not against you. To improve this situation you may have to appreciate their point of view as well.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Aapke Tare 5 to 11 June 2016 Astrology by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

Aapke Tare Weekly by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor

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