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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday 1 March 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Chaitra maas
Krishna paksha
Pratipada tithi upto 18:31, then Dwitiya
Som vaar (Monday)
Purva Phalguni nakshatra upto 15:04, then Uttara Phalguni

Moon in Simha rashi, enters kanya rashi at 20:23
Budh pravesh kareinge Shatbhisha nakshatra mein 28:17 pe, Holi hai, Charoli hai, Vasantotsav hai, aur Mela Anandpur sahib hai

Monday 1 March 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – With your own abilities you have gained a lot and you have planned well in the process, that is the reason that overall goodness, happiness and prosperity is achieved by you
Day special – Even in relationships you have involved yourself well, but in all this process don’t let any differences of opinion appear on account of finances
Vrish – Your focus in your work is remarkable, you are also able to carry your personal relationships and family issues pragmatically and that is important
Do – In your work place you have to avoid any kind of stress on account of differences of opinion, lot of care is needed on that as you cannot go wrong
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are pressures which are continuing and which have to be handled, they can be connected with your work or with your performance, you have to prove yourself in this period
Mithun – Relationships are strong on your mind, you are making efforts to improve that situation also further, that can give you happiness
Day special – Any big decisions or major changes should not be attempted, there can be hidden obstacles in that which may not help you at this stage
Karka – Financial issues are stressful, even in your personal life you feel that the flow is not smooth as much as you expect
Do – Financial strength is one aspect of life, but you cannot risk that goodness by unplanned ways, that is something which you will have to remember
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is need to be pleasant to others, that can resolve many of your issues at this stage and protect you from obstacles
Simha – The auspiciousness of this period depends on your own efforts and involvement, you are able to connect with others and that will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run
Day special – For that reason financial angle is stable and the rewards from your efforts are also remarkable, all this goodness is leading to your overall prosperity which is intact
Kanya – You may think that luck is not favoring you, but actually you are not able to plan properly and that is where the problem lies
Do – Psychologically you have to remain optimistic as that can resolve many issues, that is how each step forward will help you
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to maintain discipline in your personal life, by doing so you will be able to protect from health related issues also
Tula – You are trying to involve very well in relationships and friendships, but gradually pressures may be appearing for which you will have to remain aware
Day special – Some amount of differences of opinion are persisting with your associates or friends who are elder to you, for that you will have to remove the disillusionment of your mind
Vrishchik – Far off linkages can prove to be advantageous to you in the long run, but there is need for you to remain very focused in whatever you are doing
Do – Linkages in personal life are important and have to be given due importance, your own people, your supporters, your loved ones are all important to you
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you are continuing to be unstable in your regularity and performance, that is where you are not able to reap the full advantage, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – Financial situation is motivating you further to improve your efforts, for that reason luck is also supporting you immensely at this stage
Day special – Psychologically however you need to remain optimistic and look forward in life, that can prove to be advantageous on the financial front also and to meet your needs and expectations connected with your work
Makar – Extremely auspicious period in many ways, work is stable and your performance is praiseworthy
Do – You have to shed the dissatisfactions of your mind which you carry in your home and family, by doing so you can actually improve the goodness of your period which is remarkably placed
Don’t – Don’t be impulsive in your decisions or expenses, especially in whatever you speak you have to show a lot of stability
Kumbh – Extremely auspicious period as nothing can be better than this, people are coming forward to help you and support you at every step
Day special – You have an attitude of carrying lot of doubts and apprehensions on your mind, you do not trust people easily and that is where the goodness gets reduced
Meena – Stressful period as you have made it like that yourself, remember that pressures have to be faced in life and you cannot run away from them
Do – Plan each step forward carefully and decisively, that will help you to achieve the goodness abundantly
Don’t – Don’t let pressures of expenses overpower you, that can complicate your matters and your thinking also side by side, don’t let that happen

Sunday 28 February 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Falgun maas
Shukla paksha
Purnima upto 22:07 then Chaitra maas Krishna paksha Pratipada tithi
Ravi vaar (Sunday)
Magha nakshatra upto 17:56, then Purva Phalguni
Moon in Simha rashi
Bhadra hai 11:58 tak, Holika dahan hai 18:16 ke baad, Shri Chaitanya mahaprabhu jayanti hai, Holashtak samapt ho rajhe hain, Mahapaat hai 9:51 tak, aur Jain sampradaya ke ashtanhika vrat samapt ho rahe hain
Yeh saptah shuru ho raha hai ravivaar ko is graha stithi se – Ketu hain Mithun rashi mein, Vakri Mangal hain Karka rashi mein, Chandrama hain Simha rashi mein, Vakri Shani hain Kanya rashi mein, Rahu hain Dhanu rashi mein, aur Budh Surya Brihspati aur Shukra chal rahe hain Kumbh rashi mein
Is saptah mein grahon ka gochar kuch is tarah se hai – Shukra pravesh kareinge Meena rashi mein 2 March ko, Chandra pravesh kareinge Kanya rashi mein 1 March ko, Tula rashi mein 3 March ko, aur chandrama pravesh kareinge Vrishchik rashi mein 5 March ko
Is saptah mein padne wale vrat parva aur tyohar hain – Holi hai 1 March ko, aur 3 March ko Shri Ganesh chaturthi vrat hai

Sunday 28 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Great period for you to benefit from your own knowledge and skills, for that reason your own involvement is remarkable and that will give you financial gains as well
Do – As far as relationships are concerned it is a mixed period, you may have very focused mind on that but the circumstances are showing lots of ups and downs, you will have to involve more in that
Don’t – Don’t carry unnecessary apprehensions or doubts on your mind, that can lead to reduction in your efforts and performance, don’t let that happen
Vrish – You have responsibilities to fulfill, that is why you are stressed about your savings and money position as well
Day special – You need to create some inter-linkages of your personal life with your work situation, the advantages on account of that linkage can be immense and you can actually take your work to greater heights
Mithun – Generally stable and auspicious period for you in many ways, your own hard work is bringing about excellent auspiciousness which can prove to be highly beneficial
Do – You have to take advantage of the pressures which are building up on you, with that kind of situation your motivation will increase and your hard work will also increase
Don’t – Don’t forget the importance which you have to give at this stage, the need to increase excellence and happiness in your life is more important, don’t give so much importance to money at this stage as it is quite unnecessary
Karka – You are being a bit careless and on that reason you may incur some loss also, someone may try to cheat you and for that reason you have to be more careful also
Day special – You may be fond of eating and that can lead to health related pressures also, for that reason anything which may be hidden or unexpected can happen, you have to be careful on that
Simha – Financial issues are very strong on your mind, wasteful expenses are complicating that situation further,
Do – Some of these worries are valid and you will have to take extra care for that, but your mutual interaction with others and your own people can help you and protect you immensely
Don’t – Don’t still forget that money position needs to be handled more carefully, there can be pressures and even differences leading to conflicts, don’t let that happen
Kanya – There are many thoughts on your mind connected with your work, you are not satisfied fully and that is why you are not able to take pragmatic decisions also
Day Special – Psychologically this period requires lot of peace and patience, otherwise your own decision can lead to pressures and differences for you which may be upsetting
Tula – You are depending too much on luck whereas it is not needed, the rewards as a result of your own involvement are also giving you immense goodness in many ways
Do – Relationships are important but maintaining honesty and devotion towards relationship is more important, that is something which you will have to remember
Don’t – Some friendship can lead to emotional involvement for which you will have to be prepared, you are carrying many doubts or apprehensions on your mind also, they will have to be removed
Vrishchik – Stress and pressures in work are self-created, there may be routine issues but they are weighing heavy on your mind
Day special – You will have to devote more care and time towards your own people, work cannot take priority over that and that is something which will have to be remembered
Dhanu – You are too involved in life and at the same time too stressed, but the goodness is that you are motivated and you take these pressures in your stride
Do – Generally lucky period in many ways, financial prosperity is intact and many things are under control
Don’t – Don’t keep anything hidden from your partner or your well wishers, that can unnecessarily lead to stress whereas you do not have any hidden agenda on your mind
Makar – Stressful period as there can be many factors for that, your views may not tally with those of others and you may be getting into differences on account of that
Day special – In personal life there is deterioration of quality in relationships, that is where you will have to talk over your issues with people who are important
Kumbh – Relationships are on your mind but dissatisfactions are also on your mind, that is why nothing meaningful is happening and you are getting uneasy
Do – If you really come to think of it people around you are very supportive and there cannot be a better position than that, but you are being too critical in your approach and finding faults in others
Don’t – Don’t therefore be negative in your own thinking, a little bit of care and protection can save the situation and maintain stability
Meena – Personal life and family life needs greater care, to achieve that you have to be at peace and not under any kind of agitation
Day special – Your uneasiness and dissatisfactions is leading to more of pressures than solutions, you are making others angry and they are turning against you in many ways

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Indian Stock Index Trends 20 Feb to 1 March 2010 – Review

In the trends for this period we had indicated rise in the market. The forecast made on 10 Feb for this period is repeated here.



20 Feb
1 Mar
Rise. Market holidays on 20 and 21 Feb. Again Market holidays on 27 and 28 Feb. and also on 1 March.

Effectively this RISE trend was given for the period between 22 Feb and 26 Feb as the other days were market holidays. We give below the actual Nifty figures from 19 Feb (previous close) to 26 Feb (current close).

       Historical Data for S&P CNX NIFTY

       For the period 19-02-2010 to 26-02-2010


When there was worldwide fear of fall in the stock markets we maintained that the market will rise. Even in India, the overall view by financial experts on all TV channels was indicating fall on budget presentation on the fears of rise in service tax, corporate tax, excise duty etc, we maintained that the market will rise. There was a total rise of 77 points in this period from 4845 to 4922.

Friday 26 February 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Falgun maas
Shukla paksha
Chaturdashi tithi
Shani vaar (Saturday)
Ashlesha nakshatra upto 20:53, then Magha
Moon in Karka rashi, enters Simha rashi at 20:53
Bhadra from 25:50 

Saturday 27 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – If you communicate well then you will stand to gain and there will be all kinds of prosperity to you, but that is not happening and that is why you are not getting benefited
Day special – The situation is such that your thoughts, your efforts and your communicating with others is leading to more of confusion and distress, that is why you are not happy with this situation
Vrish – Your forcefulness is remarkable but you must understand that you have to use your knowledge at the right moment and in the right direction, that is where your success will be ensured
Do – You have to be pleasant in whatever you speak, by doing so you have to show that you care for others and that is important
Don’t – Don’t depend so much on the help or support of others as it may not come in the manner in which you expect, if you understand that clearly then your expectations will also not increase unnecessarily
Mithun – Generally stable and auspicious period, your thoughts and actions are increasing this goodness abundantly by which the circumstances are becoming very lucky for you
Day special – Your financial position is improving and that is a remarkable situation, you may not be happy with the inflows but eventually your savings and asset creation will please you
Karka – In your own forcefulness you are creating stress and pressures on day to day basis, that is where your own thinking needs to be moderated at this stage
Do – You have to side by side give a lot of importance to your own abilities as well as your work, there are many weaknesses which are showing and which need to be improved
Don’t – Don’t expect any major gains from changes, travels or any big decisions, for that reason you must take the proper advice and views of others so that you do not go wrong
Simha – You may be thinking about helping others but in the bargain you are creating stress for yourself, even if you think of change of place you have to be careful of its implications
Day special – Financial position is generally stable and that will please you, but you are increasing your committed expenses and outflows also side by side which needs to be planned carefully
Kanya – In professional matters as well as in personal matters lot of carefulness is required, on account of your overall prosperity you are creating stress and pressures for yourself
Do – Stress and differences are showing in your work and you are not able to control that, that is where some amount of carefulness will help you
Don’t – Don’t think that money can control the issues which crop up at this stage, you have to therefore give greater importance to issues which cannot be controlled or managed with money alone
Tula – Luck may favor you immensely but at the same time you have to maintain that goodness also for future, whereas you are not happy with the manner in which your own performance is being viewed by others
Day special – Work related situation is stable but your own efforts and abilities are getting wasteful, that is where you have to be more careful so that this goodness is sustained
Vrishchik – Generally stable and lucky period for you, financial situation is stable and leads to savings and asset creation
Do – Routine issues and pressures keep on bothering you, for that reason you may continue to feel uneasy and distressed
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary differences or conflicts at this stage, there are too many ups and downs of your thinking which create that, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – Your work is motivating you immensely, even your own people and their support will help you to work hard and draw this goodness abundantly
Day special – While all this goodness is with you psychologically you must remain happy and upbeat, that is where the solution to your stress and problems lie
Makar – You are being very supportive and people are in turn helping you immensely, luck is therefore favoring you in many ways and in your prosperity also
Do – Your help and involvement towards others should be total and unquestionable, any whole hearted attempt from your side will give you the desired results
Don’t – Don’t keep anything hidden from your side, that will be a form of unfairness or cheating which you should not indulge in
Kumbh – Your abilities and your performance can shine and can lead you to greater heights, that is where you will have to thank God for all those virtues and goodness which you are getting
Day special – Side by side you must remember that routine kind of stress, pressures and obstacles are with you, especially if you think too forcefully and become too rigid in your attitude, that is where some moderation is needed
Meena – The desires on your mind in some love relationship are very intense, you wish to fulfill those desires at any cost even at the cost of causing displeasure to others
Do – You must understand the views of others in any relationship, you cannot push any one too hard to create discomfort to others
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people are important, you have to give due importance to their views side by side so that you are not opposed by others in any way, don’t forget that

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday 26 February 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Falgun maas
Shukla paksha
Dwadashi tithi upto 8:55, then Tryodashi
Shukra vaar (Friday)
Pushya nakshatra upto 23:44, then Ashlesha
Moon in Karka rashi
Budh ast honge 15:52 pe, aur Pradosh vrat hai

Friday 26 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your thinking is becoming such that you are yourself getting into pressures and difficulties, that can lead to misunderstandings for you and eventual differences of opinion also
Do – Having lot of self-confidence is a good thing, but it should not cause stress or pressures for yourself or discomfort for others, that is where carefulness is required
Don’t – Don’t forget that pressures on account of work or finances have to be controlled, for that you have to make your own thinking very stable and accept the reality, don’t forget that
Vrish – Excellent period for your focus to be remarkable, you are working hard to achieve your goals and your own abilities are also helping you side by side
Day special – You are able to use your own knowledge to your advantage, for that your involvement is praiseworthy, but don’t think of unnecessary changes as they may not give expected results
Mithun – Financial position is stable and you are happy with it, luck is also generally supporting you at every step
Do – You have to understand the reality that in personal life there can be some pressures, you can resolve those if you remain polite to others in any discussion
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own behavior and your own people can provide the goodness to you in abundance, largely it is a situation of using your own goodness to your advantage
Karka – Your own self-confidence is abundant, but you are becoming a bit too rigid in your attitude and that is creating obstacles in your life as well
Day special – Protect yourself from unnecessary pressures in your personal life, your day to day pressures are also showing which may reduce the goodness of this period
Simha – Your own thinking is such that you are getting worried for your finances, you have to fulfill your responsibilities and you have to do so much for others
Do – You can do all this with a positive bent of mind also, by doing so maintain a lot of moderation and don’t overdue in any manner
Don’t – Don’t just think about money only, that can lead to stress and conflicts, involve yourself in your work and you will be happy
Kanya – Financial situation may be stable but you have to use this goodness to repay your liabilities, the forces are such that you can protect yourself from unnecessary pressures at this stage
Day Special – There are many pressures on you but you can resolve all of them with your own conviction and involvement, that is the goodness which will pave the way for your future path
Tula – Work related situation is stable and you will be happy, but you have to use your knowledge judiciously and not in any aggressive or rigid manner
Do – Your financial needs are high and you may not be happy with that, but your own involvement, hard work, knowledge and skills all can benefit you immensely
Don’t – Don’t use your goodness in any unfair manner towards others, be good to others and you will reap that goodness in return, don’t forget that
Vrishchik – Stable and lucky period as your own involvement is remarkable, that will prove to be the stepping stone for your future progress also
Day special – In home, family or personal life shed that uneasiness or dissatisfaction, then you will be able to reap a lot of goodness and happiness in your life
Dhanu – You are very firm in your thoughts at this moment, but that firmness has to be used in the right way to improve your work
Do – Your own skills need to be improved in this pattern of goodness, by doing so you can actually benefit with your efforts and that is a remarkable situation
Don’t – Don’t reduce your involvements in any way, in whatever work you are involved this period can prove to be beneficial with that effort, don’t forget that
Makar – You are very supportive towards others and that is a remarkable situation, your own ways can prove to be highly stable and auspicious
Day special – A lot of stability and regularity needs to be maintained in whatever you think or speak, you cannot afford to change your own views frequently as that will show you in poor light
Kumbh – You are building stress for yourself with your own thinking, and on top of it you are becoming too firm or rigid and that is where the problem lies
Do – Make yourself very mild and understand the situation, especially at your workplace this realization will help you
Don’t – Don’t think of major changes at this stage, there can be many hidden upsets in that which may not please you
Meena – Emotional involvement can be strong, you may be keen to carry your desires forward to fulfill them at any cost
Day special – You may not get the support which you expect from others, that may stress you but your own views are very firm and you want to move on your own path

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday 25 February 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Falgun maas
Shukla paksha
Ekadashi tithi upto 11:58, then Dwadashi
Brihaspati vaar (Thursday)
Punarvasu nakshatra
Moon in Mithun rashi, enters Karka rashi at 20:54
Bhadra hai 11:58 tak, Budh pravesh kareinge Kumbh rashimein 25 ki raat aur 26 ki subah 5:46 pe, , Amla ekadashi vrat hai, Mela khatu shyam ji ka hai 2 din ka, aur ram snehi sampradaya ka phool dol mahotsav hai

Thursday 25 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your apprehensions are connected with your own actions and your own family members, your personal life therefore is stressed which needs lot of correction
Day special – There is still lot of positiveness attached to this period, your own abilities can improve your work related performance in a big way, but you have to avoid stress and differences on financial matters
Vrish – Travels, changes or alternatives may not bring the desired results, whereas your own total involvement can bring out the best in you
Do – This period can help you to discuss your matters intelligently and come out with great solutions, that will improve your image in life also
Don’t – Don’t have any sarcastic attitude on your mind, that can reduce the goodness of this period in many ways, don’t let that happen
Mithun – You may not be happy with your financial position, that is why you are getting into unnecessary differences also side by side
Day special – Routine kind of issues are being created on your mind, you are therefore yourself responsible for all these issues and pressures which you create for yourself
Karka – The potential of this period is still stable, but you think too much and think in terms of extremes only,
Do – Thinking negatively will not help you in any case, being impulsive in your behavior is to be avoided especially in matters connected with your studies or your work
Don’t – Don’t think that some one is trying to cheat you, that is another form of negative thinking which can spoil the direction of your life, don’t let that happen
Simha – Your expectations are too large and they may not be met, even on financial matters you must understand the need to repay your liabilities and fulfill your responsibilities
Day special – Change of place may not bring the desired results, for that reason luck may not be supportive at this stage in the manner in which you expect
Kanya – Weak period in many ways, your money can be under pressure and you have to be very judicious in your thinking
Do – Plan your moves well, especially on financial matters you cannot go wrong, you have to understand the needs which have to be planned
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are hidden obstacles which are continuing to pressurize you, but your strength lies in using your abilities to your advantage which must be understood
Tula – There are some ups and downs in the response of people around you towards you, for that reason you may remain stressed on the matters of meeting your financial needs
Day special – In personal life there is lot of auspiciousness of this period, but that is possible only if you try and maintain stability in your personal life, changes may prove to be upsetting
Vrishchik – You have to improve your own attitude towards others, otherwise you may get into unnecessary stress, pressures and conflicts
Do – Psychologically you are stressed which is leading to this uneasiness on your mind, It is a kind of unfairness of your thinking which needs correction
Don’t – Pressures of work may motivate you to work hard, but at the same time these very pressures may make you distressed at the same time, you have to find a balance between the two
Dhanu – Your own abilities need to be improved or upgraded, for that reason you have to connect with others to get their favorable response or views which are required
Day special – Rewards from your work are adequately placed, you have to sustain this goodness over a period of time also, for that don’t have unnecessary apprehensions on your mind
Makar – Financial needs of your own people bother you, they may lead to some kind of psychological uneasiness pressure or conflicts also side by side
Do – Patience is the key word otherwise this period shows misunderstandings, but largely you are responsible in your thinking and that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t forget that certain unknown factors are there which cause pressures, whether in understanding the views of others or in understanding the problems, those hidden factors need to be given importance, don’t forget that
Kumbh – There are deficiencies in this period which need to be corrected, your efforts are reduced and your work needs to be done in a better manner
Day special – Relationships are suffering because you are not able to trust others, your own views about people around you are therefore unstable at this stage
Meena – Luck may not favor you as much as you expect, especially on financial matters you should not depend on luck to guide your moves
Do – Take the help and support of your own people, that is available to you in abundance and that can solve many of your issues
Don’t – Don’t take the views of others on face value, there are many hidden factors which are there and for which you are not aware, don’t therefore depend on others with your eyes closed

Wednesday 24 February 2010, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2066, Shak samvat 1931
Falgun maas
Shukla paksha
Dashmi tithi upto 14:31, then Ekadashi
Budh vaar (Wednesday)
Ardra nakshatra
Moon in Mithun rashi
Bhadra hai 25:19 se

Wednesday 24 February 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are a bit too uneasy and confused, that is why routine issues of day to day nature bother you more
Do – You have to increase your own involvement in whatever you are doing, that will remove the uneasiness which you carry unnecessarily at this stage
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary pressures or differences on day to day issues, that can lead to unnecessary conflicts which are not actually required, don’t let that happen
Vrish – You are worried that there will be bigger obstacles in life, for that reason you are creating stress for yourself both psychologically as well as for financial reasons
Day special – You have to understand that the underlying support and protection is immense, there are many issues which are under control and which can be used to your advantage, don’t therefore unnecessarily pressurize your mind on trivial matters
Mithun – You have to trust others, that single factor can provide a lot of goodness to you in many ways
Do – Psychologically also therefore you have to speak very politely to others, by whatever you speak you have to show that you trust and you care
Don’t – Don’t let your personal life or your family life get disturbed because of pressures or problems, you must understand that most of these issues are made up on your mind and not real, don’t therefore speak angrily to any one at this stage
Karka – There may be some health related issues because you have been neglecting your health, for that reason you think that some harm may come to you
Day special – Even if you are thinking of some major changes or decisions it may not be advantageous for you to do so, you have to therefore understand that maintaining stability is more important than getting mentally stressed
Day special – You are neglecting your health on account of your eating and drinking habits, that is why you feel that there can be immense problems for you at this stage, these factors also require care from your side

Simha – Personal relationships are not moving smoothly, you wish to take them to the next level but somehow there is lack of trust in many ways
Do – You are also getting into unnecessary arguments at this stage, those arguments can get heated and lead to pressures and problems in many ways, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t let financial issues come in between your relationships, that can lead to more of distress, don’t therefore let any one cheat of money and lead to pressures as well

Kanya – You are carrying certain apprehensions and doubts about your own people, that is leading to unnecessary pressures on you and creating upsets in your work also, but you have to change your own thinking for that
Day Special – Try to trust your own people, that will pave the way for goodness in many ways,
Tula – You are yourself not satisfied about your own efforts and performance in life, that is why you remain de-motivated and disillusioned
Do – There is need for you to upgrade your efforts and also to increase your own motivation, by doing so you can actually benefit yourself and move forward in life
Don’t – Don’t think that luck has treated you unfairly, it is your own efforts and conviction in life which makes your own destiny
Vrishchik – You may not be as happy with your savings, for that reason you remain dissatisfied also at times
Day special – These very thoughts motivate you further in life, that can help you to achieve much more and you should take it as a positive thought
Dhanu – You not only carry lack of trust for others but you carry lack of trust for yourself also, for that reason you sometimes carry negative thoughts to harm others also
Do – Be nice to others and understand their viewpoint also, especially in any kind of discussion this thought is very essential to understand
Don’t – Don’t think that you have been cheated by life, for that reason don’t try to cheat others also in the bargain, that is not going to help
Makar – Your own thinking is leading to your own wrong decisions, that is another reason that you incur losses and move in an unplanned manner
Day special – Indirectly all these factors put you under stress and lead to difficulties, psychologically also you remain depressed for these reasons only, this needs to be improved
Kumbh – Your dissatisfactions start with money and end with relationships, but in the bargain you stand to lose on both these factors
Do – Protect yourself from these thoughts, by thinking like that you are getting away from people and spoiling your own relationships, that is where protection is needed
Don’t – Don’t try to be secretive in relationships, by doing so you are actually harming yourself in many ways, don’t let that happen
Meena – You want major changes in life because you are dissatisfied, for that reason you are unhappy also in your personal life
Day special – Creating any kind of hidden relationships is dangerous, it may not lead to any advantage in the long run and you will stand to lose, don’t therefore keep anything hidden in any way from others

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Stock Index Trends 14 Feb to 22 Feb - Review

The forecast made on 10 Feb for this period is given below. It was specifically stated as follows :

There has been a lot of uncertainty in the market in the recent days. However the planetary indications suggest that there will be underlying strength in the market which must be remembered.
14 Feb
22 Feb
Volatility will be there. Despite that the market will rise.

We give below the actual closing figures of Dow Jones Index from 12 Feb (previous close) to 22 Feb (current close) to compare the forecasts for this block.


Dow Jones Industrial Average



On 12 Feb Dow closed at 10099, whereas on 22 Feb Dow closed at 10383. There was a total rise of 284 points during this period.