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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thursday 1st January 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your financial position remain strong but you are uneasy about your career, these can be routine matters of stress and differences which are there on day to day basis.
Day special – there is generally no need for you to worry, as such your involvement to progress in life is good and that will give you the rewards.
Vrish – You wish to achieve so much more in life but somehow the circumstances are not giving favorable results, for that reason you tend to feel uneasy and that reduces your performance also.
Do –Your commitment towards work is commendable, that is your strength and that is where you have to focus.
Don’t – don’t look at options and alternatives at this stage, they will not give you the desired results as there are many obstacles in that path.
Mithun – Even your positive efforts may be viewed negatively, for that reason your image may be at risk,
Day special – You have to protect yourself from these hidden forces, don’t do any thing which may reflect negatively about your integrity.
Karka – You have tried to help and support others adequately, but now you are getting distanced from that because you have not got the matching rewards.
Do – getting away and having negative thinking will prove to be disadvantages in future also, you must understand this fact and only than form your opinion
Don’t – don’t doubt the intentions of others because they have not supported you enough, for that reason don’t feel distressed psychologically.
Simha – Health is a concern and that is a factor which may create pressures for you, but your involvement towards your work can actually benefit you at this stage.
Day special – by total involvement towards your work you will forget some of your factors of uneasiness at this stage, as such those factors need to be forgotten for the time being, have patience and think of something else and other than the problems.
Kanya – Love relationship is not the right focus at this stage, you may blame your luck also that things are not your working out the way you expect.
Do – if you are thinking of changes connected with your career than you have to think about the totality of the picture, your knowledge may not be adequate to handle those responsibilities.
Don’t – don’t let your monetary issues get into risk or conflicts, this is a period to avoid any financial decisions for the time being, hence don’t create troubles for yourself without proper planning.
Tula –There are pressures and factors of stress in your professional life, but your own knowledge and commitment can actually protect you from all those pressures, that is your strength and that is where you have to devote your energy.
Day special-but the internal forces and internal politics of your work place can make you uneasy for that reason you may feel dejected but don’t let any negativity overpower your mind
Vrishchik – you are a bit confused and uneasy on account of matter connected with home, family & marriage, but many situations are actually under control and luck is favoring you immensely.
Do –On one hand your financial situation is under stress but on the other hand your relationships are not supportive, you may get away from all that for a while
Don’t –your own well wishers may change their earlier views about you, that can be a depressing situation which may not make you very happy, hence don’t depend on others as you may not get constant support.
Dhanu – you may be a little uneasy on account of what you speak, for that reason you have to keep lot of patience and not say something out of impulse.
Day special –More importantly don’t be sarcastic in your attitude as that can be most unfortunate, it can lead to a scar or separation in relationships which need to be protected.
Makar – despite all kind of auspiciousness this still remain a weak period, but you have to look at the positive angle and that is where you have to devote your time
Do – best indication is for some love relationship to prosper as that is giving you happiness, you may be a little stressed but that is human nature.
Don’t – in this focus and direction don’t forget your responsibilities towards others, but more importantly don’t let your money get into any kind of problem or risk
Kumbh – Financial situation has to be protected by very focused planning as that is important. The support which you may get form others may be erratic and that disturbs you
Day special- God is kind in many ways and that is blessing, but health is a concern which can be handled with some patience and careful planning.
Meena – Financial issues can become paramount and can cause obstacles, taking and giving of loans is something which needs to be planned better at this stage.
Do –repayment of old liabilities can remove uneasiness of your mind that is something which you should consider at this stage
Don’t –at the same time some new funding may be required for your business needs but your are not convinced with the idea at this stage, don’t move on a path on which you are not convinced yourself.

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Wednesday 31st December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Shukla paksha
Chaturthi tithi
Budh vaar (Wednesday)
Dhanishtha nakshatra

Moon in Makar rashi, enters Kumbh rashi at 18:07
भद्रा है 14:18 से, पंचक हैं 18:07 से, शनी वक्री होंगे 23:10 पे, और विनायक चतुर्थी है

Wednesday 31st December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus towards work is increasing and that will benefit you immensely, that also includes your ability to perform well and to show your commitment
Day special –You have to now take up higher responsibilities to prove your abilities, that is where the success in your life depends, that is the strength which is emerging
Vrish – This is a stressful period in many ways, changes or alternative may not give you any advantage, for that reason stability has to be maintained.
Do –You have to show your involvement in a committed manner that will prove to others as to what you can do and achieve.
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of conflicts within the family, that includes your spouse as well as other family members, patience is required in that area.
Mithun –It is not advisable to get in to any conflicts connected with finances, even if you are trying to make an effort to improve your finances at this stage you should avoid differences of opinion.
Day special – For this very reason the pressures on you are increasing, if you avoid differences than patience will be maintained and that is required at this stage.
Karka – You can be helpful to others but it should not be at the cost of causing displeasure at your work place, you have to assess as to what is right and what is wrong in your actions
Do – You have to increase your own knowledge in every way, this is true for students as this can make their career.
Don’t – don’t get into stress with your boss because of any lack of abilities from your side, you have to understand your responsibilities at this stage as you should not be found deficient in this area.
Simha – Extremely auspicious period in many ways, your focus is right and you are trying to perform with a plan,
Day special –Whatever minor psychological unrest you have will also be removed soon, that will show you in a better light and will improve your status in the eyes of others.
Kanya – Weak period as there can be many pressures for you at these stage, those pressure can be connected with home, family as well as children,
Do – You have to involve better with others to understand their problems, getting depressed will not solve the problems as you have to take up a bigger role at this stage.
Don’t – don’t let your performance or hard work reduced because of any confusion on your mind that is the first step forward which can reduce the stress for you, you have to guide your children judiciously and also guide your own destiny with your abilities.,
Tula –You are determine to bring about improvement in your financial situations for that you are taking all positive step forward and that is a remarkable situation.
Day special- In this entire effort you have to remember the help and support of loved ones, with their cooperation and motivation only you can succeed in life.
Vrishchik –Your involvement towards your professional work can gradually improve your financial position also, for that you are on the right track of your efforts and nothing is lacking.
Do –You have to leave your psychological uneasiness behind, you have actually left it behind and you are trying to forge ahead now that is the kind of involvement which is required for success.
Don’t –day to day pressures are many to cause stress on your savings, but don’t be too uneasy because gradually you are trying to improve that situation also, hence remain optimistic in this regard
Dhanu – You have to brush up your knowledge all over again so that you can put it to better use for that if you have to study and revise than it can help you in this hour of need.
Day special –generally this is a period which will support you in your efforts, even if you are not devoting enough time still the circumstances will become favorable for you
Makar – You can not put your financial prosperity in to risk, there can be many obstacles which can make this situation more and more complicated.
Do – You are not able to benefit from the support which you are getting at this stage, you are being a bit too rigid and unfair because of your own uneasiness of mind that needs to be protected
Don’t – While handling your professional affairs don’t ignore the views of your boss, that can be a situation of which may turn against you.
Kumbh –Gains from business or profession are indicated, these gains are also possible because your partners are supporting you in every way.
Day special- but many of these gains may be lost because of lack of planning, the foremost factor for that is that you are not able to handle your routine affairs judiciously, that is where care is required.
Meena – very lucky period in many ways, but still the reward are not as per your expectations, in the bargain you are getting unnecessary worried also.
Do –partly you yourself responsible for this weakness, it is your own doing and own attitude which is causing this trouble.
Don’t –don’t unnecessarily look at travels or movements those are not required and those can be avoided at this stage.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 30th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Shukla paksha
Tritiya tithi
Mangal vaar (Tuesday)
Shrawan nakshatra

Moon in Makar rashi

Tuesday 30th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to have very practical views about your life that includes personal as well as professional focus.
Do – concentrate to be optimistic & practical without expecting too much, that will protect you from getting uneasy without cause.
Don’t – don’t get into any routine stress or differences of opinion connected with your work place that is also a reflection of too much expectation which you may have and that is not required.
Vrish – your positive attitude can actually bring about enormous gains in your life, the foremost thing is that luck will support you with that optimism and your destiny will be made.
Day special –this is a very lucky situation for relationalships to prosper also, but you have to understand that your family may not support you at this stage, in fact you have to avoid getting into differences with in the family at this stage.
Mithun – You have to protect your financial situation with careful planning, getting into impulsive investments can be very risky, and that is not required also.
Do – with your own actions you can create difficulties for your self that is also a factor caused due to being oversensitive & thinking too much, avoid that.
Don’t – don’t become rash in your attitude on account of any financial reasons, that may not give you any advantage and indirectly may spoil your health only.
Karka – You are trying to reach out to others and help others, which indirectly will support your own efforts in life, you have to involve better with your friends to maintain the relationship.
Day special – circumstances connected with boss are a little stressful, despite you are trying to understand others this factor needs more care than ever before.
Simha – You are worried and stressed because of some financial issues that can include loss or cheating because of which you are stressed.
Do – This period is advantages for you to involve in your career, all other factors need to be postponed for a while as nothing will be achieved by getting disturbed.
Don’t – but don’t ignore your health for this very reason, getting too stressed can cause psychological uneasiness also, that can create health related issues as well.
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact but there are outflows also which you have to perform, those can be for family & children and that is your responsibility.
Day special – if you are trying to spend to please someone you like then also you may not create that harmony as much as you want, most of that effort can go waste.
Tula –some uneasiness connected with your profession can be there, but there are decisions connected with family which you have to be taken, your time & energy will be spent on that.
Do – while doing so you will have to shed your dissatisfactions, because that thinking & attitude will not give you happiness.
Don’t – don’t be unnecessarily stressed, it is again full situation which is to your advantages, for that reason don’t get uneasy or depressed.
Vrishchik – Financially it is a stable period and there is nothing to worry, but you are lot of stress on your mind which is connected with your own efforts home, family and property.
Day special – under such circumstances of uneasiness each step forward is important, you can not resolved everything in one day, slowly the issues have to be resolved with care & patience.
Dhanu – Psychologically you may be stressed, this is a period to maintain lot of patience as that is essential.
Do – financial angle is stable but psychologically you have be more at peace, you are getting support from every one and that will give you happiness.
Don’t – don’t do or say anything which may hurt others, from your side you have to maintain that patience as that is important in life.
Makar – You will get excellent support from others but you are not able to take advantage of that, on one hand you are being uneasy & dissatisfied and on the other you are finding fault with others.
Day special –for that reason you are not getting the support from your friends and relations also, but this is because of your own doing which is a mistake, you have to change your attitude.
Kumbh – Health concerns are showing because you are not taking adequate care, more than any thing else these are the factors made up in the mind which need to be controlled.
Do – Expenses have to be curtailed as there are many pressures on that, but you are likely to get excellent support from others in this regard.
Don’t –don’t under estimate the strength of your own abilities, for that reason the reward from your professional or business are adequate that is where you have to concentrate
Meena – If you wish to gain from your studies than you have to involve without any doubt on your mind, you may need funds for your business for which you may look at the possibility of borrowings also.
Day special – but whatever you borrow must be utilizes properly, some of it may be wasted and may not be utilized for the purpose judiciously, that is where you have to take care.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday 29th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Shukla paksha
Dwitiya tithi upto 23:01, then Tritiya
Som vaar (Monday)
Uttara Ashadha nakshatra

Moon in Makar rashi

Monday 29th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In your professional career you are thinking of improving your own performance, in personal relationships you are thinking of moving on in your life and even settling yourself in yet another marriage.
Day special –Any thing connected with your own hard work will give good results, any thing connected with desire for marriage may not give the desired fulfillment, you have to understand the implication of all this.
Vrish – You have to protect the peace & harmony of your home and family that include peaceful co-existence in marriage and also in relationship.
Do –. The most important aspect at his stage is to protect yourself from differences with boss, in that process only you will be harmed and that can be most unfortunate.
Don’t – don’t get into any discussion at your work place which has any thing to do with change or alternatives to far off place, that matter needs to be postponed for a while
Mithun –If you involve well then you can protect yourself from getting into differences, by doing so you can improve the quality of marriage also.
Day special –But all this is required with a very peaceful mind, you can not accomplished this if you are not convinced yourself that you can achieve it.
Karka – Financial & Professional matters can become difficult for you, it can lead to conflicts which must be avoided at this stage
Do – If you involve well with others and listen to others, then you will be able to protect your situations, any thing to do with finances must be postponed for a while otherwise your money may be stuck.
Don’t – don’t get into any legal complications as it can be long drawn fights which will not give any results, just don’t get into it at this stage.
Simha – Your involvement in some love relationship is likely to gain strength, your own people and family may support you in that,
Day special –But there are inherent factor of obstacles in whatever you do at this stage, that is the factor in which you will have to first think of the issues which can cause hindrances, only than you should move ahead.
Kanya – If you are thinking of some change of place then there are many obstacles connected with that, the expectations may also not be met and you may feel a little frustrated.
Do – Involve with others and fulfill yours responsibility towards others, by doing so you will maintained the stability of life which is very important at this stage.
Don’t – don’t be selfish in your attitude to fulfill your undue desire that can lead to differences, especially in relationship you have to protect yourself from getting into it any problem.
Tula –Financially very strong period as your abilities are immense, but those abilities have to be maintained at any cost
Day special-Your own focus is reducing and that is why you are not able to maintain the goodness of this period, you must remember that for constant stability and growth regular involvement is required, that only will maintain the stability of your life.
Vrishchik – Gains from career are stable but your savings are dwindling, still it is a situation in which God is kind to protect the overall stability and happiness of your life.
Do –students must understand that some weakness in your study is creeping in; you are dreaming big but not converting those thoughts into reality.
Don’t – If you are thinking about changes in life including change of place then you have to consider various other factors at the same time, don’t just jump to conclusions for the sake of making a change.
Dhanu – Lucky period in many ways, many views and thoughts are emerging on your mind to give a new shape to your life. That is important and that will help you eventually.
Day special –Many factor connected with your auspiciousness emerges beautifully the main factor to trigger that goodness is your own resolve to take decision about your life.
Makar – Weak period as there can be problem with your boss, for that reason your stability can be threatened and that you have to protect.
Do – Patience is the key word at this stage, many pressures and thoughts are crossing your mind which is making you unsettled.
Don’t – don’t look at any option to change your place or status, maintain stability at this stage as far off linkages may not be as advantages
Kumbh –You may gain from support from others and that can be a remarkable situations, you can improve that situation with your own renewed focus and hard work
Day special- but all these gains have to be maintained because your monetary situation is getting weakened, you are not able to control the outflow and the expenses and that is the pressure which you face.
Meena – Avoid differences of opinion at your work place, for that reason differences connected with finances also have to be controlled, by doing so you will be able to improve your professional working and that effort must be stepped up now

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Shukla paksha
Pratipada tithi upto 20:30, then Dwitiya
Ravi vaar (Sunday)
Purva Ashadha nakshatra upto 23:20, then Uttara Ashadha

Moon in Dhanu rashi
सूर्य प्रवेश करेंगे पुरवा अशाढा नक्षत्र में 21:55 पे, व्यतिपात महापात है 21:15 से

Sunday 28th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – favorable period for over all stability and happiness, you will particular do well in career as your entire focus is directed towards it.
Do – This is the onset of the period when your own involvement will increase, that will bring happiness from many front, education, relationship, marriage all these areas will benefit with your involvement.
Don’t – don’t look at the possibility for alternatives without proper planning, changes may not give you as much as you would expect hence don’t move on that path.
Vrish –Weak period as even health can be a cause of concern, some stomach related problem may aggravate and may even lead to fever, you are not taking proper care of your health.
Day special –You have been trying to forge ahead in your professional career, but circumstances have kept you confused, now the time is coming to move ahead with total devotion.
Mithun – Relationships are under pressures and you can be distressed to that but the circumstances are changing very fast and the situation will improve.
Do – You are trying to listen to others and help others that will eventually bring about the desired change of situations.
Don’t – don’t create stress for yourself even from routine matters psychological situations have to be shed as you are gradually moving towards growth and prosperity.
Karka –financial prosperity has to be protected in the days to come, for that matter your involvement towards home, family and marriage must be also maintained as there is likelihood of it getting weakened.
Day special –you do not trust your boss and for that reason the professional angle is getting weak, you have to involve better to improve your performance that only will convince your boss about your integrity.
Simha – For some time your performance had become weak now circumstances are opening up to give you the advancement and the right direction, but your thinking is very confused and diverted.
Do – First of all stay committed towards your relationships, that one factor can lead to stability of your thinking.
Don’t – don’t get in to unnecessary conflicts at your work place, circumstance are gradually improving and you will be out of these problems soon.
Kanya –Very auspicious period in many ways and luck is on your side to protect you and to give you gains
Day special –yours saving will improve and that can be lead to creation of financial assets also but investment in property at this stage can best be avoided.
Tula –You have been having devoted concentration towards family, that has given you gains and that is a good indication to see, now a time is coming to shift that focus towards your performance as well as your relationships.
Do –Positive thinking has helped you in the past, this is the period to continue with that and gains from these forces.
Don’t – don’t think of obstacle at every step of life except the reality the obstacles are there for everyone, but don’t get too stressed and don’t run away from your responsibilities.
Vrishchik –Travel may be on your mind, and you deserve a change also, but financial pressures are continuing for a while for which you may have to postpone your plans.
Day special –Changes or change of place may become heavy on your mind, but you can not take decision impulsively as that may not be the right thing to do.
Dhanu – Financial prosperity has supported you, but now a time is coming to work for it and stabiles that goodness further.
Do –Luck has supported you immensely and the God has been kind in many ways, but you may have to avoid any decision connected with investment for a while.
Don’t – don’t think of gains from property at this stage, your expectations may not be met and therefore, you will have to postpone those decisions.
Makar – Very auspicious period in many ways, but you should not be wasting your money to improve that auspiciousness.
Day special – Despite goodness emerging in many ways there are many self created mistakes from your side, you have to improve your optimism and be stable in your thinking, move forward step by step and success will be yours.
Kumbh –Financial auspiciousness is indicated but most of it getting wasted because you have not planned at all, each day can not bring gains, but you have to work hard everyday for your prosperity.
Do – At your work place you need to shed your fears and anxieties otherwise you may get into differences of opinion.
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, under such circumstances it is better to close your fist as that can protect you.
Meena –Pressures on finances have been there, and they are likely to increase in the days to come, you have to therefore, understand the demand of the present period.
Day special – Concentrate on your career and try to understand the expectations of your boss, these two factors can actually make lot of difference in your present situation.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday 27th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Amavasya upto 17:52, then Paush Maas Shukla Paksha pratipada tithi
Shani vaar (Saturday)
Mula nakshatra upto 20:17, then Purva Ashadha

Moon in Dhanu rashi
बुध प्रवेश करेंगे मकर राशी में 27 की रात और 28 की सुबह 5:52 पे, और शनैशचरी अमावस्या है

Saturday 27th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Have trust in your own well wishers and family members, by doing that you will improve the support from others and your own mental well being will be improved.
Day special – largely it is a situation where you have to do much more then what you are doing, your expectations may be high but there is no magic wand to fulfill all that, you have to make efforts for that.
Vrish – You have to improve your own efforts to avoid stress and obstacles, boss may be difficult and internal forces are also to be handled better.
Do – try to understand others, talk to others and discuss the issues that will help you in resolving many factors which are causing uneasiness.
Don’t –don’t have doubts about your own abilities, in weak periods this is normal human nature, but don’t get into that habit.
Mithun – You have to protect your finances and in fact make efforts to prove the financial stability, the planetary forces are supportive for that to give you gains and that is what you have to do now.
Day special – at the same time trust others only after you have tested the integrity that will protect you from any kind of uneasiness which you may have at this stage.
Karka – Heath is a concern and you are not realizing its implication, you also have to protect your savings by careful planning so that nothing goes wrong.
Do – relationships have to be protected as you have to do something more for others, for that your mental stability should be there and you must think in a positive manner.
Don’t –don’t get into any financial arguments or complications that are something which has to be remembered so that you not go wrong on that.
Simha – If you are thinking of some loved one who is away then you are causing uneasiness in your mind, to protect the overall situation you will have to involve better without getting into discussions,
Day special – Side by side you have to protect the stability of your health also, that is another area which needs care and which you have been ignoring.
Kanya – You wish to gain from your investments or even from your landed property, but the expectations are not being met and that is causing worry on your mind.
Do –there are certain things which you have to leave for the wishes of God, your own involvement towards life and towards your well wishers have to be total.
Don’t – don’t plan any changes as they may not give you the results as expected, for that reason your involvement towards your home, family, marriage and children is to be increased, don’t ignore that.
Tula –Self efforts are lacking and that is starting to show its weakness, you have to involve more without having doubts on your mind.
Day special – Involvement is also required towards your family, marriage and your financial issues, this is a bigger area which requires care and the weakness in this respect have to be controlled.
Vrishchik – You may not be happy with the circumstances as you are trying to blame luck for that, but largely it is a situation which is full on confusions and uneasiness,
Do – Do your duty and leave the rest to God, that is the only way that you can protect yourself,
Don’t – don’t let routine stress overpower your mind, each day is important and each step is important, student also must understand this at this stage
Dhanu – Circumstances are improving gradually for you and that is a divine blessing, but you are still are not getting convinced that stability will emerge soon.
Day special –Professional angle needs to be handled better, for that you have to shed fear and anxieties on your mind, that will open up the optimism in your mind which is important
Makar – You have to involve more towards your marriage to avoid unnecessary pressure and differences, even for your boss you have to create some kind of trust in your mind at this stage.
Do – You have to improve your own involvement in efforts at this stage, especially in relationships and marriage that focus is required,
Don’t – don’t continue to make self mistake by your rigid attitude, on top of that certain doubts and worries complicate your thoughts, don’t let that happen.
Kumbh –Two issues becomes paramount, first is health which is being ignored, second is financial issues which are getting complicated, expenses have to be curtailed to protect your financial interests
Day special- Gains form professions are stable, but you are wasting that gain on account of lack of planning, that is where your effort is required.
Meena – You have to improve your own abilities if you have to shine in your career, a stage has come when your responsibilities are increasing and you have to showcase your abilities.
Do – If it requires constant study than you have to do it, this is the reflection for student also as this can lead to your professional settlement.
Don’t – don’t get in to any kind of arguments in personal or professional life, your views may not be based on facts and that is where you may go wrong, don’t let that happen.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday 26th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Chaturdashi tithi upto 15:13, then Amavasya
Shukra vaar (Friday)
Jyeshtha nakshatra upto 17:13, then Mula

Moon in Vrishchik, enters Dhanu rashi at 17:13

Friday 26th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – With your positive efforts you can improve your relationships and avoid pressures, for that you have to remove the agitation of your mind and avoid differences of opinion.
Do – Largely it is a situation of self development in life, in friendships relationships and overall interaction with others you can stand to gain.
Don’t – don’t have a negativity of thinking in terms of extremes, that can lead to depression and nothing else will be achieved.
Vrish – If you take adequate care only then you will be able to protect your finances getting into problems, with that care itself you can protect your love relationship or marital relationship getting spoilt also.
Day special – reach out to others and help others, that is the only way to maintain stability at this stage
Mithun – Your personal well being is adequately shown, but your savings are such that it is not giving you any happiness.
Do – First effort should be to avoid your money getting into any legal complications, even in property related matters avoid any disputes.
Don’t – your focused involvement at this stage can protect you from getting agitated and getting angry, especially on financial matters this carefulness has to be remembered.
Karka – Travels changes or movements at this stage may lead to upsets, if you think rationally you will be able to avoid these pressures
Day special – despite your involvement you are not able to bring out the best from some love relationship about which you are thinking too seriously, but largely it is your own fault as you are being too sensitive and not trusting others.
Simha – Financial angle is indicated well and it cannot be more auspicious situation than this, even from home & property you stand to gain and that is shown well.
Do – but you are not satisfied and that is the reason for your unhappiness, your expectations may be more and that is leading to diversion of mind also.
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies at this stage as it can lead to unnecessary obstacles in your life, don’t be too rigid to think in terms of changes only as they may not give the desired results.
Kanya – Professional and personal well being is indicated well, there is no reason that you should feel frustrated but carefulness is still required.
Day special – try to maintain stability and not plan any unnecessary travels, that can put further pressure on your finances and will not bring any happiness, stay connected with your own people and fulfill your responsibilities.
Tula – It is a lucky period if you plan changes at this stage, many changes are needed but psychologically you have to get convinced for that,
Do – rationally think about your circumstances, plan for changes or alternatives where they are needed, that can open auspicious circumstances for you.
Don’t – don’t be too rigid at this stage, it is human nature to be worried with change, but sometimes it is required to plan for that also.
Vrishchik –Financial angle is stable but routine pressures & obstacles are many, that is creating lot of stress on you for which you are getting dissatisfied,
Day special –you have to move ahead step by step, every thing will get resolved but you have to shed the worries which you are carrying at this stage.
Dhanu – Mixed period in many ways, marital issues are stable but professional issues are causing stress, you are thinking of alternatives or changes and that is causing pressure
Do –financial prosperity is your strength, on the basis of that you can plan further to establish your career, that has to be the focus
Don’t – don’t be as sensitive as that is not going to help, in periods of certain weaknesses your own involvement has to increase in that area, that is precisely what you are trying to do.
Makar – Health is an issue and that is the reason for your uneasiness, financial angle is weak and that is where lot of care is requires
Day special – The strength lies in maintaining your focus in your career, your own involvement in that is reducing, but that is something which you can improve as that is in your own hands.
Kumbh – Some love relationship can be strong despite inherent problems, but if it is connected with your work place than you have reasons to worry.
Do – the obstacles in the path of relationships have to be understood, only than you will be able to control the weaknesses where ever they exist
Don’t – don’t have confused efforts towards your career making, whether it is in the form of studies leading to career or otherwise, don’t let any weakness come in your efforts towards your settlement in life.
Meena – Personal well being is stable but you have to avoid differences, involve better with your boss at your work place to understand his views also.
Day special – by doing all this maintain your focus towards your own abilities and not so much on luck, if you do that then luck will favor you indirectly and automatically, for that have faith in God.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday 25th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Tryodashi tithi upto 12:37, then Chaturdashi
Brihaspati vaar (Thursday)
Anuradha nakshatra upto 14:12, then Jyeshtha

Moon in Vrishchik rashi
भद्रा 12:37 से 25:54 तक, बुध प्रवेश करेंगे उत्तरा अशाढा नक्षत्र में 23:36 पे, और क्रिसमस का त्यौहार है

Thursday 25th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Remaining dissatisfied may have certain advantages, it can motivate you to progress in life, but it never gives happiness.
Day special – Issues connected with your career are generally stable, but still you are not satisfied, that can lead to routine pressures & differences which are the creation of your own mind.

Vrish – You may be uneasy with your partners but that is reflecting negatively in your profession, you must have a positive mind to get the help & support of others as that is important.
Do – Even in marriage & relationships you have to involve more, and that is exactly what you are not doing.
Don’t – don’t try to buy relationships with money, relationships will be lost & money will be also be lost.

Mithun – Health is a concern with is showing in the chart, but many of these issues may be resolved during the day and you will be satisfied.
Day special – The focus of the day has to be helpful to others, even if you think that you are not getting the response which you should get, still you have to show your goodness.

Karka – Your dissatisfactions in life are valid, the circumstances are becoming such that you are being sidelined which causes agitation of your mind.
Do – Your relationships may not work out at this stage, but your own abilities can be improved with your better involvement.
Don’t –don’t neglect the need to upgrade yourself on constant basis that is where the problem lies, don’t put your money into any legal conflict.

Simha – You may be concerned about your own health or the health of some of your family members, but as the day progresses the circumstances are likely to improve.
Day special – Financial situation will improve and that will motivate you to take care of others better, you must involve with relationships so that those close to you do not adopt the wrong path, with all this goodness and efforts from your side you may not be as satisfied as you want to be, but life is a constant struggle and that is what you have to understand.

Kanya – You may have thoughts connected with travels or far of places for self or others who are close to you that make you stressed and dissatisfied.
Do – But the need is to involve more with the family and your own people, you may not be happy with that situation but that is where your eventual strength lies.
Don’t – don’t get into any love relationship at this stage, even if you are getting support for this it may not work out in the manner in which you expect.

Tula – The gains which you expect are available to you, this is despite the factor that you have reduced your own efforts towards it largely.
Day special – I can see that luck is favoring you immensely in every step, that is providing the financial prosperity also, but you expect much more.

Vrishchik – Career is stable but you are not happy, routine pressures are immense and that makes you dissatisfied.
Do – Getting depressed or uneasy will not solve your problems, there is need to plan well and that is where the weakness lies
Don’t –don’t be so agitated in your mind that you do not trust others, that is the reflection of the chart which needs immediate improvement.

Dhanu – Circumstances are slowly developing to favor you in your life, but you have to show better optimism from your side so that you are able to gain and take advantage of these forces.
Day special – Look at the options and opportunities which are opening for you, you have to take those bigger decisions now based on those opportunities, you have to shed your fears or anxieties now.

Makar – Don’t put your money into risk as that is a weak area, you have to be careful with your boss also as many things are going on at your back.
Do – The first requirement is to have stable thinking, being agitated will lead to wrong decisions which have to be avoided.
Don’t – don’t consider changes or alternatives in your career at this stage, also don’t plan any change of place, there are many hidden factors many can be dissatisfactory connected with any such move.

Kumbh – Career may be rewarding but it has tensions attached to it, you have to prove your abilities and for that you have to work hard, that can actually benefit you at this stage.
Day special – But be careful on whatever is going on at your back, there are many hidden factors which are creating those circumstances which may not be to your advantage.

Meena – Take any monetary decision with care, that will indirectly protect you from getting into differences in your profession also.
Do – Your own positive involvement in whatever you do will bring the desired results, that will protect you from the weaknesses which you are passing through at this stage especially connected with your profession.
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily depend on luck as that can further depress you, have a positive outlook and be optimistic towards life, don’t ignore this.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday 24th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Dwadashi tithi upto 10:10, then Tryodashi
Budh vaar (Wednesday)
Vishakha nakshatra upto 11:11, then Anuradha

Moon in Vrishchik rashi
महापात है 7:24 तक, और प्रदोष व्रत है

Wednesday 24th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have many thoughts on your mind, you want to leave many things to chance and depend on luck. You are also not satisfied with the overall professional situations, which you are going through.
Do – Largely it is the extreme of your thinking and your over sensitiveness which is playing, that needs to be controlled first as the situation is not all that bad as you think.
Don’t – don’t get into in this pattern of feeling uneasiness and distressed, that will lead to frustration and depression and nothing more will be achieved.

Vrish – Many things are under control and that is a blessing, but your efforts have reduced in the bargain and that is the weak situation which has to be improved.
Day special – As the day progresses your focus towards your career will improve further, but you may still be uneasy with the relationships and even marital relationship.

Mithun –There is a need to definitely involve well with others so that the factors of uneasiness and sensitiveness are kept under control, by your own psychological attitude you are creating pressure in your life,
Do – If you try to do good to others you expect same from others, but there are period when it is not wise to expect so much in return.
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that there are weaknesses and pressures in life, that indirectly will lead to pressures in your professional life also and that leads to dissatisfaction also, don’t let that happen.

Karka –Marital situation is stressful, you are not happy with the way your partners are supporting you
Day special –Relationships are under stress and that is causing many indirect pressures on you, your boss also needs to be handled better so that routine kind of pressure are under control but above all you have to remain optimistic.

Simha –Relationship may not work out and it may lead to differences of opinion, this is despite your excellent focus which you try to have for others.
Do – The best indication is to protect your family harmony and happiness at this stage, your own mental attitude can reduce that focus and that needs to be protected.
Don’t – don’t ignore your health because that is a indirect indication to cause pressures, this is all because of your own doing and your own thinking, don’t ignore the need for the moderation on that as indirectly that is causing pressures in your career also.

Kanya –Friendships and relationships are causing lot of stress on you, indirectly that can lead to differences of opinion also as you are too involve in your family and your own affairs.
Day special – Involve with others and don’t ignore that, your friends, your associates and your supporters all of them needs some amount of attention from your side that is the weakness which you are portraying at this stage.

Tula – Despite your financial position being stable you are not happy with it, pressures of expanses and outflow can still be there but overall situation is not as bad as you think
Do – Your business needs fund and that is where problem may lie, your own focus is getting diverted and that is why you think everything negative
Don’t – don’t be so pessimistic at this stage as the circumstances are not all that bad as you think so, take one step at a time and try to resolve these issues which cause pressures.

Vrishchik –Financial pressures are showing but your own involvement can solve many issues, especially if you involve more towards your work than many issues can be solved.
Day special – Even if you are not convinced I feel luck is supporting you in many ways to overcome your problems, that is a big divine blessing even though you are not as happy with it because your expectations are high.

Dhanu –To overcome the uneasiness of your life you have to improve your own efforts, the period is slowly emerging to become favorable and you have to be optimistic to look forward for those changes in life.
Do – wasteful & impulsive expenses need to be controlled, but you are putting too much for the luck to handle your affairs then some moderation on that is required.
Don’t – don’t forget that there are many hidden issues which may have long term implications, for that reason you have to remain positive in your thinking as that can alter the situation to your advantage, don’t ignore that.

Makar – Weak period in many ways, obstacles & pressures for many reasons can be there, personal & family circumstances can contribute to those pressures.
Day special – Financial angle is also under stress, which is another reason which puts you off and makes you distressed, the only blessing at this stage is the commitment towards your work which must be maintained at all costs.

Kumbh – Financial position is weak because you do not understand the importance of proper planning in life, even on professional matters the routine pressures & obstacles can cause upsets which need to be controlled.
Do – involvement in your work with peaceful mind is essential, that only will remove the differences which are there & which are created by you in your mind.
Don’t – Financial pressures can be there on account of your partners or associates, don’t ignore the reality & try to resolve those issues before they become more complicated.

Meena – There is need for you to put in much more effort at this stage to protect your carrier, your own knowledge & skill is another factor which needs to be improved to bring about overall stability.
Day special – Many factors are supporting you at this stage, but above all it is the divine blessing which is helping you to stabilise in your life, for that you also have be thankful to god.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday 23rd December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Ekadashi tithi upto 7:59, then Dwadashi
Mangal vaar (Tuesday)
Swati nakshatra upto 8:41, then Vishakha

Moon in Tula rashi
शुक्र प्रवेश करेंगे धनिष्ट नक्षत्र में 7:16 पे, महापात है 22:47 से, और सफला एकादशी वृत है

Tuesday 23rd December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –To improve your stability of life further you have to work hard in your carrier, this is not period to test you luck and to bring about unnecessary changes.
Day special – You are thinking of alternatives at this stage, even you wish to test your partner and associate, but above all you have to improve your performance.

Vrish –Obstacles are under control and that is a good indication to see, but financial situation is not as comfortable as you wish that to be
Do – Yours strength at this stage lies in your carrier only, you have to improve your involvement with others and also accept the realities of financial pressures as there is no alternatives
Don’t – don’t create stress for your self with your friends, expecting too much at this stage may not solve your problems, don’t create psychological pressure for yourself by expecting too much.

Mithun –Some love relationship continue to bother you, this is also a reality which needs to be accepted by you,
Day special – Your focus is diverted that is creating weakness in your life, you have to sit down and fix your priorities as to what you should do at this stage that is important.

Karka –Pressures and differences in marriage are evident you are trying to involve well and that is a praiseworthy situation but still you are not able to achieve what you wish to achieve.
Do – From your side you can create those circumstances to improve your situations, more than that you can not do and you have to accept certain realties.
Don’t – but don’t get into differences of opinion or conflicts especially money matter as that can be disadvantageous to you.

Simha –Pressures in relationships and pressure of health both are indicated, to some extent you are dissatisfied and not realizing the pressures which are hidden and which are not looking good.
Day special –Despite differences with your spouse you have to increase that companionship as that will lead to tremendous support for you. The effort of student towards study is totally confused and that is not giving the desired results.

Kanya –Home, family, marriage and relationships are under pressures, partly you yourself is responsible for that, if you have selfish motives than that is unfortunate.
Do – You are trying to improve your financial situation by lot of involvement, but that situation is likely to improve only gradually, all your needs however, will be met.
Don’t – don’t ignore the inherent pressures which may be there on account of your lack of abilities that needs better focus in the days to come to protect your interest.

Tula –You are not satisfied with your own performance, there is definite need to improve that as that can bring about major changes in your life style.
Day special – As such you are trying to improve your personal happiness by your focused attention, that is something which can further get a boost with your own involvement, that is where the indications is pointed for you to act upon.

Vrishchik –You may have financial pressure but you have not been realizing it as much, but now a stage has come when you are realizing that this is a bigger issue which needs careful handling,
Do – Part of this pressure can be removed if you increase your professional work, that will eventually leads to better financial inflows, for that to achieve you have to plan with taking support from your colleagues and associates. That is the way to share your work and delegate your work.
Don’t –In this process don’t let uneasiness emerge as that can be unfortunate, that can lead to unnecessary differences which are not required, don’t let your mental peace & calm reduce in any way.

Dhanu –Your personal well being may be under slight pressure but lucky circumstances are there to protect you in every where, for that reason there is nothing really to worry and you have to be thankful to God.
Do – The best indication for you to take advantages to be nice and pleasant to others and many of your issues will be taken care of.
Don’t – don’t ignore the divine blessing that every thing is stable, for that reason you have to draw lot of happiness with Involvement of family and friends.

Makar –Travel, changes or alternatives are not showing well, you have to give importance to stability at this stage and not create unnecessary changes.
Do – Total involvement in carrier is required even students have to understand this because that can make their destiny.
Don’t – don’t create any upset with your boss by whatever you speak, you have to have lot of moderation on that otherwise things can go out of hand.

Kumbh –Financial pressure can be evident and that is something which should be worried about, luck may not support you and depending on luck can lead to your own problems.
Day special – Largely your own focus on your own performance can protect you at this stage, weak areas will remain weak and you have to accept it but strong area can be improved by your own efforts.

Meena –Some stress can be there connected with your personal and professional issues, the demand on you for your performance are high which are to be met.
Do –Improve your own skills to perform better, especially if you have to increase knowledge by study or efforts than try to do now.
Don’t – don’t think negatively about your boss because the pressures which are coming to you are for your own advantages, your boss is thinking positively about you and wishes to support you hence don’t have negative thoughts about him or her.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday 22nd December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –If you shed your fears and anxieties then you can get happiness from your life, even on your professional matters this fact can prove to be very beneficial.
Do – Involve with your partners without any doubt on your mind, by doing so you will win their hearts and they will support you in your life
Don’t – don’t waste your times and energy on issues and expectations which are not going to be fulfilled, especially connected with financial issues this carefulness needs to be applied.

Vrish –This is a very lucky period and you should not have any doubt about it, by creating uneasiness on your mind you will reduce the goodness of this period and nothing more will be achieved.
Day special –Some health related issues can still be there connected with your digestion and abdomen, there can be lack of investigation or treatment and that factor needs to addressed.

Mithun – Some love relationship is not going to work out, that may make you depressed and dissatisfied.
Do – Your priorities at this stage have to be different, if you have to win friends and influence people then your involvement has to be total towards others and that is the bigger requirement at this stage.
Don’t – don’t neglect your friends as they are a great source of help & strength for you, this is the bigger priority over some love relationship which need not be pushed at this stage.

Karka –Your psychological make up is becoming such that you are more and more stressed in your marriage, that can indirectly affect your professional work as well as your abilities to perform.
Day special –Largely it is a situation which requires patience, your total involvement towards your family can actually bring you financial gains, that can actually protect you from needless differences and obstacles.

Simha –Health is an issue which has been neglected by you over a period of time, instead you have been focusing on your selfish motives of relationships and those have also not worked out as per expectations.
Do – You have to understand what you have to do at this moment, you can not do everything at the same time, and this period requires care for your personal health and well being.
Don’t – don’t ignore your own focus towards life in the face of certain obstacles, these obstacles may seem small but they can snowball into bigger issues unless proper care is taken.

Kanya –You wish to spend money to win the hearts of others; this is true for some love relationship which is very heavily on your mind. But it is a confused effort
Day special – still I feel nothing substantial can be achieved with this effort, any change of place or selfish desires have to be shed, be honest in your approach.

Tula –You must not have any fears on your mind as they are not valid, your expectations from home, family as well as property are there which may be actually fulfilled.
Do – Protect yourself from getting into any kind of negative thinking at this stage, the weakness which unfolds in the form of your own performance has to be improved and that is the only solution to bring about happiness in life.

Vrishchik – You are not happy with the way you are performing, your abilities are more but your achievements are less, by thinking more about it you are actually reducing your own efforts.
Day special –Be optimistic in life and move forward one step at a time, bigger achievements are not accomplished overnight, for that also one small step at a time has to be taken.

Dhanu –Your dissatisfaction about financial prosperity can emerge, but these are just fears on your mind and the realities seem to be less, a time is gradually coming to increase your financial inflows through your own work.
Do – Some minor concern about health can bother you because you are not taking adequate care
Don’t –don’t try to treat yourself, consult a physician and take proper treatment as that is the right thing to do.

Makar –Your involvement towards work as well as your study is increasing, but all this has to be done with total commitment and without any confusion on mind, that can make your destiny.
Day special –Actually it is an auspicious period which will prove to be beneficial for your settlement in life, your supporters will help you in many ways on this path which is proving to be beneficial to you.

Kumbh – Erratic and unplanned expanses can lead to problems, for that reason you can not blame your luck as you have failed to plan properly.
Do – Student have to understand this impact very carefully, careful planning can lead to excellent opportunities for you and that is what you have to do.
Don’t –don’t expect magical results in pushing forward your love relationship, there are inherent obstacles in that which are not looking good, you may say that your elders are unfair but the realty is that they may not support you.

Meena –You may risk your money and get into financial problems, but luck is supporting you adequately to protect you in many ways, that is a kind of blessing which you have to understand.
Day special – The needs of your business are increasing and that is what you have to do, even if you have to borrow at this stage it may be the right thing to do, consider that option at this stage also.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday 22nd December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Ekadashi tithi
Som vaar (Monday)
Swati nakshatra

Moon in Tula rashi

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday 21st December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Dashmi tithi
Ravi vaar (Sunday)
Chitra nakshatra

Moon in Kanya rashi, enters Tula at 17:24
भद्रा 17:26 से, और शिशिर ऋतू का प्रारम्भ हो रहा है

Sunday 21st December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – your dependence on luck cannot be advantageous as this may be have its own inherent problems, even in your desire for relationships it may have inherent obstacles
Day special – largely these obstacles are created by your own thinking, you have to remain very focused and work towards your relationships to get happiness.
Vrish – in your effort to improve your education and knowledge you are forgetting your responsibilities towards your own people, even with that effort you are not able to achieve excellence in your studies
Do – planetary forces are not supportive at all, but you can still work hard to improve that situation, that is essential
Don’t – don’t ignore your family and try to understand the views of your boss, both ways you have to protect from getting into upsets.
Mithun – protect yourself from any upsets in financial angle, you are trying to be helpful to others but you may not get matching response from others
Day special – you need to improve your professional circumstances by your constant improvement of knowledge, it may not be easy and it may require constant hard work, but you can achieve this because you have the desired motivation to do so.
Karka - in your effort to bring about improvement in your life you are considering unnecessary changes, that can lead to failure of your efforts because you will not be able to concentrate on your work properly, that concentration is more important than anything else
Do – your involvement has to be total and you have to increase your knowledge side by side, this factor is becoming weak which needs protection
Don’t – luck may not support you in your risky ventures, that can lead to pressures as well, but don’t ignore the help of your family which is always supportive
Simha – extremely auspicious period from many ways, you have worked hard and that is evident, financial angle is specifically advantageous because of this situation
Day special – pressures connected with your career need to be handled better than what you are doing, for that you have to remove several doubts from your mind
Kanya –your friends or well wishers may not be as supportive to you as you expect, the situation can actually cause even financial loss to you and that creates professional pressures as well
Do – financial angle is becoming too heavy on your mind, but many of these issues can be handled with your own planned efforts
Don’t – don’t have any lack of trust towards your own family members and well wishers, that can be unfortunate and that can lead to unnecessary family related problems
Tula – you are trying to bring about changes in your life for growth and improvement, that is a positive effort and step forward because of the inherent weaknesses which are continuing
Day special – as such your efforts are weak in this moment and your desire to bring about improvement is a step to increase those efforts, that is a remarkable situation which must be praised
Vrishchik - your personal involvement to remove pressures in life is remarkable, that is the positive angle which will improve your overall well being
Do – luck is supporting you in this effort and you are likely to gain in terms of your performance also, continue with this effort in the days to come as well
Don’t – don’t let your knowledge get reduced because this is not supporting you in any way, you have too many issues on your mind and this weakness needs careful handling
Dhanu – far off linkages connected with your career are activating now, this is a lucky situation but you are still not convinced about it
Day special – you have too many confusions on your mind, look at the positive side of things and plan properly, that will open up the path of prosperity and stability for you
Makar – you can put your financial and personal prosperity into risk, there can be loss or wastage if you do not plan well, any changes in life at this stage can increase those wastages or losses and hence they are not recommended
Do – even change of place is not recommended, stability is important at this stage for which you have to maintain your focus
Don’t – don’t push your luck too far, that can even cause health related concerns as you are ignoring many important and essential factors of your life, don’t do that
Kumbh – professional efforts will bring enormous financial gains for you, this is because of your efforts and your knowledge put together
Day special – circumstances for success in life have to created with stable head, that is what you are precisely doing and it is very advantageous
Meena – very lucky period for your professional involvement, despite differences with boss the situation is supportive and your boss may also turn favorable towards you
Do – in this bargain you have to understand the need for being helpful to others, this includes your well wishers your business partners and even your spouse
Don’t – don’t be unfair in your attitude as that is not required, you are becoming unfair because of confusions of your mind and that is where lot of protection is needed.

Saturday 20th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Navami tithi
Shani vaar (Saturday)
Hasta nakshatra

Moon in Kanya rashi
बुध अस्त चल रहे थे, पश्चिम में उदय होंगे 26:03 पे

Saturday 20th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you have to be more caring towards your family, remaining agitated will take you away from them and that is not required
Do – circumstances are becoming favorable for you because of two things, your efforts are in the right direction and your relationships are supportive
Don’t – don’t get agitated on routine matters, any work related stress should be taken in a positive sense
Vrish – if you involve better and work hard then you can succeed in your education, students will actually benefit from this effort at this moment
Day special – any kind of love relation is a weak area which must be accepted, this is not the period to indulge in relationship or for that matter expect too much from family and marriage, to protect this situation you have to involve more with others and try to understand others
Mithun – if you wish to invest in some properties then it can be a advantageous situation, but any effort which takes you away from your professional career must be avoided
Do – your involvement towards your family and marriage is remarkable and that will reduce the weaknesses which are emerging at this stage and that is what you should try to attempt
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily plan any big moves in life, that is not required and you must try to maintain stability at any cost,
Karka – despite your efforts and focus your results are not emerging in the manner in which you expect, for that reason even your personnel and professional situation is becoming weak
Day special – you have to protect yourself from any type of differences of opinions at this stage, any kind of movements or routine pressures have to be avoided, you have to understand your boss and his views at this stage
Simha – changes and expenses both can be costly, that can increase your psychological pressures unnecessarily and that is what you should protect yourself from
Do – to improve your financial and professional situation your own performance has to improve. Luck may support you adequately at this stage, a little bit of better involvement will give results
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a lingering issue which needs constant care, even in professional matters don’t get into differences especially with your partners, that is not required
Kanya – your thinking is totally aligned towards raising your financial prosperity, but changes and wasteful expenses can take away that advantage and you may not gain fully from that
Day special – if you have to benefit from your efforts and your involvement with others then you have to shed the fears and anxieties from your mind, trust others and you will get that trust in return
Tula – out of confusions you are trying to bring about changes in your life, this is a kind of stiff attitude mixed up with confusions that the decisions may not be proper
Do – consider all options before taking any big step at this stage, you must also understand that you have responsibilities towards your own people which have to be fulfilled
Don’t – don’t risk you financial prosperity because of your stiffness of nature at this stage, there is definite need to adopt the path of moderation at this stage
Vrishchik – luck may support you in many ways, financial prosperity for that reason is indicated
Day special – rewards and returns from your career are making you happy, but this is a period which will take away your savings and put you under pressure for that reason
Dhanu –psychological upsets and obstacles are there connected with your career, but you have to remain upbeat as that is the bigger requirement at this stage
Do – take care of personnel well being and as well as your family, that is the focus required at this stage
Don’t – don’t ignore the need to constantly upgrade your knowledge as that is the requirement for future, invest your time in that
Makar – you cannot leave the factor of your family and relationships including marriage to chance, a little bit of carefulness can maintain that stability and happiness which is coming under pressure
Day special – financial angle is becoming weak and that is where the problem lies, you have to necessarily maintain stability by constant planning and then only this situation can remain stress free
Kumbh – week period on health matters, psychologically you need to be more piece with yourself
Do – look at the positive side of the things, relationships are working well and professional angle is becoming stable,
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk at this stage, lot of protection and carefulness is required in that planning
Meena – you are thinking seriously about some relationship and to convert that into marriage, in your career you are trying to get maximum support from others including your partners
Day special – it is not that the rewards will flow everyday but efforts must be made every day to maintain that stability, that one aspect needs to be understood always

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday 19th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – differences of opinion in relationships is bothering you that is making you psychologically also distressed,
Day special – the circumstances are making cracks in your family relationships also. All this needs very careful handling and planning, you are realizing it and you wish to change this situation
Vrish – you are trying to involve well with others, but still the efforts are going wasted because you are not achieving what you wish to achieve
Do – from your side you have to involve well with others at this stage that only will improve your overall situation and bring back your happiness
Don’t – don’t put too many demands on your near and dear ones, that is not fair and that is not required, don’t blindly look for alternatives at this stage
Mithun – your positive efforts are directed towards your personnel well being, that will improve circumstances in your life and make you happy,
Day special – this positive attitude is very important at this stage, this will remove many obstacles and will set you on the path of righteousness
Karka – some travel or changes can prove to be harmful, you have to protect yourself from getting into that and then getting distressed
Do – to maintain stability in your career you have to constantly upgrade your knowledge, gradually situation is becoming for that
Don’t – don’t try to bring in the factor of luck in your relationship, that will not improve the situation and that may not help you to grow in your life
Simha – you wish to involve others for the sake of money that is unfortunate and that will be understood,
Day special – unless you take care you may be EXPOSED AT THE STAGE which may lead to more harm, that may lead to differences and conflicts which you must avoid by your honesty in life
Kanya – if you wish to change the place of residence and bring about changes in your personnel life then this can be a period to consider carefully, it may not bring the desired monetary influence
Do – but this period also makes you think positively about others, even if others are unfair
Don’t – don’t family issues are becoming more and more important, don’t ignore your responsibility towards that at this stage
Tula – you are not happy about your financial situation, not because your inflows are bad but your expenses are most erratic
Day special – your savings have been good and that has helped you immensely, gradually your financial position will become better but routine pressures of outflows and losses have to be controlled
Vrishchik - your professional situation is becoming more and more advantageous in terms of monetary inflows, that is the positive attitude and help which is available to you and which will help you to gain in future also
Do – some pressures or issues connected with your own performance have to be addressed better, you cannot ignore this fact if you have to bring stability in your life
Don’t – don’t ignore the routine pressures and stress which is there, that will come back again and again and that is where some careful planning is required, don’t ignore that
Dhanu – luck will be supporting you immensely and some developments connected with your career may be possible, this is the focus you require at the stage
Day special – family is important but future professional stability is more important, try to bring about the balance and devote your time towards that
Makar – distressful situation with your boss and that can harm your interests, be careful that you are not pushed to a situation that you have to look for alternatives
Do – stay calm and handle your affairs very carefully, improve your own performance as that is the case for concern
Don’t – don’t at the same time so distressed as that will take away your focus completely, take support from others as that support is available
Kumbh – you may gain from your spouse and supporters at the stage, even some love relationship can become supportive but you are still not convinced or satisfied
Day special – career is moving well and may become more and more profitable in the days to come, you have to take advantage of this situation
Meena –some differences of opinions at workplace can bother you, even in your marriage you need to devote more time to improve relations
Do – You are trying to devote time for family and that is an important effort, luck is also supporting you in this effort and it is a blessing
Don’t – don’t create pressures at your workplace as that can prove to be harmful, constant hard work is required to remove these pressures and to gain eventually

Friday 19th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Ashtami tithi
Shukra vaar (Friday)
Uttara Phalguni nakshatra

Moon in Simha rashi, enters Kanya at 8:48
मंगल प्रवेश करेंगे धनु राशी में और मूल नक्षत्र में 11:33 पे, और कालाष्टमी है

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday 18th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Saptami tithi
Brihaspati vaar (Thursday)
Purva Phalguni nakshatra

Moon in Simha rashi
भद्रा 16:20 तक

Thursday 18th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your thoughts are hovering around changes in your career, you wish to take decisions for improving your financial position
Do – But for achieving that you have to first improve your own performance and knowledge, circumstances will shortly improve for you in this direction
Don’t – don’t ignore the support & help which others are trying to give you in your financial matters, Luck may not help you but your own efforts will

Vrish –Generally lucky & auspicious period in many ways, your involvement towards others will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.
Day special – God is kind in many ways and your own focus is making it all the more favorable, your partners have been supportive & helpful but you have to maintain this goodness in future also

Mithun – Your relationship may not give you happiness, despite your efforts there are too many obstacles which spoil your focus also
Do – Instead of thinking about relationships you should rather think about making your career that is an area which is suffering
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that your children needs greater attention from you, you have to involve with them more so that they continue on the path of righteousness

Karka – Family may be supportive to give you financial gains also, for that reason you are trying to involve well with others and to remove any kind of differences
Day special –The fact that you are doing well in career is making you a bit negative in your thinking also, don’t let this goodness weekend because of your own faults

Simha –There can be many pressures in your career which is not a good situation, your own efforts are lacking and that is a negativity which you carry.
Do – Two reasons can be attributed to this, your health is not supporting to and your own efforts are not in right direction, both of them require care
Don’t – Generally you are passing through a lucky period, but over dependence on luck is also kind of negativity which can not take you very far, don’t let that happen

Kanya –You are trying to use your money power to please your family, spouse and even relationships, but this entire efforts has inbuilt obstacles
Day special – Except certain things as they come, expecting too much and trying to alter the situation may not work at this stage, and refrained from doing so

Tula – Your focus towards your personal relationships & family is praiseworthy, that is a lucky situation for financial prosperity also
Do – your involvement towards relationships and your friends is praiseworthy, that will give you happiness & control many negative aspects
Don’t – pushing your luck too far can be dangerous, that can lead to routine pressures to increase & loses, don’t do that

Vrishchik – you are very worried about certain expenses which you think are unnecessary, but that is something which you can’t avoid
Day special – many of these pressures can be reduced if you involve in your career well that is an area which has been suffering and which needs to be improved

Dhanu – financial prosperity is intact and that is a kind of blessing which you carry, career moves need to be improved to bring about financial stability for you.
Do – you have to speak to others so that your desires get fulfilled, shed your fears & anxieties and that will also help you in this regard
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a factor linked to your current situation, especially on your psychological front doesn’t become uneasy

Makar – generally auspicious period for many things to be stable, but psychologically the situation puts pressure in your marital life which is not looking stable.
Day special – your own efforts are less then what they should ideally be, that is the reason that even your boss can be unfavorable towards you and that is what you need to control

Kumbh – The auspiciousness is connected with your professional sphere, you are confused and uneasy about your family and that is the root cause for your pressures.
Do – your involvement towards your marriage will help many matters to be solved favorably, even in relational ships this effort will help
Don’t – don’t look at unnecessary changes in your life at this stage, even any change of place needs to be avoided for the time being

Meena – There can be many pressures on your financial well being unless you take care, but psychologically this period is making you more uneasy thinking about that situation
Day special – your own involvement needs to be improved, that only can support and help you in the long run, understands this fact and then your focus will automatically get improved.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday 17th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Shashti tithi
Budh vaar (Wednesday)
Magha nakshatra

Moon in Simha rashi
बुध प्रवेश करेंगे पुरवा अशाढा नक्षत्र में 7:56 पे

Wednesday 17th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressed on account of your relationship, you witch to get the support from others which is not forthcoming
Day special – keeping dissatisfactions about your own people is not recommended, eventually they will come to your help and rescue, try to understand this importance
Vrish –your own abilities are under a cloud and you are not performing well to improve that situation, you seem to be confused and dissatisfied
Do – remaining uneasy will not solve the problem, you will have to involve towards your work at this stage and leave everything else
Don’t – don’t get into any relationship as that may not work out, don’t also put your money into risk as that can be upsetting
Mithun – your financial position can be under stressed, routine pressures are also there in the form of obstacles which have to be controlled
Day special – Your efforts have to be directed towards being helpful to others, that can actually bring improvement overall situation including your professional well being
Karka - Personnel dissatisfactions have to be kept under controlled, for that reason you have to control your anger also as that can lead to conflicts
Do – stay very calm and look at your strengths, you own career and your own abilities is your strength at this stage, devote well towards that
Don’t – don’t get into financial disputes as that is not recommended, actually that can lead to your own loss which can be very upsetting
Simha – some impulsive expenses or outflows can bother you, you’re inclined towards some love relationship and that is also not working out.
Day special – many of these issues are largely connected with your own dissatisfactions, that can lead to your own loss and that is what you have to protect at this stage
Kanya – committed as well as impulsive expenses can put your financial stability into risk, these are the factors of ups and downs of your thinking which need better moderation
Do – if you are thinking about some changes in life then look at the hidden factors which are not looking very good, you have to take very careful decisions at this stage
Don’t – don’t trust others blindly as far as financial angle is concerned, you can be put to loss or hardship unless you are careful
Tula – you may be earning well financially but there are two pressures which are simultaneously working on you, your routine pressures and expenses are high and you are not satisfied with your career
Day special – but the main reason for this weakness is that your own involvement is reducing, that is where you have to improve and moderate the situation to your advantage
Vrishchik - you cannot depend on luck as far as your growth in life is concerned, your own involvement has to be total at this stage,
Do – involve well towards your career without any doubts or uneasy, that kind of mental stability will improve your situation
Don’t – don’t let your knowledge get reduced at this stage because of the various pressures which you are facing, knowledge is your power and your greater strength, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – psychologically you may continue to be stressed, but the gradual improvement is now visible and that will shape up the path for you in future
Day special – luck has started favoring you fully, your own efforts will add further advantage in this overall plan, financial angle is stable and will give you happiness
Makar - you have to devote more time towards you’re your family and marriage, that can reduce the stress which you may be having
Do – differences of opinion have to be kept under control, even with boss you have to be careful to avoid any upsets
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as this is another factor of pressures, these may be routine pressures but they are likely to cause health related upsets.
Kumbh – differences in home, family and marriage need to be controlled, these may seemed to be routine pressures but they can have bigger implications
Day special – you are too involved and you are ignoring your personnel life, that is where better moderation and involvement is required to protect your interest
Meena –relationships may not work out in the manner in which you expect, there is lack of trust and that is the reason for relationships not working
Do – avoid any kind of misunderstandings in relationships as well as your workplace, especially if they are connected with financial matters
Don’t – don’t let confusions or dissatisfactions overtake your mind that can actually have an indirect effect on your career and that is where lot of protection is required

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday 16th December 2008, Hindu Calendar, Panchang

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065
Paush maas
Krishna paksha
Chaturthi ththi upto 8:27, then Panchami
Mangal vaar (Tuesday)
Ashlesha nakshatra

Moon in Karka rashi

Tuesday 16th December 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh- your efforts towards your performance have to be improved, whether it is for your studies or for your carrier an improvement is needed,

Do- in this entire effort depending on luck to support you is not recommended, constant focus has to be maintain at this stage to achieve your goals.

Don’t- don’t get into routine pressures or differences while trying to improve your performance, even in relationships don’t get into differences to upset you.

Vrish- by stiff attitude you may be taking decisions which may put your money into risk, there can be stress in family relationships also,

Day special- all this needs to be improved but the first and foremost is to be make up your mind, having stiff attitude and false self confidence is not required.

Mithun- your involvement towards home & family including marriage is praiseworthy, that can remove certain stress and uneasiness which is appearing now.

Do- despite everything being stable you are stressed about money that can lead to differences also which has to be avoided.

Don’t- don’t get into issues or conflicts connected with money, that can put stress within your family also, that has to be protected.

Karka- you are not happy with the thoughts of changes or movement which is emerging, that can leads to differences with boss also.

Day special- This is a period to stay calm and not get into conflicts, wait for a while and let your abilities be recognized better and that will prove to be advantages.

Simha- stable period for fianancial prosperity and that makes you happy, but spending money to influence others will not help.

Do- if you wish to be prosperous in life you have to work hard towards it, for that you have to prepare well and study well, especially for student this is required.

Don’t- don’t be impulsive in your expenses and in your decisions that is a kind of rigidness which has to be removed.

Kanya- professional stability is intact, but you are now thinking more & more for changes which you wish to achieve.

Day special- One of the reasons for these thought changes monetary situation you wish to earn for that more you wish to look out for changes, but you are confused at this stage.

Tula- Your own efforts and hard work will make your destiny that can actually bring enormous financial gain for you at this stage.

Do- There can be increasing demand from your family demands which may reduce your own efforts for you, you have to find time and balance between two

Don’t- don’t think of unnecessary changes in your life changes stability is more important and that can give you happiness.

Vrishchik- You are generally happy with the situation, but stress at your work place can increase on account of what you speak.

Day Special- in your own forcefulness you have to be mild to others, the stress at work is largely a situation of overwork for you which you can not handle, but financially it is a rewarding situation.

Dhanu- Circumstances are for your financial carrier finally shaping up now,you’re your psychological worries are based on the fact you are thinking too much relax for a while you will be normal.

Do- your abilities have to put to proper use at this stage,

Don’t- don’t be confuse or dissatisfied or uneasy, especially on account of home and family you have to keep your patience.

Makar- health can be a concern which may bother you, week period for which your have to take adequate precaution.

Day Special financial angle is intact that is blessing, but from your own side don’t put that financial prosperity in to risk by any wrong decision.

Kumbh- despite some hidden obstacles love relationship can be very rewarding psychologically you may be under pressure for that but that is something which you have to accept.

Do-because of your expenses are increasing you have to increase your avenues that thoughtfulness has emerge now to maintain your prosperity

Don’t- don’t neglect your health on account of these pressure, psychologically you are upbeat that is your strength.

Meena –Your abilities to increase your knowledge can lead to your professional stability also, but the real excellence will come with the passage of time for which patience is needed.

Day Special You may be having certain doubts about your abilities, but your focus is right and your hard work will give you gains, that is the goodness which will make your destiny.