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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday 1st February 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – there is need to make your focus in life more regular than what it is today, there are too many ups and downs in your own thinking which is making this period less then what you expect it to be,
Day special – even in your professional situation you are continuing to think about your personal life and about your family, by these diversions of mind you are not able to concentrate as much as you should,
Vrish – your money may be stuck if you don’t take care, even in personal relationships it is a stressful period because you are not giving due importance to small details and routine matters of life,
Do – you are becoming stronger with each passing day, it is advisable to become mild and more humble towards others especially in relationships,
Don’t – your attitude is making you a little stiff and reluctant to take any advice, don’t do that as that can negatively impact your goodness of life at this stage,
Mithun – for you your personal life is more important as that is taking away all yours time and energy, but in this bargain you are only giving half hearted attempt to your professional work and that is becoming weaker,
Day special – two factors make this period weak, firstly your efforts are reduced and secondly you are getting into financial differences of opinion, both ways you are coming under pressure, protect yourself from this
Karka - your expenses as well as lack of focus can lead to differences of opinion in your life, for that reason you may be inclined to blame your own luck for not supporting you as much as you want,
Do – while you protect yourself from these weaknesses you must understand that this is a favourable period in many ways, family happiness and financial happiness is likely to be available to you in abundance,
Don’t – don’t plan any travels unnecessarily at this stage, stability is more important and travels may lead to your health related weaknesses as well,
Simha – even if you spend your money to buy happiness in relationships it may not still come to you, there are bigger issues which are not letting the stability emerge as much as you want,
Day special – certain things have to be accepted as astrology guides us to accept the reality gracefully, this is precisely what you should do at this stage, fighting with these forces will not help,
Kanya – very stable period in many ways, professional and personal situation is becoming better
Do – while professional situation is stable you still need to resolve certain issues in your personal life, for that you may have to spend money and please others so that you get what you wish to get,
Don’t – don’t expect much at this stage in some love relationship, there are many factors which are causing obstacles and those may not give you the desired results, luck is with you in many ways but don’t stress yourself too much at this stage,
Tula –there can be lack of achievements in any thing connected with changes or travels at this stage, even wherever you are trying to expect results from any lucky venture it may not be fulfilled,
Day special – for that reason you may be coming under stress but god is kind to provide many advantages, your financial position is stable and that is a source of happiness to you, still you have to avoid differences of opinion at your work place,
Vrishchik - financial position is stable but routine pressures are immense, your own studies, knowledge or performance is not enough at this stage as it can be much better,
Do – from your side your focus is becoming very positive, that can take care of many things and bring lot of advantages to you, but side by side you have to keep the stress of your life under control to avoid any health related upsets,
Don’t – don’t get your knowledge get reduced at this stage, you must constantly think of improving that now
Dhanu –very favourable period for getting support connected with your personal life as well as your professional settlement, for that reason you must concentrate now and take advantage of these forces,
Day special – you will get excellent support from others and the past linkages of support may come back to you in abundance, this is the period of looking at your life afresh and move ahead with conviction,
Makar – weak period as luck may not support you as much as you want, in the bargain certain differences and pressures can lead to expenses or losses which may not be comfortable, for that reason you may be dissatisfied,
Do – there is immediate need to improve your focus towards your life, that is getting reduced as you are not able to concentrate in the manner in which it is expected,
Don’t – don’t put your savings into any kind of risk as that is not required, routine expenses must be curtailed as that is indirectly putting a lot of pressure on you, don’t let that happen,
Kumbh – some love relationship is inherent factor of stress or pressures, but still you may get some good news connected with your relationships which may make you happy,
Do – protect yourself from the factors which cause stress, those are largely connected with your career as well as your personal relationships, all that area needs care,
Don’t- don’t underestimate the strength of this period indirectly, your family can be supportive and you may gain from lucky ventures including some property, look at that in a positive manner,
Meena – even though your professional gains are some what limited you are still trying to improve that situation in many indirect ways, your partners can actually help you and your family can be supportive, that will help you to stabilize your life in a better way,
Do – control the factors of obstacles connected with financial disputes, indirectly there are situations within the family who may protect you immensely,
Don’t – don’t still ignore the fact that the situation is improving gradually, at least financial situation has improved and with your right focus your professional situation will also start shaping up better,

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