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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Friday 30th November 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your positive efforts can bring you lucky developments in your life, as a result your overall prosperity can also improve.
Do – Your efforts will shine by associating with others, and on account of that you will realize that you can trust others and you can connect with others.
Don’t – Don’t let routine types of day-to-day issues stress you, that is something which will have to be avoided from your side.

Vrishabh – Any type of change or alternative may not be useful to you, hence you will have to avoid any upset at this stage.
Do – Try to understand that maintaining peace is going to be helpful, even minor issues can convert into bigger conflicts which must be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are yourself responsible for the troubles of this moment, you must understand that your aggressiveness at this stage is not going to help.

Mithun – Your prosperity must be used to help others and support others, and even if it leads to some amount of wastage it should be accepted.
Do – Relationships are important and you must find happiness in that, but pressures and problems of relationships will also have to be addressed at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t take decisions based on money alone, there are other aspects of life including your work situation which will have to be given importance.

Karka – Work related issues will have to be kept peaceful, even if your performance is a question mark yet you may have to keep your peace and patience.
Do – Thinking in terms of extremes at this stage is not going to help, and showing distress in your mind is going to further complicate the situation, avoid that.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period can be useful for coming closer to your loved ones, any kind of travel or change can be attempted with that purpose in view.

Simha – Luck is favoring you and helping you in many ways, and as a result you will be highly optimistic to take your life forward.
Do – Your performance will speak for itself and your work situation will grow, indirectly it is a situation where you will find happiness in whatever you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is also linked to your own efforts, but at the same time being wasteful in your mind is something which has to be avoided.

Kanya – Issues and upsets in personal life are bound to be there, that is because there are too many ups and downs and repeated issues cropping up again and again.
Do – Overall pattern of prosperity from work is indicated, and as a result your discussions with others can be very fruitful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money may be needed to fulfill your needs and responsibilities, even your work related needs will have to be met for which money has to be arranged.

Tula – Alternatives which you consider at this stage may even lead to some travel or change of place, but the circumstances are generally favorable to you on account of which you may take such thought forward.
Do – Luck is favoring you and opportunities are getting created, your own goodness and forcefulness will help you to achieve bigger goals.
Don’t – Don’t therefore doubt your work situation in any manner, your own goodness will appear in such a manner that even people will be appreciative of you.

Vrishchik – Overall pattern of prosperity is indicated although wastages are also indicated side by side, you are trying to test your luck which is not right and which must be avoided.
Do – Most important aspect is to remain peaceful from your side and not agitate your mind, that will lead to unnecessary issues becoming bigger and problematic.
Don’t – Don’t be too liberal in whatever you do, even enjoyment in life has to be within under control.

Dhanu – Love and warmth from your loved ones is indicated, and that is why you are doing much more from your side to please others.
Do – Protect your expenses and plan effectively, that is something which will eventually help you in the long run.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of contentment is indicated, even where you have to find support from others you will be getting it in abundance.

Makar – Wastefulness is indicated and you are likely to incur losses, and that is why anything which leads to that must be controlled.
Do – You may have to arrange money to fulfill your work related needs, and that is another reason that careful handling of your finances is definitely required.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of auspiciousness is still intact, work can be your strength and your area of priority, that is where you should devote your energy.

Kumbh – Gains from work are indicated and your motivation will help you immensely, this is therefore a favorable period in many ways.
Do – Remember that luck is favoring you and your own abilities are shining, but you will have to undergo all this with lot of trust in yourself.
Don’t – Don’t forget that day-to-day issues will continue to bother you, and that is why this lack of trust is continuing to stress you at the same time.

Meena – Very favorable and fruitful period in many ways, work situation is improving and growing and that can be a blessing.
Do – Relationship angle is not as well placed as you may like, you may be looking at your loved ones in home and family for support but that may not come as much as you want.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore those factors of alternatives or changes which may prove to be costly, that is another type of hindrance in life which will have to be avoided.

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