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Monday, December 7, 2015

Forecasts for December 2015 and January 2016

ARIES (मेष ) – Try and keep others happy. Professional and financial circumstances require careful handling. Expenses may be high especially for your loved ones. Protect yourself from losses. Let no one take undue advantage of you. Your overall performance will improve in January. Work hard towards your goals but avoid unnecessary borrowing at the same time.

Relationship tips – Some love relationship may be stressed initially, but the New Year will bring cheer for you. Your emotions and honesty will be understood. Try to connect with your loved ones as much as possible even if you do not get matching response.

TAURUS (वृषभ) – In December you will be able to connect with your partners. Your knowledge and skills will support you, but in January the same flow may be difficult to maintain, hence avoid differences. You have the ability and hence don’t be so sensitive and touchy. Try to repay any liabilities to avoid disputes.

Relationship tips – Frequent but normal ups and downs in relationships may be witnessed. Try to understand others and convey your thoughts clearly. Peace in home and family must be maintained. Gradually the apprehensions about others will be removed. That will bring peace especially in some love relationship.

GEMINI (मिथुन) – Hard work is the key to your success, but your efforts will only be appreciated in the New Year. Becoming too critical or analytical about others is not going to help. Maintaining peace with your boss is very essential, especially in December you have to take adequate care. Expenses may remain high as you are keen to please others but  careful planning is needed especially in January.

Relationship tips – You are passing through an intense thought for some emotional involvement. This flow is likely to be disturbed from end of December onwards. Differences will have to be avoided, especially on matters of day-to-day nature. You have to show your magnanimity. Keep peace in home and family in January 2016.

CANCER (कर्क) – Happiness leading to contentment must be maintained. It is a happy and satisfying period in personal life. Convey your thoughts in such a manner that people appreciate your goodness. In January don’t say anything to cause misunderstandings. Your positive efforts made now will bear fruit in 2016. Travels or changes may bring you close to your loved ones.

Relationship tips – Emotional relationships are not as stable as you would like them to be. Making efforts with doubts and dissatisfaction on your mind will not give any results. You will get the support and approval from your loved ones and that will be a blessing.

LEO (सिंह) – Highly motivating period to progress in your career. You are also keen to make some investment. Convey your thoughts carefully lest they are misunderstood. Make any big commitment after understanding your limitations carefully. In January any issues of minor nature will have to be avoided. Circumstances will remain supportive to forge ahead in life.

Relationship tips – Your commitment and magnanimity is matchless. As a result some love relationship will continue to remain stable. You have to take decisions to avoid any delay. The period of favorableness will however emerge only with passage of time. Don’t be in a rush, enjoy the moment, God is kind in many ways.

VIRGO (कन्या) – Financial rewards are very well indicated. Even your savings can grow in this period. Don’t take any risky decision with regard to some investment. You may have to wait even if everything seems to be stable. Challenges of life may stress you. Financial decisions will have to be taken with carefulness especially in January 2016.

Relationship tips – Relationships are stable and there is hardly any change of focus. You will understand the need to connect with your loved ones. In January some of your obstacles may be removed. Travel or changes can cause distances in personal life. That is exactly where your maturity will help to maintain stability in relationships.

LIBRA (तुला) – Your self-confidence will help you to achieve the sense of accomplishment. Your involvement will ensure that financial inflows remain stable. In December your expenses may remain high and wasteful, which requires carefulness. Don’t take financial decisions with uneasiness or confusions as you can make mistakes. Your inclination to plan will pay rich dividends in the New Year and your wastages will be controlled.

Relationship tips – Money cannot and should not be the reason for taking a relationship forward. This strength of your commitment reflects in your actions. As a result people will support you in January. This is a period when your image will improve in the eyes of others and that will lead to the positive turnaround in relationships.

SCORPIO (वृश्चिक) – Financial aspect is stable and supportive. Work is progressing well. In December the expenses on pleasures are more than what they should be. In any case your outflows are increasing even in January which requires adequate planning. You are passing through a period where travel or changes are occurring constantly. Don’t make financial mistakes in January as they may prove to be costly. As such wastages and losses will have to be avoided.

Relationship tips – You have to find time and trust others in relationships. These two important ingredients are essential for any relationship to grow. You may have the desire on your mind but the inclination to take those steps is not there. Try to find the balance in your professional and personal life.

SAGITTARIUS (धनु) – Financial prosperity is well indicated and also your outflows are high. Avoid any kind of borrowing to meet your financial needs, especially in January. Professional flow will improve in January but your financial decisions may not be proper. Don’t let your efforts go waste in the process. Stay focused in what you want to achieve. Any directionless attempt is not going to help.

Relationship tips – Some relationship may be emerging at your workplace in December, but it may be an indirect hindrance towards your professional goals. In January some love relationship is becoming more supportive and practical. Take your decisions with your head and not with your heart. Auspiciousness is emerging for you in the New Year.

CAPRICORN (मकर) – Professional growth is indicated, as a result financial rewards will also emerge to give you happiness. This continues to be a period where you can’t trust others with closed eyes. The hidden circumstances are ever changing. Care is needed especially in January if people are not happy with you.

Relationship tips – Emotions will remain strong and relations will remain vibrant. Your own loved ones will be able to appreciate your viewpoint. Disagreement is a way of life and will have to be worked on. Carrying a very sensitive outlook is not going to be of any advantage. You are able to balance your life very well.

AQUARIUS (कुम्भ) – Professional pressures will ease out in the New Year. Financial linkages are supportive and there is no cause for concern. Circumstances are helping you adequately and luck is favoring you. This aspect will further enhance in January. Small and irrelevant matters should not be allowed to become a hindrance in life.

Relationship tips - The month of December is supportive for any love relationship, but in January there are increasing differences and distances. As such you do not have the time and inclination for emotions in the real sense. There are other pressing problems which take priority. Personal life relationships in home and family remain very positive in January 2016.

PISCES (मीन) – This is a pressurizing period for you in many ways. What is seemingly stable may also have issues behind it. Don’t find fault in others as it may lead to unnecessary conflicts. Try to understand others and maintain peace. Professional situation requires lot of care in January as people may not be happy with you. Exercise utmost care as a result.

Relationship tips – You have a very amiable disposition which attracts others. This period is supportive but still you may tend to become too sensitive. Peace and harmony in personal relationships is therefore not a big problem but you must have trust in yourself and in others.

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