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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

JyotishGuru forecasts for April and May 2016
Aries – Career matters needs to be handled with regularity and patience. Savings need to be protected. Don’t doubt the strength of virtues which you are able to achieve. Be mild in whatever you think or do. Peace in home and family will prevail.
Relationship Tip – Relationships are strong on your mind, yet you are not able to find that happiness in them. Conflicts of day-to-day nature will have to be avoided. Be stable in your thoughts. Don’t carry extremes of thinking. God is kind in many ways.

Taurus – Associations and partnerships can flourish. The motive should be to remain cooperative towards others. Money is not always the sole criteria. You have to improve involvement in home and family. Your friends mean a lot to you. Stay connected with them.
Relationship Tip – You are not able to keep others happy. For that you have to showcase your care towards others. Taking any love relationship forward at the moment may be difficult. Maintaining harmony in relationships is still possible as you understand others. Keep patience.

Gemini – Your hard work and your abilities will help you to achieve your goals. Your efforts will remain focused; still keep a watch on anything which leads to conflicts. Have trust in others; that will improve your image in the eyes of others.
Relationship Tip – You wish to conduct your emotions as a business enterprise, always thinking about your gains and losses. Somehow there is lack of emotions from your side. Relationships are very fragile. Handle them with care. At least communicate, as much as possible.

Cancer – Your abilities are shining, you have the potential to do a lot and achieve a lot. Safeguarding your finances can still be a challenge. You have trustworthy friends and well-wishers. You can communicate with them. It is required that you maintain peace in home and family. Decisions connected with investments will have to be taken with care.
Relationship Tip – You have a strong inclination towards some love relationship. There are however hidden obstacles as well. Don’t think that everything is easy. In the process don’t neglect your work or other responsibilities.

Leo – Avoid impulsiveness of any kind. Your forcefulness determination can lead to wrong decisions as well. Despite lingering issues you can have peace in home and family. Work related pressures will continue. There is a blessing as far as your financial prosperity is concerned. Your needs will be fully met.
Relationship Tip – You have the ability to get happiness from relationships around you. Learn to have trust in yourself and in others. It may be easy to please others. Some love relationship will continue to have ups and downs. Your loved ones may have concerns on their mind, but they will still support you.

Virgo – Financial aspect will be smooth and stable. Expenses on your loved ones may still continue to be high. Lack of clarity of mind can lead to wastages. Professional issues will be resolved slowly. Your hard work will show you the way to achieve progress in life. Don’t annoy anyone in the process.
Relationship Tip – You have a practical view towards relationships. Even some love or emotion can appear with someone in your friend’s circle. Finding fault in others or on non-issues may not be right. Being too analytical towards others will not help. In home and family any lack of trust can lead to distances getting created.

Libra – Financial indications are well placed and yet require careful planning. You can progress in your career. Be careful in what you convey to others. It may be used against you. Being too forceful from your side can upset others. Humility is the keyword.
Relationship Tip – Some love relationship is moving in the right direction. Don’t find fault in others. Try and understand the other person’s point of view. Lack of trust of any kind will have to be avoided. Your own involvement is unstable, and that is not right.

Scorpio – Work related situation continues to be average. A lot of positive effort is needed to improve it. Any kind of false self confidence is harmful at this stage. It can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Maintain a bit of humility even at your workplace.
Relationship Tip – Some love relationship is very strong on your mind, yet you are not able to take it forward. You carry some lack of trust of which is disturbing you. Thoughts connected with moving away from everyone or everything may haunt you.

Sagittarius – Career matters show growth and progress in life. You have the ability and yet you are not able to find the right direction. Discuss your matters to find the answers. Being wasteful can lead to further pressures in life.
Relationship Tip – Show a lot of care towards your loved ones. You may say something which may be very hurtful. Being self-centric is not right. Success in a relationship can only be measured if you win the heart of others.

Capricorn – Rewards from work are well placed. You are able to work hard and prove yourself. There is general peace and happiness in personal life as well. Carrying any kind of risk in this situation is not right. Don’t annoy your seniors or elders in any manner.
Relationship Tip – Happiness in home and family can be achieved with some involvement. In some love relationship greater effort may be needed. Your efforts generally are wasteful and not aligned properly. Care is also needed in what you convey to others. You may be misunderstood.

Aquarius - Professional issues will be resolved to your advantage. Stability and growth is indicated in life. You are able to face the challenges of life. Your focus towards work will remain praiseworthy. Financial indication shows that you should not be impulsive in your decisions.
Relationship Tip – Focus and direction is well placed in some love relationship. Whatever you speak or convey will be well understood. Have trust in that, and yet be good to others. Rigidity of your own thinking can lead to conflicts. You need support from your loved ones to take your thoughts forward.

Pisces – Work needs more involvement. Your efforts should be more pointed at this stage. Financial planning is needed to avoid losses and wastages. Impulsive wastages will have to be avoided. Be stable in your thoughts.
Relationship Tip – Circumstances towards some love relationship are just right. Don’t spoil this from your side by your own negative thoughts. Avoid unnecessary arguments in home and family. Try to speak only when it is required.

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