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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday 26th July 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want bigger gains in life and that is why you are motivated from your side, your hard work will definitely give you the rewards.
Do – You have to do two things for achieving success, you have to remove the dissatisfactions on your mind and by that you have to associate with others, that will give you the direction for future.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are very important in your life, you want to be good to others and that goodness will prove to be beneficial.

Vrishabh – Overall financial prosperity is indicated, but at your workplace you will find many reasons on account of which you are stressed.
Do – Keep yourself cool and avoid any conflicts, by doing so you will be able to prove your goodness.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the more you help others in home and family the more you will be benefited, and accordingly your desires will be fulfilled.

Mithun – Work related advantage is immense as you are devoted in whatever you are doing, and as a result your self confidence will definitely help you to achieve much more.
Do – Relationship angle is strong on your mind but you are not fully satisfied, but whatever efforts you make at this stage can prove to be beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t carry any intense desire on your mind, it can unnecessarily create distance with others which is not desired.

Karka – Your pressures and problems are going to cause bigger upset for you, but more than anything else you are creating those factors in your mind which is not right.
Do – Try to understand the feelings of others, try to be more helpful towards others, that will be beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine types of issues of day-to-day nature will continue to be there, hence you should not get so much bothered with that.

Simha – You are devoted towards friendships and relationships, and that is why whatever efforts you are making is also directed towards that accomplishment.
Do – Continue to show this goodness as this will help, but doing something more than what is required is also not right.
Don’t – Don’t create loss for yourself in any goodness, you will have to create some moderation as far as your expenses and outflows are concerned.

Kanya – Work is important and your partners are helping you immensely, as a result whatever you are doing is going to be strong and beneficial.
Do – You still have to remain very mild from your side, any type of aggressiveness or anger can lead to your own loss.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you try to test your luck then some loss will occur, and that is where a lot of care and protection is needed.

Tula – Your performance is good but you are not able to keep others happy, that is why your seniors and superiors are constantly watching you.
Do – There is need for you to take the advantage of these good times, you have the ability and you must use that ability rightly.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfactions in any situation, because that is a bigger problem which leads to upsets in life.

Vrishchik – This is a difficult period to handle as far as your relationships are concerned, you are not finding any peace and happiness in some love relationship also.
Do – Try to associate with others in home and family, avoid any situation where distance gets created with your own loved ones.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust for anyone, don’t bring about any major changes at this stage.

Dhanu – You have good people around you and you can trust them, that is why you are able to connect with them very well.
Do – Your efforts will definitely prove to be beneficial, try to work hard as much as possible and you will be happy with that.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any financial difference of opinion must be avoided, you have to let things move at their own pace as that is beneficial.

Makar – Your efforts have a bit directionless and your expenses are bothering you, that is why you must understand the need to conserve money.
Do – Your responsibilities are high and your commitments are high, you have to do a lot and that should be the priority of this period.
Don’t – Don’t forget that pressures will remain but those are in the right direction, you must avoid any conflict in the process.

Kumbh – Relationships are important and you are able to please others, even with money and gifts this can bring you happiness.
Do – This is a period to show the goodness abundantly, you have the ability and you must use it rightly.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is playing its positive role for you, and as a result you will be benefited immensely, but you have to avoid any psychological upset.

Meena – You are able to help others and that is a blessing, as a result you will be able to benefit with the warmth and love of your loved ones.
Do – Some love relationship may not be as stable, that is where you have to keep peace from your side.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflict in any manner, your efforts should be such that it resolves those conflicts and not complicate that situation.

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