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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tuesday 5th November 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are determine to do better in life but you are not having enough confidence in yourself, that is why your sensitiveness is playing a negative role.
Do – Issues in home and family may be complicated and that is where the problem lies, hence you have to remain optimistic from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships will have to be nurtured in any case, even if you are trying to do good to others you have to try and find happiness for yourself also.

Vrishabh – Stress and pressures are indicated which you are not able to control, as a result your own forcefulness is becoming negative for you and causing harm to you.
Do – Your efforts are not up to the mark and that is why this weakness persist, however helpful you may be towards others still there are pressures and problems.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own nature is becoming critical and negative at this stage, hence it is something which will have to be resolved by you only from your side.

Mithun – Relationship angle may be strong on your mind but you are not happy within you, that is why you are saying things which are hurting others.
Do – If you look at the strength of relationship then there is no deficiency, but the deficiency lies in your own thinking which is becoming too sensitive.
Don’t – Don’t forget that every situation can be improved with your positive attitude, if you take your obstacles also as challenges then some favorable solution can still emerge.

Karka – Home and family is important and you have to resolve the problems of your personal life, if you remain caring towards others then half of your problems are solved.
Do – One of the problems of this period is that you are becoming very harsh towards others, that is why your relationships are suffering at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own attitude needs to be improved, you want everything from others but you don’t want to do anything for anyone.

Simha – You must work hard as this period can definitely give you good rewards, and for that reason you will get adequate support from others in every sense.
Do – You are still not happy with others because your expectations are not being met fully, you want that everyone should support you and help you at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that issues connected with far off distance may not be making you happy, that is why you are becoming too sensitive for others and that includes your loved ones also.

Kanya – Financial aspect is stable although you may not be satisfied with that, because you want bigger gains for yourself.
Do – To make efforts for doing better in life is always good, but if you create loss for yourself in the process then you are yourself to be blamed, that is where the problem lies.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your friends may not be making you happy at this stage, you are stressed with that situation and finding fault in others.

Tula – This is a period of extremes for you at this stage, on one hand you are feeling depressed and on the other hand you are becoming too rigid and egoistic.
Do – This is a period to remain very mild from your side and try to understand your priorities, and your priorities lies in your work from which you can gain a lot.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you are not satisfied with your own work then it is a problem of your psychological nature, you have to find satisfaction in whatever you are doing as that is the essential requirement of this period.

Vrishchik – This is a period of many pressures and problems which you are facing, on account of that you are not happy within you and feeling stressed all the time.
Do – This is a period where your work situation must remain very strong, only then you will be able to balance your life the way it is needed.
Don’t – Don’t become wasteful in any manner, don’t expect any magical solutions in relationships, lot of carefulness is needed.

Dhanu – Your efforts can be very pointed and that will give you the rewards, but everything takes time and therefore your present frustrations are that nothing is happening as fast.
Do – Luck may favor you and alternatives may support you, that is the goodness with which this period is placed, you have to therefore try and associate with others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that lot of peace needs to be maintained side by side, especially in terms of protecting your money and protecting yourself from wastages this is the essential requirement.

Makar – Work is important and stability in work must be maintained, constantly thinking about change will reduce your performance.
Do – Your money may not be sufficient and that is where the problem lies, on top of it you are putting your money into further risk which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people may be supportive but you are not happy with them, because you feel that people around you are very selfish, that is not the right attitude.

Kumbh – Luck may be favoring you and helping you immensely, that is why your own involvement is very positive in this regard.
Do – This is a period where you can help others from your side, that indirectly will help you only in getting that motivation which is required.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust for yourself, carrying psychological distress in your mind is going to complicate your matters.

Meena – Pressures and problems are indicated and therefore lot of peace is required, you may not be happy with relationships as a result.
Do – Trying to test your luck may put you into difficulty, that is why it is prudent to stay connected with what you are doing and involve in a committed manner.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial planning is very essential, someone may try to take undue advantage of your money and that is where protection is needed.

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