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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wednesday 13th November 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be unhappy with professional circumstances, despite your goodness towards others you are not getting that peace and happiness.
Do – Your expectations from others are very high, that is why you are not making enough efforts from your side at the moment, that is where the deficiency lies.
Don’t – Don’t expect too much at this stage, don’t think that people will give you success, you will have to accomplish a lot from your side.

Vrishabh – You are not happy with the rewards which you are getting from your work, that is why your thoughts are changing all the time.
Do – Putting your money into any kind of difficulty is not right, savings can increase only if you plan more effectively.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time get differences on account of financial dealings, that can indirectly put your situation into difficulty, don’t let that happen.

Mithun – Your work related situation may show mixed influences, luck may favor you and yet you may have to face many challenges.
Do – Regularity in work must be maintained, that is only possible if you trust your own abilities.
Don’t – Don’t increase your expenses or losses just to please others, that is not going to help in terms of your professional advancement.

Karka – Personal life relationships show pressures and problems, that is the reason that you are not able to trust others fully.
Do – Carrying thoughts for changes all the time is not right, you will have to try and maintain a lot of stability in your personal life as well.
Don’t – Don’t get into conflicts with your loved ones in home and family in any manner, even if there are financial issues don’t get into any complications from your side.

Simha – If there are pressures on you you will be able to do better at this stage, your hard work will improve and your performance will shine.
Do – Take advantage of the fact that financial aspect is well indicated, lucky gains are also possible but you have to be happy with whatever you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t let your psychological makeup become negative in any manner, pressures connected with your performance is a reality and therefore don’t get distressed on that.

Kanya – Relationships may show ups and downs, still there is lot of goodness which is getting created provided you maintain peace.
Do – Connect with your partners and take their help, but also understand the needs of others to make them happy.
Don’t – Don’t become wasteful in any manner, careful decisions connected with investments can still be taken judiciously.

Tula – Your abilities are abundant but you are not as happy, that is where the weakness of this period lies.
Do – Understand your own strengths and work towards that, and then bring that focus which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t get into conflicts with your seniors or superiors, if your own involvement is unstable then don’t blame others for that.

Vrishchik – Whatever you are doing at this stage lacks some planning, that is where you have to try and understand the weakness of this period.
Do – Plan more effectively and understand the pressures of this period, your own confusions must be set aside.
Don’t – Don’t let minor day-to-day problems cause hindrances in your performance, don’t also put your money into any kind of risk in any manner.

Dhanu – Your positive efforts can give you excellent rewards, this is a period of goodness which can benefit you enormously.
Do – The strength of this period lies in the fact that you can connect with your loved ones, they are ever helpful and supportive towards you in every sense.
Don’t – Don’t borrow unnecessarily, don’t expect money to come easily in any manner as it can bring its own pressures along with it.

Makar – Your involvement in work can be very strong, but you may become rigid and egoistic on account of your own thought processes.
Do – Your commitment in whatever you are doing should be total and without any doubts, getting into issues and conflicts in life is not right.
Don’t – Don’t think of unnecessary changes at this stage, that can put you into bigger pressures which is not right.

Kumbh – Luck may favor you and therefore you must discuss your matters, that can bring overall prosperity to you the way you want.
Do – Convey your thoughts and improve your goodness by your own efforts, for that you must have trust in yourself.
Don’t – Don’t increase your wastages in any manner, as such financial position is stable and that must be maintained from your side.

Meena – Your own abilities can shine but at the same time lot of carefulness is needed, for that reason you have to have trust in yourself.
Do – Work hard and you will get abundant rewards at this stage, there is no reason for you to feel upset.
Don’t – Don’t let day-to-day obstacles impact your work in any manner, don’t therefore become wasteful as that is not right.

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