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Sunday, June 22, 2014

22 June to 28 June 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are not happy because you are thinking more than needed, that is why you are not able to maintain peace with others, try to look at your overall goodness and prosperity and you will be happy.
Do – Certain alternatives can be very lucrative, to improve your financial position you must consider those options now, try to come close to your loved ones and bridge that gap which was there earlier.
Don’t – Don’t repeatedly get into conflicts with others, matters may be small or insignificant but you will have to take adequate care from your side, don’t create confusions or dissatisfactions for your own abilities.

Vrishabh – You are worried for some loss or problems, even changes are not making you happy as you are carrying lots of doubts on your mind, decisions connected travel or changes require care.
Do – Try to look at the strength of some love relationship, even from a distance you can show that care towards someone who means a lot to you, therefore strengthen your relationships.
Don’t – Don't let your self confidence lead to unnecessary problems, the ups and downs of this period can lead to unnecessary pressures for you.

Mithun – Your financial position is stable and you are able to do a lot for others, and still you are not happy because your expectations are more and you want to do more for others.
Do – The net result of this pattern is that you are becoming a bit wasteful from your side, especially expenses on your pleasures are increasing which must be avoided, financial prosperity therefore depends on that carefulness which you have to maintain.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of some love relationship which you are trying to forget, in fact your own dissatisfactions have created that distance which is now difficult to bridge, don’t become so busy in your own world that you ignore the goodness of others.

Karka – Work related involvement is strong and yet you want to improve that goodness, that can be a positive thought but you are worried whether this is going to be possible.
Do – Overall financial prosperity is intact and that is a blessing, gains from home, family or your loved ones are also possible in the same manner, circumstances therefore are helping you immensely.
Don’t – Don’t let your motivation get reduced because this is a positive period for your involvement, you have the ability to do a lot and therefore your knowledge and skills will help you enormously, but don’t become wasteful unnecessarily as that is not going to help.

Simha – Circumstances are helpful and you are not realizing that, you are still blaming your circumstances for whatever is not being achieved, but your impulsiveness or your forcefulness is also contributing to that situation.
Do – Your hard work can give you bigger success, that is why this period can be very promising to give you that advantage in the process, financial aspect is a blessing which will make you happy.
Don’t – Don’t take any step hastily and in a manner which harms you only, even in some love relationship don’t try to fulfill your desires overnight, let the relationships get strengthened with passage of time.

Kanya – You may be putting your money into risk and someone may be trying to take advantage of you, you have to be therefore careful because these upsets can be very costly, try to understand those hidden situations which are not to your advantage.
Do – Circumstances may be favoring you and yet you have to be careful, a sense of protection has to be created to maintain the goodness of this period.
Don’t – Whatever be the pressures of life don’t ignore the need to work hard, with your positive involvement you can overcome any kind of difficulty and that can be a blessing.

Tula – Work related situation is strong and stable, you are able to connect with others and help others also at the same time, but for that to be achieved you have to trust others also and only then the full advantage will be achieved.
Do – Your forcefulness is harming you only, the ups and downs of your own thinking are such that it is becoming more of a disadvantage, you have to understand this as well as understand others in the process.
Don’t – Don’t let circumstances go out of hand, don’t cause harm for yourself by your own wastefulness, that is not going to help.

Vrishchik – Circumstances may be strong but you are not able to take adequate care, that is why your conflicts and your problems are increasing, you have to maintain a lot of peace on your mind on day-to-day basis.
Do – Try to look at the goodness around you, you will realize that people are generally trying to be nice to you from their side, and that goodness can actually help you.
Don’t – Don’t try to please others by causing loss for yourself, if there are any confusions then it is better to clarify them rather than to upset your own life.

Dhanu – Relationships are complicated and you are stressed in your mind, you want to please others and yet it is becoming more and more difficult.
Do – Financial pressures can be there and circumstances may be stressed, you have to try and maintain peace and try to be good to others, this is a situation which has to be handled with carefulness from your side.
Don’t – Don’t have doubts with regard to your work situation, your abilities can shine and your goodness can give you the rewards, don’t therefore become critical in your mind for everything around you.

Makar – People are helping you and your association with others will help, but your dissatisfactions are such that your sensitiveness is getting reflected.
Do – Some love relationship is strong and that will make you happy, but you have to devote enough time towards your work as that can be a priority of this period, by taking the help and support of others you can accomplish a lot.
Don’t – Don’t let the goodness of this period get wasted in conflicts, as such people are a bit difficult to handle at this moment and you have to understand that from your side.

Kumbh – Stressful circumstances may prevail, not only you are stressed but you are putting yourself into more and more difficulties on the financial front.
Do – Overall circumstances may be stable, but your extremes of thinking is not letting any peace emerge, that is why you have to constantly think about the goodness which you can achieve at this moment, happiness is there for you to grab.
Don’t – Don’t let your efforts go wasted, work related situation can remain pressurizing but don’t let those pressures overpower you or cause upsets for you.

Meena – Financial position is stable and you are able to do a lot for others, but you are worried whether your savings will be enough to meet your need, not only your needs but the needs of others are more important at this stage.
Do – Work hard and do a lot from your side, forget everything as you have the ability and you will be able to achieve a lot, with that goodness your success will emerge.
Don’t – Don’t look at the alternatives or options with any kind of doubt on your mind, you must try to get advantage out of those opportunities which are shaping up for you and which can give you bigger success, don’t therefore forget to take the help or advice of others which can be very meaningful.

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