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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rashi Phal by JyotishGuru Deepak Kapoor for week beginning 1 Jun 2014

Type over this


  1. plz post rashipal for 2nd june

  2. shardendu srivastavaJune 2, 2014 at 9:27 PM

    Sir will you not be posting your blog also??????plz atleast post your blog as it also helps alot!!!

  3. You have discontinued panchang

  4. Sir please post daily blogs also! Please !

  5. Please keep posting daily forecast.. Its been really helpful !!

  6. Sir plzz at least blog it really helps...

  7. Sir as if ourguardian has now left us without intimating in the sea of life...and we wait hopelesly gazing the scorching sun....asking a shelterthat is you. What made u do that?

  8. Sir pls posting daily blogs. Yours comment changes our life its really help full pls sir

  9. Sir, atleast post your daily blogs.Please.

  10. please blog daily. it really helps us

  11. Appreciate your feelings. To start with, only weekly rashi phal will be available on every Sunday morning.
    Deepak Kapoor

    1. Sir your ur rashiphal miss very much plz. Post daily sir thanx

  12. Param Shraddaya Shri Pt. Deepak ji, I met you six years back in Dwarka, Delhi. You are truly a gentleman and no doubt, the most learned and the greatest astrologer India has produced in the last decade.
    I, along with my family members, am a regular viewer of Aapke Taare at Aaj Tak and a regular follower of your blog since a long time. Your daily predictions are so accurate that one can really know in advance what the time (samay) has in store for them on that particular day.
    So, I heartily request you to restart your predictions atleast on your personal blog on a daily basis.

    Shishir Basotia

  13. Deepak ji kya ab aapketaare aajtak par bhi nhi ayega

  14. Sir @Mr Deepak Kapoor , me and my mother are ur biggest fans and we never missed a single episode of aapke taare , we really miss watching you on tv, wish to see you again on tv , an i check your blog everyday ,thank you for guiding us .

  15. Sir, Plz post your daily blogs. I am a regular reader of your daily blogs..


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