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Monday, August 22, 2016

India – Through the prism of Astrology

Astrology provides an insight into the realm of unknown. The likelihood of events to influence the political, financial and social structure of our society provides adequate guidance for planning and prioritizing.

Politically we are becoming more self-confident but complacence is very dangerous. The population of our country is increasing which will put immense pressures on employment and resources. Financial inadequacies and social pressures therefore are the keys areas of concern at the moment. There are periods of strengths which is very satisfying. The periods showing certain deficiencies should not be seen as negatives but these very indications can provide guidance for a concerted effort.

In the months of July and August our foreign policy initiatives may remain supportive to our endeavors and efforts. In the month of August 2016 our financial scenario is likely to become strong and self reliant. We as a nation will become more positive with our dealings with others.

In the month of September 2016 there may be many obstacles. Within the government and our society, pressures may aggravate. In September 2016 as well as in January and February 2017 the pain on account calamities or from terrorist activities, from within and outside, may frustrate us requiring adequate care.

In the months of October to December there may be a scenario of frustration and uneasiness. Employment generation may remain an area of concern.  In the month of December the Government expenditure may rise, leading to rise in inflation. That will require careful financial planning.

In the month of March 2017 our political establishment may feel the heat on many fronts.  There may be challenges which will have to be faced. This period coincides with the state assembly elections in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa, with elections in Uttar Pradesh to follow soon thereafter.

Opposing every move of the government for the sake of opposition is very dangerous. It can block the positive efforts of any ruling party. Growth and accomplishment is in the interest of all. We may be on the right track of our efforts but the coming months especially from September require care. Let us all make efforts to make our country strong by making positive contributions from our side.

Deepak Kapoor

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