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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Monthly Forecasts August and September 2016

Aries – Your self confidence is high. Work related pressures will continue to stress you. Be mild in your dealings with others. Health shows ups and downs. Don’t take any decision which may put your money into risks. Avoid self created mistakes. Don’t find fault in others. Help others as much as possible.
Relationship Tip – Some love relationship may prosper. Issues and disagreements may surface again and again. Having trust for others can be a challenge. Maintain peace in family at any cost.

Taurus – Give due importance to people around you, as they mean a lot to you. Peace in home and family is indicated. Financial inflows show sparks of excellence. There will be moments when financial needs towards family may increase. Health may remain somewhat weak; still there is nothing to worry. Expenses may remain high. Plan more effectively.
Relationship Tip – Issues connected with emotional relationships may remain strong on your mind. There may be obstacles from elders. Family support is needed for any step forward. Overall a supportive period where your pragmatism will prevail to help you.

Gemini – You are trying to make positive efforts. This attempt will help you to achieve in life. In September you may have unstable thoughts of one step forward and two steps backwards. Career matters are average. Try to find a balance between personal and professional life. Health needs adequate care, requiring investigations and treatment, especially in September. Taking or repaying loans requires a concerted effort.
Relationship Tip – You have many things on your mind. Some love relationship may not be the priority. Home, family, studies, career, even health may require greater input. The good indication is that overall relationships are supportive and without any major problems.

Cancer – You can study well. Work hard and improve your career. Walk the talk. Don’t just make plans. Try to implement them as well. Increase your care towards family and loved ones. Finances remain stable in August. Thereafter your outflows may resurface. You may have to cancel your travel plans.
Relationship Tip – Some love relationship may remain strong. You may start worrying more and carrying doubts on your mind. Pressures in some relationship in the 3rd / 4th week of August will ease out thereafter. Be mild in what you convey to others. It should not be misunderstood.

Leo – You wish to accomplish a lot. You have the ability and determination. This period however shows ups and downs in finances. Work related involvement must be increased. Complacence will have to be shed. Health concerns for your loved ones may be there but there is nothing to worry. Connect with others as much as possible.
Relationship Tip – Peace in home and family will prevail. This is a happy period to connect with others and spread happiness. Developments towards some love relationship may show instability. Don’t expect any rapid developments. Keep patience. Remember luck is supporting you in many ways.

Virgo – Many challenges will prevail. Remember your own hard work will take you out of your problems. Keep your finances under strict control. Your own impulsiveness or negativity may be harming you. Take care of your health in third week of August. You need to protect the stability and safety of your career.
Relationship Tip – There may be some inherent pressures in relationships. Peace and humility can work wonders for you. You are taking a little time to come out of your present pressures. Avoid any extreme of thinking. Contentment is a virtue which can influence others more than anything else.

Libra – Financial position remains supportive to meet your needs. Even savings or asset creation can make you happy. In September some outflows may bother you. Your efforts are becoming directionless. This is a period to showcase your abilities. Convey your thoughts but don’t be aggressive.
Relationship Tip – Don’t keep your emotions to yourself. Speak out and you will be able to connect with others very well. Happiness in personal life depends on your abilities and goodness towards others. Don’t think negatively. Don’t be impulsive. In September you will be able to make others happy.

Scorpio – Career matters look up now. Success and accomplishments are ensured. Despite your success show your humility towards others. Financial prosperity will prevail in August. Carefulness is needed to handle your finances in September. Don’t be wasteful. Health of your loved ones needs care.
Relationship Tip – You will remain caring towards your loved ones in family. You will not be able to trust someone in a love relationship. Whatever you speak may be misunderstood. In September differences can crop up. Utmost carefulness is needed to understand others.

Sagittarius – Career matters will begin to reward you. Excellence in your work will motivate you to do better. Your supporters or partners will understand you. Still you will not be able to control your wastages. Luck is supporting you and favoring you now. Health matters are stable but may require greater care in September.
Relationship Tip – Your emotional desires are increasing now. Your maturity will help you to handle your personal life matters in home and family very well. Your positive efforts will take you on a path of contentment in relationships. There is only one word of caution. Don’t be in a hurry to fulfill your desires. Patience is the keyword.

Capricorn – Financial upsets can take place. Hence, proper planning is needed to safeguard your interest. Don’t try to push your luck too far. Work related involvement must be improved. Despite your desire to do so, instability may prevail in these two months. People may not be happy with you.
Relationship Tip – You may be depending on luck that relationships may improve. Only in September you will be able to achieve that. This may still be a period of self created and hasty mistakes. You cannot push someone to get warmth in relationships. A fruit ripens only when the time comes. Seek forgiveness.

Aquarius – Careful financial decisions are needed. To risk your money may not be desired at this stage. Issues may be small but they can upset the stability of life. Care is needed in career or in business. You may have a positive outlook towards life but you can’t ignore the inherent obstacles at each step.
Relationship Tip – This is not a supportive period for love relationship. priority of this period is towards your family or marriage. In September, greater care is Needed to keep others happy. Your apprehensions can lead to misunderstandings. Don’t say anything which may be hurtful to others. Try to be at peace psychologically.

Pisces – Associating with others in your workplace will bring stability in life. You may not be able to trust others as much as it is needed. You must not forget that funds may be needed for personal or professional needs. Hence, impulsive decisions must be avoided. Health may be an area of concern. Increase your own involvement.

Relationship Tip – Despite many ups and downs you are able to show your goodness to your loved ones. Marital relations must not be allowed to suffer. You must do your duty towards others. Carrying conflicts in your mind will not help.

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