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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday 19th July 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You can stand to gain immensely from some home property or even from your own well wishers, this is because you are totally focus and moving in the right direction
Week special – One of the main reasons for your success at this stage is your being nice to others, you are speaking to others very politely and trying to please others very well, that single factor can benefit you immensely
Vrish – Your own hard work can benefit you immensely as there cannot be anything better than this, that factor is also giving you immense self-confidence and people are supporting you like never before
Do – Protect this situation as much as you can, especially on wasteful expenses you have to be careful as that can lead to some kind of stress with your own people, protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily be too pushing for others as that can lead to differences of opinion also, for that reason you have to show some humility towards others, don’t go wrong on that
Mithun – Your financial gains may be lost if you are not careful, but you are not in a psychological mood to listen to others or to listen to any advice
Week special – As such God is kind to you in many ways and your efforts are directed in the right manner, that is actually helping you to stabilize your situation both financially as well as professionally
Karka – Your own focus can benefit you immensely and nothing can be better than this, but in this period I can see that there is no role of luck in any manner, your own efforts will benefit you and that includes happiness from relationships also
Do – Indirectly your involvement in your personal and professional matters can be highly beneficial, you have so much to do and so much to achieve for which lot of time management may be required
Don’t – Don’t get into minor arguments or discussions unnecessarily, there may be small issues or routine matters, but go wrong on that
Simha – This is a prosperous period in many ways, your own hard work will benefit you and far off linkages may also be helpful to you, especially those situations where you are trying to bring about certain changes
Week special – As far as changes are concerned you have to understand the bigger implications, it may help you to grow in professional matters, but on financial matters it may create lot of unnecessary stress, you have to protect yourself from that also
Kanya – Highly auspicious period in many ways, financial inflows are remarkable and they will be converted into financial assets also
Do – The overall gains from your work in whatever work you are involved are also indicated very well, but you have to devote more time and efforts towards relationships
Don’t – On financial matters at least don’t unnecessarily trust someone as you may be cheated, that can lead to an indirect loss for which don’t go wrong
Tula – In your own forcefulness you may create stress for yourself, but the overall situation is still beneficial and you must take full advantage of this situation
Week special – Indirectly you have to put it to yourself from your money getting stuck, this also shows stress in family relationships as well as in marital relationship, for that reason lot of carefulness is required at this stage
Vrishchik – Very lucky period in many ways, especially on maintaining good personal and family relationships this period is very supportive
Do – From your side continue to involve with others and please others, that can bring about the necessary direction in your life which is connected with achievement of your goals
Don’t – On two matters you have to be careful, don’t unnecessarily create differences in your personal relationships, also don’t unnecessarily get into any love relationship as there can be many ups and downs, don’t go wrong on these matters
Dhanu – Some amount of psychological stress can be there on your mind, for that reason you have very unstable thinking which needs to be controlled
Week special – Don’t create unnecessary stress and pressures in your life, especially on personal life and in your job, lot of carefulness is required so that you don’t get into differences of opinion, psychologically also you have to maintain lot of peace, don’t go wrong on that
Makar – Some love relationship can be strong and it is very heavy on your mind, you may get the support from others which was not coming in that manner earlier,
Week special – If you are in a job then this period can actually benefit you by your own knowledge and skills, but more importantly people who matters may support you and appreciate your abilities, that is the goodness which you carry
Kumbh – You have to protect yourself from some disputes in your family life, you have to maintain the goodness which you carry in this period and maintain harmony with others, psychologically if you create stress then it can be harmful
Do – Have lot of patience and support others, try to understand the viewpoint of others as that can protect you from unnecessary pressures
Don’t – Don’t let routine kind of minor issues create pressures in your life, professional matters are very stable and there is no problem, but on routine matters within the family and in marriage, don’t go wrong
Meena – Emotional relationships can be very strong and that can give you happiness, that is motivating you to move ahead and work hard,
Week special – Indirectly this period supports your involvement in a manner which leads to your success, but there is one weakness which you carry simultaneously, you are not involving with others as much as you should, you are getting away and getting isolated, don’t do that as it will reduce the goodness of this period

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