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Friday, July 31, 2009

American stock market trends for the period 3rd August 2009 to 10th August 2009

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJIA) is likely to remain stable for the period under reference (3rd August 2009 to 10th August 2009). The economy is witnessing silent changes and improvements which are bringing about a positive impact on the investor confidence. Coming out of the recessionary pressures of economy always takes time. But the overall turnaround which we have witnessed from March 2009, and which is substantially supported by the planetary forces, is likely to strengthen further.

How to understand these trends

These are not forecasts for any particular day. They are broad trends which have to be understood as follows: For example trends may show that the market may remain firm between 5th and 7th January 2007. It does not mean that on all these days market will rise. Market may actually rise or fall on any particular day, but the net effect during this period may remain positive. Compare the closing DJIA rates of 4th January 2007 (previous closing) and 7th January 2007 (current closing) and in this manner you can understand these trends.

Liability disclaimer

These trends are based purely on astrological principles. Since astrology is subject to individual interpretations, expressly disclaims liability and does not make any warranties on the accuracy or interpretations, which any one may make of these trends. These trends therefore have no legal or contractual significance. This disclaimer specifically indemnifies, its employees, its associates and Mr. Deepak Kapoor, astrologer, for any loss, or loss of opportunity which anyone may incur. It is therefore suggested that you may consult your financial advisor before investing in the market. expressly disclaims all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these trends, for incurring loss or loss of profit in any manner. No notice or advice to will create any liability whatsoever.

If you are satisfied with these trends then please tell a friend or a relation. The wisdom of this ancient knowledge can benefit your near and dear ones also.

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