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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday 22 November 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your firmness of thoughts is giving rise to certain differences of opinion, especially in home and family that has to be protected.
Do – Routine types of pressures and obstacles will have to be handled carefully, otherwise they can become bigger issues to cause upsets.
Don’t – Don't also forget that relationships are important, you have to keep people around you happy, that includes your boss as well.

Vrishabh – Your pointed efforts can give you excellent rewards, in studies as well as in your performance you can do well.
Do – This is a period to achieve your targets with your own abilities, and you must remain focused towards that effort.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships are important, and you can take them forward as you have that support which you desire.

Mithun – Any thought for savings or investment can prove to be beneficial for you, but at the same time you have to think of so many things at the same time.
Do – Carefulness is the keyword because in handling any big decision you cannot get into problems, that is why carefulness may be needed on day-to-day basis.
Don’t – Don’t let any deficiency come in any written documents, otherwise it may lead to legal disputes.

Karka – You are very pointed in your thoughts and in your efforts, and that will give you the rewards in any kind of examination or in interview.
Do – Especially where you have to please others this can be a beneficial situation, you can therefore succeed as a result of these forces.
Don’t – Don’t let any uneasiness prevail in the form of indecision, even in travels or changes you have to plan effectively.

Simha – You may be stressed about your finances because you have many responsibilities to fulfill, and if there are thoughts on your mind to make some property then you have to plan even more effectively.
Do – You have to discuss your matters and discuss your needs, and your own loved ones in home and family may be helpful.
Don’t – For these very reasons don’t neglect the needs of your loved ones also, you have to stay connected with him for getting that happiness.

Kanya – Financial rewards are indicated and that will provide the necessary motivation to you, and the overall pattern therefore is supportive in many ways.
Do – Work related situation is to be handled carefully, especially if you are trying to plan for some changes then lot of careful contemplation is needed.
Don’t – Don't forget that this can be a little wasteful period, you have to therefore protect yourself from any loss, wastages or even unplanned expenses.

Tula – Work related situation is making you think of many alternatives, and the prime motive on your mind is to increase your financial position.
Do – Generally this thought is favorable and there is nothing wrong, but taking decisions with impulsiveness may not be the right thing to do.
Don’t – As the day progresses your financial situation may actually improve, therefore don’t be uneasy in the morning if you have any worries on your mind.

Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you in terms of your financial prosperity, and for that reason you can effectively plan for your professional situation to become stronger.
Do – Routine pressures on finances may still continue, and that is why you sometimes think that you are not able to save as much as you are capable of doing.

Dhanu – Psychological pressures may continue especially in matters connected with your work, you have to therefore try to protect yourself from any such upsets.
Do – Career is important and maintaining peace with others is more important, that is why this period requires care from your side as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t carry any uneasiness or frustration on your mind, that can unnecessarily complicate the situation and make people against you.

Makar – Family life and personal life issues are heavy on your mind, and to that extent there are many thoughts of changes or alternatives also going on your mind simultaneously.
Do – Overall pattern of protection is available to you, but at the same time you have to give priority to your work as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t risk your money in any manner, that can be dangerous because that money may get stuck and may not come back.

Kumbh – Psychological pressures may be there on your mind which may even indirectly effect your work situation, this stress therefore has to be controlled otherwise this can lead to uneasiness and dissatisfactions.
Do – Your partners are important to you and you are aware of that, but still you are carrying that dissatisfaction which is complicating the issues.
Don’t – Don’t think of any relationship at your workplace, that can also impact the situation negatively and make you frustrated.

Meena – Some love relationship is important to you and you are committed towards that, and largely you have this ability of being good to others.
Do – Still you have to understand that the situation may not be as great as you expect, that is why you cannot expect anything magical to happen.
Don’t – Don't forget that even in handling your associates or partners you will have to be careful, especially if there are differences you cannot let that convert into any big conflict.

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