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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday 23 November 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your partners or associates, but there are many things which are not even known to you fully.
Do – Till this is a period to remain connected with others, because these very people around you can give you the benefits.
Don’t – Don't forget that work is important and you will have to achieve a lot, and for that reason you will have to remove these apprehensions which you carry on your mind.

Vrishabh – Stressful period because there is lot of lack of trust which you carry, as a result there are issues and conflicts which are continuing.
Do – Work related situation is such which needs to be carried forward, for that you have to compete against all odds from your side.
Don’t – Don't forget that people around you in home, family, or in relationships hold the key to your success, and you have to connect with them even if you are uneasy with them.

Mithun – Some love relationship is showing patterns of uneasiness and distress, there are views which are not matching and that is the problem.
Do – You will still have to use your pragmatism to handle your situation, but also you will have to condition your mind in a positive manner so that you are benefited.
Don’t – Don't forget that obstacles are there and will have to be faced, but side by side luck may be trying to support you or give you that direction in life which may be helpful.

Karka – There are problems in your personal life which will have to be handled very carefully, if anything is leading to a conflict then you have to be all the more careful.
Do – You are not able to create that trust in yourself or in others in relationships, and for that reason also there are patterns of dissatisfactions appearing.
Don’t – Don't forget that any type of discussion may prove to be detrimental, because you may become angry and that may complicate the matters, don’t let that happen.

Simha – You have the ability and you are trying to make your efforts, but somehow you loose interest and you get into a pattern of dissatisfactions also.
Do – If you are trying to resolve your issues by money alone then this is not going to work out, you will have to add matching efforts and hard work from your side.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that health is another factor which needs to be cared for, and on account of that certain obstacles may still remain.

Kanya – In whatever you are trying to speak or convey there are more of confusions than clarity, and on account of that you may be creating some situation of loss for yourself.
Do – Try to create as much transparency in whatever you think or do, that will help you to resolve your issues more comfortably.
Don’t – Don’t try to hide anything in whatever you write, as those very factors may be used against you at a later date.

Tula – This is a period which requires lot of care, if you speak a lie then you will be caught or exposed.
Do – Friends and relationships are important to you, and you must maintain that honesty towards them from your side.
Don’t – Don’t show any patterns of instability in whatever you are trying to do, that can upset your plans unnecessarily and that is not required.

Vrishchik – There is some amount of uneasiness which is bothering you and troubling you, but you are also thinking in terms of extremes and thinking of bigger plans.
Do – Care needs to be taken in travels or in trying to bring about any changes, and for that reason you may have to wait for a while.
Don’t – Don’t risk your savings in any big expense or investment, you will have to plan effectively at each step.

Dhanu – Your uneasiness and dissatisfactions is complicating your issues, and for that reason you have to at least plan your finances more carefully.
Do – Money is generally not a problem, but your unplanned ways or dissatisfactions is a bigger problem, you will have to possibly address that.
Don’t – Don't forget that workplace situations can be difficult, especially if your boss is not appreciating your views.

Makar – You may be dissatisfied with your financial situation at this stage, and on account of that you may be risking your situation further.
Do – Work situation is important and you have to take careful decisions, your self confidence should not be such that you take any drastic step.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too forceful in whatever you are trying to do, you will have to depend on others and take their advice also.

Kumbh – Work related dissatisfaction may continue to be there, but it should be used in a positive sense to improve your situation further.
Do – you must create interest in your work, that can improve your career further
Don’t – Don’t let your wastefulness take away the gains of this period, and you are being too aggressive in your thoughts and your planning is not as effective.

Meena – Dependence on luck can go wrong, for that matter depending on others with eyes closed can be dangerous.
Do – Condition your mind in a positive manner, that will help you to stabilize your career.
Don’t – Don’t plan for any changes or take any big risks, don’t therefore spoil the stability of this period which is very essential.

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