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Friday, March 2, 2012

Saturday 3 March 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions and your obstacles are bothering you a lot, in fact it is leading to some kind of loss for you which will be difficult to handle.
Do – There is need for you to upgrade your efforts and work hard towards your goals, that has to be understood.
Don’t – Don’t be so uneasy or dissatisfied at this moment, your own mental make up must be made positive.

Vrishabh – You are not happy with people around you and that is why there are ups and downs, on account of that you are actually showing your distress to others. Financial situation is tight and not as stable, on top of it your wastages are continuing and you are not able to control them, that needs care.
Do – Carefulness is needed at each step and in whatever you do, for that reason you have to keep that patience also.
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for others because that is going to complicate the matters further, especially in home and family that patience is needed.

Mithun – Health related issues will have to be taken care of, especially if proper investigation is needed you have to get it done.
Do – This period shows weakness in your work and you are not able to involve fully, that is where some improvement is needed from your own side.
Don’t – Don't forget that rewards from work are still flowing, because you have the ability you are able to handle your situation comfortably enough.

Karka – Relationships are important and you are not happy with them, on account of that you are blaming your luck also all the time.
Do – Your efforts are not up to the mark and any thoughts of big decisions should be avoided, that is very essential to understand.
Don’t – Don't forget that your own abilities can bring you out of your present problems, but for that you have to get that motivation which is very essential.

Simha – If you are unhappy with your own loved ones then this is going to complicate the matters, that is why you have to try and understand the views of others also side by side.
Do – Money will have to be protected and cannot be put into any kind of risk, your own hasty decisions will have to be controlled.
Don’t – Don't forget that the more you involve with others the better it would be, and for that reason your own thinking will have to be made positive.

Kanya – You are not able to trust your own abilities and your hard work, that is why you are not able to achieve what you can actually do.
Do – Work related situation may not be as satisfying, but there are mistakes and deficiencies which you will have to understand to resolve them.
Don’t – Don't forget that whatever you are trying to do is being done halfheartedly, that cannot possibly lead to success the way you want.

Tula – You may not be happy with your finances or with your savings, but that is a thought made up in your mind which is not very valid.
Do – You must understand that luck is not helping you as much as your own efforts can, therefore it is essential to understand your own abilities.
Don’t – Don't forget that health can be a concern which needs care, from your side you have to be aware of those facts also.

Vrishchik – Some amount of uneasiness and disillusionment is there on your mind, you may not be as happy in your thinking at this moment.
Do – You may be worried for your children which can be a valid thought, and therefore it is very essential to keep that peace which is very much needed.
Don’t – Don't forget that overall relationships will have to be maintained at a peaceful level, any kind of stress or conflict at this stage is not advisable.

Dhanu – You are under pressure on account of your personal life issues, but you will have to remain peaceful and get that support from others as much as possible.
Do – Your partner may not be as supportive as you may expect, and for that reason your stress and pressures may continue, you have to control them from your own side.
Don’t – Don’t carry thoughts or decisions connected with risk, that carefulness is needed essentially to protect yourself from upsets.

Makar – You are worried for your finances as the circumstances are not as favorable, even where you are trying to borrow money the circumstances may not support you.
Do – This can be a demotivating period as your efforts are not up to the mark, and for that reason you will have to learn to think in a positive manner.
Don’t – Don't forget that personal life issues will have to be handled carefully, and this can have its own linkage to your work situation also which is very important.

Kumbh – Work is important and your responsibilities are growing, for that reason you need to understand the fact that hard work is needed.
Do – Some amount of regularity is to be achieved if you wish to achieve success, and that is important even in gaining your knowledge at this stage.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships may not be as strong, and that is why you must keep your expectations within limits only.

Meena – Stress and pressures connected with personal life are continuing, on top of it financial angle is also requiring lot of carefulness.
Do – You may not get the support of others as much as you want, and that is the reason that your dissatisfactions can be there, but associating with your loved ones at this stage can help.
Don’t – Don't forget that even in some love relationship some dissatisfactions can continue, and that is the reason that you have to try and make others happy as much as possible.

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