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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your confidence is showing in a manner that you are able to connect with others very well, and hence relationships are becoming vibrant.
Do – You must put your efforts with regularity, that will bring that happiness which you desire and which you deserve.
Don’t – Don’t become too rigid in whatever you are trying to say, otherwise it can lead to unnecessary pressures and disturbances which can actually be avoided.

Vrishabh – This is a happy period for you in many ways, not only your self confidence is high but your efforts are also giving positive results.
Do – Try to do understand the need to communicate with others, you must express your views as that will help you to get what you want.
Don’t – Don’t create issues or conflicts from your side, don’t get into misunderstandings in home and family, that is something which needs to be protected.

Mithun – Any thought of travel or change which you may have on your mind has to be done with care, everything may seem to be alright but there are lingering issues also side by side.
Do – Understand that financial position is strong and stable, and that pattern is being used to help others also from your side.
Don’t – Don’t become too wasteful in being so philanthropic from your side, don’t therefore create your own loss where it should be protected.

Karka – Financial inflows are very well indicated and you are blessed, so much so that luck is favoring you in whatever you are trying to do.
Do – Your savings may not be as great because your routine types of pressures are continuing, there are ups and downs and some amount of impulsiveness in what you decide which leads to this situation.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone take advantage of your overall prosperity, those gains are coming from various sources but they will have to be protected also.

Simha – Work related situation is strong and stable and will give you happiness, as a result you will be able to work hard from your side which is a blessing.
Do – There is a pattern where you are not able to protect your money adequately, that is why on constant basis there is some outflow which is always there and which bothers you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your knowledge and your abilities are generally supportive, but don’t let any obstacles arise because you are not able to keep your seniors happy.

Kanya – Generally lucky period and there is no real problem, so much so that your loved ones are caring towards you and supporting you
Do – Gains from work are indicated and indirectly this is a blessing, as a result your savings can also grow and there is no problem on that.
Don’t – Don’t still be careless in any manner, but that carefulness will have to be created in your mind first and only then it can be implemented in life.

Tula – Your financial angle is generally stable and without any issues, but you are inclined to put your money into some kind of risk which is not looking right.
Do – You have responsibilities to fulfill and that is what you must do, and in doing so you will see that your professional needs must be met as that is a priority.
Don’t – Don’t made mistakes from your side because of your rigidness, you must try to look at the other person’s point of view also as there can be disagreements in that.

Vrishchik – You have to remain supportive towards others because that is the biggest requirement of this period, side by side you must look at the fact that work should not suffer.
Do – Overall pattern of auspiciousness is there in whatever you are doing, hence there is no real problem as such and you will be able to accomplish a lot from your side.
Don’t – Don’t let any lack of trust appear in terms of your relationships, whatever is looking good in relationships must be maintained at that level as that is important.

Dhanu – Financial angle must be handled very carefully, and that is only possible if you discuss your matters and take the advice from others.
Do – All this will have to be done very peacefully, because there is a risk of some kind of misunderstanding which can be created, avoid that.
Don’t – Don’t go wrong in any kind of financial documentations, because if you trust others blindly then something is definitely going to go wrong.

Makar – You have the ability and you must use that ability adequately, and that is only possible if you have that trust in yourself that you can do so much more.
Do – Psychologically you are not so happy because others are not keeping you happy, that is why you have issues with people around you which is not good.
Don’t – Don’t still get into any conflicts in personal life, because that is not the purpose for which you are moving forward, try to resolve those issues as much from your side as possible.

Kumbh – Family life issues are stable and happy, even to the extent that you are putting your money to improve your home and your circumstances from your side.
Do – Personal life issues especially in your marriage will have to be handled more carefully, if there are disagreements then those will have to be protected from your side.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone speak ill of you at your back, especially in maintaining relationships that kind of trust will have to be created from your side which shows stability.

Meena – This is a highly motivating period as it can make you work hard, and you are yourself convince that there is no substitute to hard work.
Do – Personal relationships still need to be protected from your side, psychologically you have to remain positive and vibrant and only then it can be achieved.
Don’t – Don’t let your efforts get reduced because of your dissatisfactions, even where there are obstacles you will have to take them in the right spirit and not as a problem.

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