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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tuesday 31st July 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your self-confidence is high and you are able to take effective decisions, therefore whatever you are doing can lead to success.
Do – You may still have to plan carefully to avoid any financial pressures, because anything done under the forces of stress or pressures can be problematic.
Don’t – Don’t plan for any big changes without careful planning, because there may be many hidden factors which may not be as comfortable.

Vrishabh – Financial aspect is well placed although you may be a little worried, but those worries are more in the form of lack of effort which is building up in you and that is not right.
Do – Lot of peace is needed to be maintained from your side, you seem to be thinking more than what is needed and that is why it is leading to stress.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the health factor in any case, even if everything is alright you may have to still be careful about minor upsets which may be building up.

Mithun – You are thinking about someone who is away, and especially it if has anything to do with some love relationship then those worries may be all the more.
Do – You are thinking of taking some relationship forward, and for that reason you may not get the support of your elders the way you want, that fact has also to be understood.
Don’t – Don’t take any big decisions if there are disagreements in any manner, because getting away from your loved ones is not easy and not recommended.

Karka – You want to arrange money to meet your needs, and if has any connection with some investment then this thought can be very strong on your mind.
Do – But this is also a period where care is needed to avoid any disagreements in home and family, because maintaining peace and happiness is more important than anything else.
Don’t – Don’t carry any conflicts in your mind, that can become bigger and the problems can aggravate unnecessarily.

Simha – Your knowledge and your abilities can actually benefit you to give success in your work, and for that reason that pointed effort and involvement is very much needed.
Do – You must consider the views of your seniors and superiors as well, because there can be some hidden disagreements also side by side which must be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t be careless in handling your money, even if you are yourself impulsive in taking some rash financial decisions they can lead to problems.

Kanya – Stable period for financial prosperity, and as a result your happiness and well being is indicated for you.
Do – Personal life matters must be given importance, that will ensure your happiness the way you want and that can be a blessing.
Don’t – Don’t carry any distress with people who are important, that can be an indirect situation where your outflows may increase.

Tula – You are not able to work hard at this stage, because there are too many thoughts on your mind which are becoming complicated. You have to think more rationally and think of the consequences of every step forward, and if there are pressures and problems connected with that then you have to become very mild from your side.
Do – Any changes implemented at this stage can proved to be costly and for that reason your financial position needs to be protected.
Don’t – Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, because any lack of communication at this stage can prove to be disadvantageous.

Vrishchik – You will have to help others and supports others, and for that reason you will have to show your goodness towards others in whatever you say.
Do – This period is a little stressful and wasteful, but the pattern of care towards others is more important than anything else and that may take away some money.
Don’t – Don’t promise anything to others which you are not able to accomplish, you must therefore understand your own problems associated with any such promise.

Dhanu – You have a stressed period in which you have yourself created those issues, and that is the reason that lot of peace needs to be maintained from your side.
Do – Psychological unrest is the main reason for your problems, you have to maintain that peace and goodness in your mind and only then you will be able to convert that into reality.
Don’t – Don’t let any disagreements increase in your personal life in any manner, because that kind of planning is a must at this stage.

Makar – Some love relationship may be strong on your mind and you may be trying to come closer, but there are many stressful situations of psychological nature which are not helping you as much as it is desired.
Do – You have to improve your efforts and involvement, in whatever you are doing that can lead to success.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that personal life issues in home and family may not be as comfortable, because there are various associated problems which may be bothering you at the same time.

Kumbh – There is peace and happiness in personal life and there is nothing to be worried, even to the extent that you are able to use your money for improving this situation further in the form of your involvement.
Do – If some investment is on your mind then that can be a reality, and once you are able to achieve that then it can increase your satisfaction further.
Don’t – Don’t think that arranging money in the form of loans may be easy, it may still have the linking issues which will have to be addressed and resolved.

Meena – This is a motivating period where you can work hard and achieve your goals, and that is possible because your own positive outlook is helping you to get the rewards.
Do – The strength of your work will also help you to think rationally, and that will eventually lead to the success which you are trying to achieve.
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for your own efforts and performance, because that can be an indirect obstacle which you are carrying on your mind. Don’t therefore expect everything to be stable, especially people who are important may have a question mark in their mind with regard to your performance.

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