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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday 5th October 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are looking at gains and gains are available to you abundantly, so much so that luck is favoring you and your own people helpful towards you.
Do – There are still certain apprehensions on your mind which leads to dissatisfactions, but the immediate impact of that is that you are becoming impulsive and that may lead to unnecessary dissatisfactions.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be many changes on your mind on account of which you are discussing your matters, but for that you will have to remember that your own abilities and performance will have to be given its due importance.

Vrishabh – Your efforts are remarkable and you will be benefited with that, the immediate benefit can be in the form of financial inflows which are available to you very well.
Do – You will have to trust your own abilities and you will have to help others in the process, that will indirectly help you to maintain that confidence which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people around you are supportive and helpful, but still any drastic step can be avoided as that is not going to help.

Mithun – If you create wastages for yourself then you are yourself to be blamed, for that reason any impulsiveness in any kind of decision connected with relationships or your work will have to be avoided.
Do – Maintain peace and maintain stability, try to understand that your loved ones are important to you and you have to do your duty towards them.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any distance with others in any manner, even if you are very forceful about a particular thought still you have to keep certain things in mind which are in the form of your own goodness.

Karka – Financial profitability is indicated and that is a blessing, even to the extent that luck is helping you and favoring you immensely in several ways.
Do – Rewards are available to you from many sources, even from the angle of home, family or property you may be benefited.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that some love relationship may be emerging on your mind, and if has its linkages to your workplace then that possibility can be much stronger on your mind.

Simha – On one hand lot of commitment and stability is required in your work, on the other hand you have various thoughts in the form of diversion of mind which you want to push through.
Do – You may be considering various options on your mind, but one single option which needs to be remembered is that you have to maintain your stability and continue to do what you are doing, unnecessary agitation of mind is going to be harmful.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that peace and happiness in personal life is more important than anything else, money may come and money may go but satisfaction in life is more important.

Kanya – Luck may help you and favor you in getting bigger financial rewards, but you are so wasteful in your mind that you are not able to hold on to those rewards also.
Do – Personal life issues are well placed and happiness is ensured, but there are linking obstacles which makes you think of doing something more from your side.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the strength of this period, and that strength lies in your efforts which you are making from your side, all other things can wait but your own involvement in work must be maintained with high priority.

Tula – Work related situation may not be as comfortable, and that is why you are even risking your money from your side which is not desired.
Do – Overall pattern of auspiciousness may still be intact, but psychologically you are not able to maintain that comfort in your mind which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t have any hidden agenda or hide things from others, that can complicate the matters and lead to unnecessary misunderstandings which will be difficult to handle.

Vrishchik – Luck may favor you and help you to maintain peace with your loved ones, and for that reason some relationship may continue to bother you in a very hidden manner.
Do – You may be forceful in your thoughts but you have to think of others, and while thinking of others you have to become humble from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners or associates can be beneficial to you in the professional sphere, and for that reason your rewards are well placed and achievable.

Dhanu – Psychological unrest must be avoided, maintaining peace is a virtue which you will have to learn and remember.
Do – Distressful situations will have to be avoided, you must remember that people who are important will have to be given their importance in any case.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any situation of unrest in home and family, seniors or superiors and even elders will have to be respected from your side.

Makar – Relationship angle is strong on your mind and you are willing to do anything for that, but you must also remember that everything cannot be perfect for anyone in the world.
Do – Weaknesses and deficiencies of a particular situation must be understood, and if your own relationships or your performance are lacking in any manner then you are yourself responsible for that.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that financial angle may be stable, and for that you will be able to fulfill all your needs the way you want.

Kumbh – Stress in personal life will have to be avoided, money cannot resolve everything and that has to be remembered.
Do – Luck may favor you if you stay connected with your loved ones, and indirectly that will have its positive impact on your work also.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the hidden pressures which are there, whether in the form of misunderstandings or in the form of stress on your mind all these patterns will have to be cared for from your side.

Meena – Your performance is your strength and that is something which is helping you to move forward, and the more you work towards your goals the better it would be.
Do – There is some amount of irregularity which you follow, that reduces your performance and reduces your goodness in the process.
Don’t – Don’t for that reason doubt your own abilities, maintain that flow with confidence and you will be a winner.

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