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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday 29th October 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your firmness is giving rise to your uneasiness, hence whatever you are doing in a rigid manner is getting reflected in your uneasy thoughts and expressions.
Do – Try to understand that being too rigid is going to harm you, it will cause differences and it will lead to pressures and problems in personal life as well.
Don’t – Don’t let your efforts get reduced in any manner, don’t think that everything is easy and can be managed, you will have to therefore prove your goodness to handle this situation.

Vrishabh – Your extremes of thinking are getting reflected, you may be trying to be good to others but you are worried as to all this is going to eventually help you or not.
Do – Wastages are indicated and your financial pressures are also getting reflected, that is the reason that this period shows lot of indirect wastages as I can see.
Don’t – Don’t let a situation emerge where people take undue advantage of you, but that is only possible if you show your uneasiness and dissatisfaction to others.

Mithun – This is a wasteful period because you are moving in a very unplanned manner, especially in matters connected with personal life issues this can lead to bigger problems also.
Do – Protect yourself from getting into problems in personal life, your family is important and peace has to be maintained at that front.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your unplanned ways can lead to bigger harm for you, getting worried unnecessarily is like inviting trouble for yourself which is not right.

Karka – You have the ability but you are not able to use that adequately, with this kind of ability you must have lot of confidence in yourself to accomplish in life.
Do – Work is important and that can be taken forward, your efforts are also there in the same manner where your hard work is getting reflected.
Don’t – Don’t think that luck will help you and favor you all the time, that is the reason that your worries are showing in this manner where too much of dependence on luck can be harmful.

Simha – Excellent period but it has certain conditions attached to it, you have to understand that any thought for change will have its own share of problems.
Do – Work related situation is such that there will be obstacles, and especially if you realize the hidden pressures or problems then you will be able to safe guard your situation.
Don’t – Don’t become lazy in any manner, by losing interest in work you are getting into issues and situations which can be more harmful.

Kanya – Pressures are there and problems are there, you are risking your money unnecessarily and that is not right.
Do – Out of these difficult situations you are still getting lot of motivation to work hard, there may be worries on your mind but those can be covered with your involvement and that is a good thing to see.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is generally helping you and supporting you, but unnecessarily you are blaming your own luck whereas the actual situation is otherwise, it is your own extremes of negative thinking which is getting reflected in this manner.

Tula – Hidden upsets are there which can actually cause problems, even in handling situations of your work place you will be worried for these very problems.
Do – Disagreements with elders or seniors can be harmful, especially where you are not able to trust others fully in your mind, that is where some carefulness is needed.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that money is something which will help you and support you, especially your savings will come to your protection and you will be benefitted.

Vrishchik – This is a period of your self-confidence but as a result of your self-confidence you may get into disagreements also, hence you will have to condition your mind in a more peaceful manner from your side.
Do – Taking big steps at this stage is not advisable, any change of place or change of circumstances also may be very heavy on your mind which needs carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too rigid in whatever you are thinking, lot of peace and humility is required especially in handling others around you, only then your rewards will remain intact.

Dhanu – Relationships are important and you must have trust in others and that is only possible if you try and keep others happy around you from your side.
Do – Wastages are indicated which you are not able to control, as a result your financial situation must be maintained and protected harmoniously from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck has no role at this moment, your own hard work can bring you the desired rewards of your efforts which is very essential, for that reason you must speak to others in a very polite manner.

Makar – Financial prosperity is indicated and overall situation is extremely beneficial, and as a result you will find that personal life happiness is intact the way you want.
Do – There can be some lack of trust in some love relationship, and especially if there are ups and downs in the form of fulfilling your own desires then you are yourself to be blamed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is important and your involvement in work is definitely required, the more you put in your hard work it will be to your own advantage, and for that reason you must improve your knowledge and skills at this moment.

Kumbh – Your motivation and your involvement will help you to take your career forward, routine types of issues and problems will remain but your own ability will handle that very well.
Do – Money is required for fulfilling your needs and responsibilities, for that reason people around you will understand your problems also.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that any big change may not be advisable, especially if you are trying to move forward on account of some promise from others then that promise may not be fulfilled.

Meena – Highly favorable and lucky period especially on the financial front, but the risk still remains that your finances may not be used properly or put on the right path.
Do – It is very important to understand the communication clearly so that the there is nothing which is upsetting at a later date, this lack of clarity therefore can lead to misunderstandings and problems especially with people who are important.
Don’t – You must therefore understand your own strengths also, and whatever deficiency is there in your efforts than that must also must be improved at the same time.

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