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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday 4th January 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationship angle is generally stable although certain routine or procedural issues may still be there, but the worry is that you are getting stressed from your side which is not needed.
Do – You are also not fully satisfied with what you are doing at the moment, there may be many thoughts on your mind which are disturbing you and pressurizing you.
Don’t – Don't forget that relationships as such have to be protected, and only then you will be able to take full advantage of the goodness at your workplace.

Vrishabh – There are problems in home and family which you are not able to handle, for that reason certain love relationship is also getting into more and more obstacles and that is stressing you.
Do – You are making good effort from your side in whatever you are doing, but the result or the accomplishment is not as pointedly placed as you want.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that peace in home and family will have to be maintained, anything which disturbs that peace is not right and will have to be protected.

Mithun – All your efforts are directed towards the help and guidance towards others, and your goodness towards others will definitely make you happy from your side.
Do – You still need to understand that you may not get as much response from others in the process, you may therefore have certain apprehensions on your mind which may not be as comfortable.
Don’t – Don’t still have ups and downs of your own thinking unnecessarily, if people around you are unstable in your thinking then you have to maintain that peace from your side at least.

Karka – Money will have to be protected and money will have to be repaid, but more than anything else it is the overall planning factor which is very essential.
Do – Your efforts and your involvement is possibly not giving as good results as you expect, that is why you have to do a lot more from your side than what you are doing at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that despite pressures and disagreements you may have to take the help of others, and for that reason also it is very essential that you remain caring towards others and help them as much as possible.

Simha – Some love relationship is very strong on your mind and you want to communicate that thought from your side, but there are many linking apprehensions also especially if you are stressed whether it will work out or not.
Do – You want to work hard and that positive attitude is shown, but there is some amount of irregularity which needs improvement.
Don’t – Don’t think too much at this stage because it is not required, you will have to wait for a while and for the better times to come for the accomplishment which you wish to have.

Kanya – Home and family is important and that is where your heart and your happiness lies, and all your efforts are therefore directed towards coming closer to your loved ones.
Do – Work related situation may be such that you are looking at changes, but there also you have to understand as to what is the purpose of that change.
Don’t – Don't forget that financial aspect is generally well placed and without any problems, and that is the goodness with which you can accomplish a lot in whatever directions your thoughts are taking you.

Tula – Travels or changes may be there on your mind and you are stressed on that, actually there may be associated problems or pressures which you may be having in the process.
Do – Luck may be favoring you and helping you in many ways, but wastages will still have to be avoided in any case.
Don’t – Don't forget that professional angle needs to be maintained with stability, constant changes on your mind in this regard may not be as helpful.

Vrishchik – Work related situation is such that you will get adequate rewards, there may be day-to-day problems which you may have to face but that is the reality which you have to accept.
Do – Financial aspect is well indicated and rewards from work are making you happy, it is motivating you to do better in life and that is why you are looking at many alternatives.
Don’t – Don’t become too wasteful from your side in any case, don’t plan for something which may be too big to accomplish at this stage.

Dhanu – Generally lucky period on account of which you may do a lot and achieve a lot, your overall sense of optimism and practical approach will help you.
Do – Your loved ones are helping you and supporting you adequately, that is the reason that this is a period of happiness in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that personal life issues in home and family requires lot of peace, any ups and downs of your own thinking leading to pressures of your own mind and negativity is not going to help.

Makar – People around you may not be happy with you and that is why you are creating problems for yourself, that is the reason that this period can be a little weak.
Do – On routine types of issues if there are disagreements then you have to control them, you will have to side by side try and understand the other person’s point of view also.
Don’t – Make others happy and don’t create any misunderstandings in the process, people who are important will have to be given that importance.

Kumbh – You will get adequate help from others and that will make you happy, but the stress and pressures of your mind are not so relevant that you create any negativity in your mind.
Do – Health can still be a point of concern, but that is more made up in your mind than what the reality is.
Don’t – Don't forget that financial aspect is generally motivating you and helping you, even if you are worried then the goodness of this aspect will protect you immensely.

Meena – Disagreements at your workplace will have to be avoided, for that reason your partner in your business needs to be handled in a better manner.
Do – Some love relationship may be strong on your mind but there are linking disagreements in that, you will have to therefore understand as to what is your ultimate goal.
Don’t – Don’t also get into problems in personal life in home and family, if there are issues which you are not able to handle then you have to wait for the better times to come.

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