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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunday 27th January 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You have the advantage on your side to be good to others, and as a result you will find immense happiness by doing something to help others and please others.
Do –This is a period to gain in terms of professional and financial situations, despite any kind of uneasiness this is a period which is taking you forward.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some love relationship may have its own share of problems, that is why your performance may also not be up to the mark.

Vrishabh – You are trying to make the positive efforts towards your career, but certain amount of dissatisfactions are not letting that happen the way it is needed.
Do – Avoid any kind of pressures which you may be carrying on your mind, stay focused to do more from your side so that you are benefited.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your loved ones are helping you and supporting you to gain at this stage, and despite your own self created mistakes you are getting immense help from others.

Mithun – Financial aspect is well indicated and there is no real problem, as a result your own goodness is getting reflected in whatever you are doing.
Do – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and you want to take it forward, and to that extent your relationship angle is becoming stronger and vibrant.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your efforts are reducing and your diversions of mind are increasing, that is the reason that you will have to improve this situation from your side, don’t make any self created mistakes.

Karka – Your self-confidence may be high and is helping you to connect with others, but there are pressures and disagreements in your personal life also which are leading to some lack of trust.
Do – There is a risk that you may become very rigid from your side, that is where lot of peace and moderation is required to be maintained.
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine types of issues and problems may remain, it may impact your savings also, hence avoid being too wasteful from your side.

Simha – Your impulsiveness is indicated in whatever you are doing, and as a result your financial pressures can have its linkages in other areas of life as well.
Do – Disagreements in personal life are on account of the wastages which you are creating for yourself, that is why you will have to understand and appreciate what others are saying.
Don’t – Don’t think that life is easy, you will have to struggle and work hard to achieve that success which is achievable.

Kanya – Financial aspect is well indicated and you are blessed that your prosperity is intact, and that is the reason that whatever you are doing is helping you to improve your savings as well.
Do – You may have intense thoughts with regard to your career progression, you want to bring about certain positive changes which may help you to use your knowledge and skills to your advantage.
Don’t – don’t get egoistic that money is adequate, money can go also unless you are careful

Tula – Professional work is strong and supportive and there is no problem, your positive mindset will help you to achieve bigger gains.
Do – You have the ability and you are using it adequately, even your loved ones are helping you and supporting you in this process.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that any opportunity to come closer to your loved ones must be taken up in a positive sense, that will help you to achieve that bigger happiness which you desire.

Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you and helping you and yet it is making you a bit wasteful, you have to be careful that you do not waste your money in any manner.
Do – Travels and changes may be strong on your mind and helping you to take some bigger decisions, but the overall pattern is supportive in many ways and there is no real problem.
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine types of issues may be there in work situation which will have to be taken care of, work is always a challenge which you will have to remember.

Dhanu – Psychological pressures must be curtailed and not allowed to increase, even if there are pressures connected with your work or career you will have to take adequate steps for protection.
Do – Try to understand that financial angle is very well placed, and overall happiness is dependent on many things which includes financial prosperity as well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the goodness of this period must reflect in your positive decision making towards your career, the circumstances are helping to take your life forward the way it is needed.

Makar – Your ability to help others is remarkable and will help you in many ways, it will also help you to stay focused towards your work which can be a bigger blessing.
Do – Stress and pressures are continuing in several forms, but the priority of this period still remains towards your career for which you must remain devoted.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the goodness of this period will have to be created from your side, avoid getting into issues and problems with people who are important and make them happy from your side.

Kumbh – Stress is continuing and problems are continuing, that is the reason that you will have to address many issues from your side.
Do – Remember that financial angle is well placed and luck is helping you, but as far as your aggressive decision making is concerned you will have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in personal life issues lot of care is needed, there are inbuilt pressure and problems which are there and which you may be facing.

Meena – Some love relationship is strong and you are aware of that, but you are also aware that there are bigger problems behind that which you may not be able to address.
Do – There is some amount of confusion and uneasiness which you carry and which is a negative thought, but as long as your intensions are right why you should worry.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people in home and family may not be as supportive, and for that reason this may not be the right period to push for any thought forward.

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