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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wednesday 9th January 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your hard work is definitely giving you the advantage which you want, you are getting immense help and support from others in the process.
Do – You still need to be more optimistic from your side than what you are, you seem to be depressed and dissatisfied in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t let this uneasiness reflect at your workplace, you will have to trust yourself as well as trust others in the process and that will help you.

Vrishabh – Some love relationship is continuing to be in difficulty which makes you unhappy, and on account of that whatever plans you have generally towards relationships is not placed well.
Do – You need to understand that your loved ones in home and family also may have issues which are not as comfortable, and possibly you are making mistakes from your side which you will have to understand.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that disagreements can be there because people around you are very forceful and overpowering on you, and that fact also depresses you because you are not able to convey what you wish to do.

Mithun – Personal life issues are generally well placed and you are blessed that situation is getting better, but you still carry conflicts in your mind which are making you unhappy.
Do – The fact still remains that relationship angle is getting better, your own efforts are pointed and praiseworthy and that will help you in the long run.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements can convert into bigger conflicts, and unless you keep peace this risk is there which you are carrying for yourself.

Karka – Your efforts are not going to give you any great advantage because you have very forceful and big thoughts on your mind which need not be pushed at this stage.
Do – Relationship angle is strong although you have bigger expectations, that is why you think that circumstances are not as well placed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money will have to be protected and planned, just to please others you cannot risk your money at the same time.

Simha – Financial aspect is well placed and rewards from work are stable, for that reason your performance will stay motivated and positive.
Do – You still need to understand that in personal life issues you are not happy, that is the reason that you must come closer to your loved ones to handle the pressures which are already there.
Don’t – Don’t be uneasy or depressed for whatever is happening, you have to have a positive mindset and only then you will be able to accomplish from your side.

Kanya – You are devoted towards relationships and you are trying to help others, that positive effort is going to help you in the long run.
Do – Your studies and your preparation is well placed and you are happy, but you may not be happy with the kind of thought process which you carry and that is where some improvement is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be ups and downs in the response from others towards you, that is why you need to maintain peace and possibly trust others.

Tula – Travels or changes may be there on your mind and you want to push that thought forward, but at the same time you must remember that there can be hindrances in the process also which may not make you happy.
Do – As such you are not very happy with your career or with the rewards from work, that is not the right thought because you are not looking at the bigger picture.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you are able to do a lot for others and plan effectively for others, even to the extent that you are able to invest the way you want.

Vrishchik – Financial aspect is generally stable although you may be careless in handling money, and that is why testing your luck at this stage is not advisable.
Do – You must understand that blaming luck is not going to help, you must have faith in yourself and you will be able to achieve a lot.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your pointed effort and motivation will immensely help you, and that aspect will also guide you and support you to look at bigger gains at this moment.

Dhanu – Psychologically you are not at peace and that is why you are stressing yourself, there is need for you to understand that there is overall pattern of auspiciousness shaping up for you and you have to find happiness in that.
Do – If you think of upsets then those upsets will be there, possibly that is the reason that you have to shed your uneasiness and protect yourself from psychological ups and downs.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money will have to be handled very carefully, your expenses can jump and that is not right.

Makar – Luck may not be favoring you as much as you expect, but at the same time you must also understand that obstacles can also crop up suddenly which will have to be protected.
Do – Financial aspect seems to be stable but you will have to create a lot of protection for that, just because there are some financial gains does not mean that everything is well placed.
Don’t – Don’t be unhappy with people around you, you must have a positive outlook towards others and that will help you in a better manner.

Kumbh – Your performance will help you to achieve better gains, but your pressures which you carry are not making you any happy.
Do – Avoid taking any big decision under the present set of circumstances, you are still stressed and dissatisfied and under these forces big decisions must be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t forget that differences or pressures which are there are of your own making, you are not having enough confidence in others at the moment and that is where the problem lies.

Meena – You will get adequate support from others to take your thought forward, and that effort will immensely help you in your career making.
Do – Luck is favoring you to give you the financial rewards, but you are not able to protect those rewards the way it is needed, that is where a lot of carefulness is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationship angle may not be as comfortable, some love relationship may continue to stress you or bother you or make you unhappy.

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