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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monday 13th May 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your hard work is showing in terms of your self confidence and your abilities, even to the extent that you are able to communicate more effectively from your side.
Do – Financial aspect is well indicated and your prosperity is showing, and as a result you seem to be more determined even to spend confidently.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your confidence has an undercurrent of uneasiness also side by side, you may be a bit worried for your loved ones and on account of your partners or associates.

Vrishabh – Your rigidness in terms of taking extremes steps is not right, you my also be planning to decide for change of place for which you have to consider all aspects of life.
Do – Financial aspect may be stable and that is a blessing, but any big decision may also prove to be very costly at the same time, you have to consider that aspect also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any relationship angle may have is own share of problems, you may be showing your optimism that the anything will work out but it may not be easy.

Mithun – Overall prosperity is indicated and your efforts will definitely give you gains, but you will have to safe guard yourself from taking any undue advantage of that.
Do – Your routine types of issues and problems are increasing, even in personal life those pressures are likely to be there.
Don’t – Don’t create any distance with anyone, even in decisions connected with change of place or change or circumstances connected in job you have to consider your own limitations also.

Karka – Work related situation may be strong and stable but you are constantly thinking about change, the grass on the other side seems greener but that may not be so.
Do – Your impulsiveness is getting reflected in whatever you are trying to do, that may even negatively impact your financial position as well.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that any effort which you make may have a price tag attached to it, and that is where some carefulness is needed so that so protect yourself from those pressures.

Simha – There is not doubt on the auspiciousness of this period, and you are trying to take full advantage of the goodness which is available to you.
Do – Funds will have to be arranged and used for betterment of your life or your career, and that will definitely give good rewards to you in terms of growth which you want.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your overall prosperity depends on your efforts and your performance, this is the best indication of this period wherein this blessing is available to you.

Kanya – Obstacles are there and pressures and problems will be there, anything connected with travel or change may have its own issues for you.
Do – Work related situation is very well indicated and you are doing extremely well, even to the extent that luck is helping you at every step to make your life journey smooth.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people are helping you and associating with you in the process, your overall happiness in personal life also is therefore well placed.

Tula – You have responsibilities towards your loved ones and you are able to fulfill that adequately, even to the extent of putting some pressure on yourself you are able to help others.
Do – Luck may not be tested and tried, because that is where you may get into problems at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that health is an area of concern, whatever seems to be stable is not so and proper investigation is needed.

Vrishchik – There may be disagreements for which you may have to be careful, even to the extent that you may have to safe guard yourself from any hurt or injury.
Do – People are supporting you and taking care of you, but psychologically you also have to be at peace that this care is available to you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial position may remain stable and that is a blessing, but you are not able to find enough happiness as a result of this goodness.

Dhanu – Your abilities will shine and you will be able to take your steps forward towards major accomplishments, and for that reasons your own efforts will be more important.
Do – The support from others may not be available as much as you expect, that is why you have to reorient your thinking to understand what you can accomplish yourself.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are pressures on you in many ways, you want to support your partner at every step and that is a remarkable thought.

Makar – Peace in home and family is indicated although people around you may not be as happy with you, that is why you may have to maintain peace in your mind to avoid upsets.
Do – Relationships will have to be nurtured by helping others, and even if there are issues and conflicts on your mind then you have to safe guard your situation.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related situation requires very stable handling, the goodness of that must not get reduced by any kind of confusions.

Kumbh – This is a highly motivating period when you can actually work hard, and as a result your patterns or well wishers will also associate with you in the process.
Do – Overall sense of happiness and peace is available in personal life, your own efforts to make others happy will be very satisfying.
Don’t – Don’t forget that all this will have to be done in personal life to find the real peace which you want, and in this effort your financial position will also support you adequately.

Meena – You are able to increase your savings and get satisfaction on account of that, but you are able to do so by making others somewhat unhappy towards you.
Do – Personal life issues are guiding you to do more and perform more from your side, this motivation will definitely help you to achieve greater heights in life.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever you wish to do will require the acceptance of your loved ones in home and family, unless they support your desires may not be fulfilled as much.

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