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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking a bit aggressively and that is the problem of this period, that is why you are getting into some differences with others also.
Do – Talk over your differences and try to show your concern towards others, that will help you to overcome your problems.
Don’t – Don’t become too rigid to cause upsets for yourself, you need to remain very mild from your side so that complications do not arise.

Vrishabh – You are very focused to work hard and to prove yourself, if you are a student then this can actually give you a success.
Do – You have the ability and you can use it your advantage, as a result you will realize that circumstances are helping you and supporting you adequately.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust in any manner, especially in handling relationships that can lead to unnecessary pressures.

Mithun – Any kind of investment can be helpful to you at this stage, but you must understand that it should not become wasteful in any manner.
Do – Some wastages are bound to be there which will have to be protected, and for that reason a lot of careful planning is needed on day-to-day basis.
Don’t – Don’t plan for any change of place or change of circumstances without carefulness, every step need to be taken with care because the situation is not as supportive.

Karka – You are very focused to work hard and that kind of positive thought will give you success, despite several pressures you will be able to get the gains which you want.
Do – If you are looking for some changes or travels then they can also give you the advantage which you want, hence all these patterns are supportive to you in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements will have to be avoided with seniors or superiors, especially if they are connected with some financial reasons then there is need for carefulness in any case.

Simha – You have likely to have financial pressures for two reasons, firstly your impulsiveness is showing in lack of plan, secondly your responsibilities towards others are high.
Do – Work related situation can improve with your constant efforts, and that goodness must be achieved with your involvement which is indicated.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your commitment will speak for itself, you have that goodness in you which must be protected, and for that reason you have to keep aside your frustrations.

Kanya – Financial aspect is well indicated and financial inflow will be achieved, as a result you may be able to get the advantage also.
Do – Luck is favoring you and helping you immensely, and in every sphere you will realize that situation is becoming more and more comfortable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is well indicated and can be used to your advantage, with that goodness you can take your step forward.

Tula – Any big decision or plans connected with work will have to be handled with care, impulsiveness on that front may not be advisable.
Do – You have to remain very mild towards others, only then you will be able to avoid those mistakes which you are making at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you may be looking at alternatives in a slightly rigid manner, that may be a mistake from your side as you are not considering all aspects of life.

Vrishchik – Luck may favor you to get financial gains, to that extent this period is supportive in many ways.
Do –You have to help others and support others, and as a result you must improve your relationships in your home and family.
Don’t – Don’t forget that ups and downs in relationships are bound to be there, and you have to remove those dissatisfactions which you carry on your mind which is a negativity of this period.

Dhanu – Psychological upsets in workplace are indicated, you will have to therefore keep peace and not complicate your situation.
Do – Disagreements connected with your work will have to be avoided, if you have to move on a particular path then you must take the help and approval of others in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money is an important aspect which is helping you to take those decisions, and accordingly you will be able to get the advantage also in the long run.

Makar – Personal life issues are well placed and luck is favoring you, even to the extent that some love relationship is becoming stronger.
Do – You must understand that you have the ability to perform and that will help, you will be able to improve your career in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life happiness is dependent on many things, for which a lot of trust needs to be maintained in your mind.

Kumbh – Stress and pressures are indicated which are not looking good, you must maintain peace from your side which is very essential.
Do – For the same reason minor issues in home and family will have to be avoided, they must not be allowed to aggravate in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if you become rigid then it is a negativity which can harm you only, hence you need to maintain peace from your side.

Meena – Some love relationship is strong and you want to take that thought forward, and as a result you are making efforts from your side.
Do – The more you communicate it will be better, but it has to be done with some carefulness that you do not show your frustrations.
Don’t – Don’t show your anger as it can spoil your situation, you must take your loved ones along in whatever you are planning to do.

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