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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sunday 19th May 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Relationship aspect is very strong on your mind and you are able to discuss your matters with others, that will increase your confidence and will improve your image as well.
Do – This is also a period where your bosses will be able to appreciate your efforts, and all this is leading to a situation of success for you.
Don’t – Don’t still think that everything is easy, on the professional front there can be pressures as well as ups and downs.

Vrishabh – This is a happy period for you to connect with your loved ones in home and family, and you will realize that you are getting adequate support from others in the form of help and guidance.
Do – You will also have to do something for others, and as a result if there are any wastages then accept that as a reality.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be certain health related issues on account of your own neglect, that is why it is better to understand the situation clearly from your side.

Mithun – Not only your money is getting wasted but your efforts are also getting wasted, you are not able to pointedly achieve what you wish to achieve.
Do – This period still shows your inclination to do better in life, and that can be a blessing if you take each step with careful planning.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships may seem strong and stable but there are many problems in it, that is why you have to understand the reasons behind those confusions which you carry.

Karka – Financial aspect is well indicated and you are happy with it, even to the extent that your loved ones are appreciating your efforts and your abilities.
Do – You have to discuss your differences in personal life wherever they exist, and that will be possible if you remove those dissatisfactions from your mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the priority of this period still lies with your work and your performance, you can study well and make your career and that can be a worthwhile effort.

Simha – Work related advantage may definitely be achieved for which you are devoted, but you will have to consider your obstacles also as challenges so that you are able to perform better.
Do – Luck is adequately favoring you but your own efforts still needs some improvement, because you may be getting into unnecessary issues with your colleagues or subordinates.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think in terms of extremes as that is not going to help, stay devoted to what you are doing and you will find the right path.

Kanya – Luck is on your side and helping you adequately, even certain opportunities may also be there which you may consider.
Do – Expecting more than what is desired is not right, you will have to have a practical viewpoint on your mind to keep going.
Don’t – In some love relationship care still needs to be exercised from your side, and to understand the viewpoint of others you will have to remain very polite. Don’t in the process become negative in any manner, your outlook is generally stable and it must remain so.

Tula – The problems of this period are created by you yourself, that is why you are not getting along with people the way it is desired.
Do – Even on financial matters you are not able to find that happiness which is achievable, you may be becoming a bit aggressive from your side which is not right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money will come from stability, and putting that money into risk at this stage is not right.

Vrishchik – Work related situation is stable and there is no real problem, people around you are supporting you and helping you adequately which can be a blessing.
Do – There can be recognition for you but not as much as you deserve, but as long as people are appreciative of your goodness you should be satisfied.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that luck is playing its positive role for you at this stage, you need to be therefore be thankful to god for all this goodness.

Dhanu – Issues and conflicts of day-to-day nature will have to be curtailed, you will have to be happy around you so that you are able to find that peace which is required.
Do – Trying and testing your luck at this stage is not advisable, rather your own ability is strong which must be put to right use.
Don’t – Don’t forget that remaining optimistic has its own virtues, you have to therefore stay involved and devoted in whatever you are doing.

Makar – Relationships are strong and your abilities are shining, but you are still not able to find happiness with people around you as much as it is desired.
Do – People may not be happy with you and that is where the problem lies, you may be trying to please others but that is not really happening.
Don’t – Don’t therefore complicate your relationships in any manner, if you remain very rigid then relationships can actually suffer.

Kumbh – Peace in home and family is indicated and you are blessed, even to the extent that people will come forward to connect with you and guide you from their side.
Do – This period can be stable but cannot be favorable in taking risks, that is why you will have to listen to others and take their guidance.
Don’t – Don't think that by spending more money you will be able to please others, that will unnecessary put you into loss and nothing actually will be achieved.

Meena – Your efforts can be strong but you are not able to take that advantage, you are unnecessarily getting into conflicts with people who may be very important in your sphere.
Do – Try to understand that relationships need to be handled very carefully, whatever you speak or communicate must be done with that peace on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that obstacles of this period are created out of your own mistakes, you will have to therefore take every decision with that kind of carefulness.

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