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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday 24th September 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Relationships may be getting difficult because you are becoming very rigid, and even on small matters there are differences.
Do – There is a pattern to show that people around you are good and trustworthy, you can depend on them for whatever you have on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is generally favorable, and to that extent your savings can also grow to give you satisfaction.

Vrishabh – Peace in home and family is indicated and this is a period of happiness, and accordingly whatever thoughts you have on your mind will help you immensely.
Do – There can be certain issues which you are not able to handle, especially in the form of differences those factors will have to be controlled.
Don’t – Don't become too strong or rigid in your mind, because that will indirectly show a pattern of your unfair expectations from others.

Mithun – Travel or changes are strong on your mind and you want to implement those thoughts, whether to come back to your home or family or to take far distance travels you are both ways confused.
Do – Relationship angle is another factor which is disturbing you, you want to be close to your loved ones but circumstances are taking you away.
Don’t – Don’t have these divergent views on your mind, you want to be with your loved ones and yet your mind is away, this is not going to help.

Karka – You have to convey your thoughts and communicate effectively, your forcefulness is indicated in this manner in which your goodness will get reflected.
Do – Peace in home and family is indicated and happiness is ensured, and accordingly you will realize that there is no problem as such.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is well indicated and your investments are possible, you will have to plan by discussing these matters with others.

Simha – You are determined to succeed in whatever you are doing, for that reason your financial prosperity is also likely to increase.
Do – Focus towards your work is very well placed, your hard work will definitely give you the rewards.
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily try to bring about major changes, because whatever changes you are contemplating may not be as useful.

Kanya – Your self-confidence may be high and on account of that you may be making mistakes, especially in handling your finances you have to be careful.
Do – As such financial aspect is well placed, but you may be spending more or risking your money unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t forget the strength of this period, on one hand your prosperity is indicated and on the other hand luck is also helping you and supporting you very well.

Tula – Pressures and problems are indicated which can have its impact on your financial position also, and that is why you are not happy.
Do – Your self confidence may be high and that is why you are taking certain steps which can actually be avoided, hence any kind of forcefulness is not right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that hindrances can still be there, but those are on account of the fact that you are trying to take certain decisions very aggressively.

Vrishchik – Rewards from work are adequate and that is a blessing, and for that reason luck is helping you in terms of your accomplishments.
Do – You will still have to protect yourself from increasing expenses, because that is a factor which requires greater carefulness in my view.
Don’t – Don’t try to test your luck in any manner, whatever seems to be very strong or lucrative may not be as good.

Dhanu – Work related situation can improve for you very well, your confidence therefore should be built in the right direction.
Do – Financial rewards are indicated and overall pattern of goodness is getting reflected, but you may still be somewhat stressed in certain ways.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the health aspect in any manner, for self or for others this is needed.

Makar – Very supportive period in terms of overall goodness, your performance can actually benefit you immensely.
Do – If circumstances are supportive then many factors can be controlled, for that reason some relationship angle is also strong on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the priority of this period is towards your work and getting success on that, and that is possible because your own involvement is very positive.

Kumbh – You may not be getting along with people and stress is indicated, even on small and insignificant matters there may be complications.
Do – Still peace in home and family can be achieved with little bit of mildness, carrying unnecessary agitation on your mind is not going to help.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may be helping you and supporting you, but as far as some love relationship is concerned it may not give you the kind of advantage which you expect.

Meena – Personal life issues remain stable although disagreements can increase, that is why a lot of carefulness is needed so that you do not annoy people around you.
Do – Your efforts may be strong but not giving you adequate rewards, because you are not able to concentrate in those areas which are required at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the need to plan more effectively, whether in terms of your efforts or in terms of your handling your money this may be a requirement.

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