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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday 10th October 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are making efforts to please others, but you are yourself not happy with whatever is happening.
Do – This is a period which shows differences of opinion unnecessarily, but you are yourself responsible for whatever way you are thinking.
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for yourself or for others, because that is going to impact you negatively especially in dealing with others.

Vrishabh – Differences of opinion may arise in whatever you speak or do, hence your good intensions may also not be fully understood.
Do – There is deficiency from your side and that is a reality, and despite your desire to please others you are not able to do so fully.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements are there because you are thinking negatively, a little bit of peace and patience on your mind can actually help.

Mithun – Relationships in home, family will improve, but some love relationship may not give you as much as happiness as you want.
Do – Your frustration is getting reflected in whatever you are conveying to others, in fact your body language is such that your dissatisfaction is getting reflected.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you should try and bridge that distance which has been created with others, and that is quite possible if you make efforts in that respect.

Karka – Travel or changes may be there on your mind, in the process you may be trying to come close to your loved ones also which is a good thought.
Do – Some love relationship is not as stable as you expect, and that is why your dissatisfaction is getting reflected in a big way.
Don’t – Don’t forget that rewards from work are stable and that is not so much of a problem, but you must try to look at the goodness and the strength of your work at the same time.

Simha – Financial aspect is such that you have to plan more effectively, money may be helping you to work hard and that can be a blessing.
Do – Work related situation is such that there can be pressures and problems, that is why there is need for hard work which can solve that situation.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that auspiciousness of this period can actually be achieved, you have to make those efforts from your side in a more determined manner.

Kanya – Rewards from work are adequate and your abilities are there, you are able to compete well with others and your knowledge will help you in that respect.
Do – The problem of this period is that you have so many diverse thoughts on your mind, that is why that pointed focus is not getting built as much as it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect may not be as strong, but at least you are moving towards that advantage from your side, you have to therefore create that goodness for yourself.

Tula – You may have many thoughts of changes and options on your mind, but all those thoughts are such that you are very confused and undecided.
Do – Money may be one of the basis on account of which you are taking those decisions, and yet I feel those decisions should not be based on money alone.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfaction for people around you, that is where the actual problem lies on account of which you are not finding any peace and happiness.

Vrishchik – Your involvement in work may be great but you are not able to control your expenses, that is why this period shows problems on that front.
Do – You may be wasteful and you may be blaming your luck for that, but the deficiencies lies in you and that is where the problem lies.
Don’t – Don’t forget that rewards from work are generally there, but unless you protect those rewards then the problem will continue.

Dhanu – Work related situation is rewarding because people are supporting you, that is the goodness with which you can achieve a lot.
Do – Peace is to be maintained as thinking negatively is not going to help, you have to take care of your health also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t become too wasteful in any manner, because that is not going to help you or others the way you expect.

Makar – Luck is favoring you in your professional circumstances, but financial aspect is such that you are putting yourself into enormous difficulties.
Do – Risking your situation in any manner is not right, and losses on account of your carelessness can get reflected.
Don’t – Don’t carry any lack of trust for others in any manner, because that can impact your situation negatively and that is not right.

Kumbh – Issues of day-to-day nature can continue to bother you, but your own forcefulness is helping you enormously in many ways.
Do – Trust your own abilities and trust others in the process, that is why this is a period to connect with others.
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily carry any negative mindset in any manner, you have to try and look at goodness around you and you will find that there are reasons to feel satisfied.

Meena – Personal life issues are stressed and you are not able to control that, the problem therefore lies in the fact that you are becoming too aggressive from your side.
Do – Your dissatisfactions may be connected with relationships and it has a negative impact at the moment, that is why any big plan at the moment may not be achievable.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that positive efforts need to be made from your side, only then your circumstances can actually improve.

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