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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday 18th June 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Gains are indicated for you and overall prosperity is shown, you will be happy with this situation because the circumstances are shaping up to your advantage.
Do – This is a period where your savings can grow although your expenses are also growing, hence lot of stable thinking and conditioning is required from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is favoring you in many ways, and hence those gains are likely to be achieved which you have been thinking.

Vrish – Your positive efforts are going to give you the rewards abundantly, more than anything else it will increase your self confidence which will prove to be beneficial in the long run.
Do – There can be pressures and disagreements as well, and that is why you have to be very mild and humble in whatever you speak to others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money situation is stable but certain risks are also involved, therefore you have to take care that your money does not get struck anywhere.

Mithun – You may be too hasty in taking some decisions and that may lead to wastages, and there are more than one reason’s where you have to be careful in handling your outflows.
Do – You have ability in abundance but you are not using it rightly, there are too many ups and downs of your own thinking which are not looking good.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related situation also requires lot of stability, you are thinking of many changes but such changes will have to be undertaken with lot of positive planning.

Karka - You are able to increase your prosperity in many ways, and for that luck is playing its positive role immensely the way you want.
Do – Gains from home or property are indicated which will please you, and as result you will see that the circumstances are becoming helpful in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t let your routine types of expenses increase beyond a level, because they will start hurting you at some stage.

Simha – Changes may be there on your mind and you may be very convinced about them, but still care is needed because there are many issues involved in them.
Do – Try to understand each step forward as to what it means, try to understand the implications of your decisions at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall prosperity is indicated which must be protected, any kind of outflow which is too drastic will have to be handled carefully.

Kanya – Luck is helping you and favoring you immensely in getting those gains, and for that reason you are able to take care of your elders also side by side to make them happy.
Do – In the process you will realize that you are becoming a bit careless also, especially in making those positive efforts you are becoming a bit directionless.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that humility has a bigger role to play, be very mild in your thoughts and in conveying those thoughts to others, that will help.

Tula – Work related pressures can be immense and on account of that you may even feel stressed, it is more of a stress which you have created for yourself rather than any set back in the real sense.
Do – Still there is need for you to look at those deficiencies where ever they exist, they may be mild issues but they must be handled never the less.
Don’t – Don’t forget that certain hidden pressures can be there which are of your own making, hence each step forward is important and must be taken carefully.

Vrishchik – Luck is helping you and favoring and your loved ones are supportive towards you, for that reason some love relationship can also be beneficial to give you that happiness.
Do – Overall pattern of goodness is intact but you will have to trust others, somehow over a period of time that trust has been lost which is not looking good.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related pressures can continue for a while but there is lot of blessings behind it, having too worked hard is also blessing in many ways.

Dhanu – Psychologically weak period as there are too many things to handle, and for that reason lot of peace is required.
Do – You must understand the goodness of your partner who is supporting you immensely, and that is a bigger blessing than anything else.
Don’t – Don’t forget that peace in personal life will have to be maintained, and for that reason you cannot complicate your situation by thinking too negatively.

Makar – Personal life issues in relationships are important to you, and you are blessed that you are able to take your thoughts forward.
Do – If you are able to come close to your loved ones than that can provide a lot of happiness, but in the process you may be annoying people in home and family who also mean a lot to you.
Don’t – Don’t therefore consider all aspects carefully, life is always complicated where you have to understand many things at the same time and fix your priorities.

Kumbh – Stress situations in personal life can emerge, some disagreements can also emerge in this manner as well.
Do – Financial position will still be supportive and helpful to you, and hence lot of blessing is there in which luck is helping you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that as a result your personal life issues will become very vibrant, and in the process some love relationship may also not be far away.

Meena – Relationships are important and they can make you work hard from your side, your friends your well wishers are all supportive towards you in that manner.
Do – This period can bring you the rewards and those rewards can further help you to work hard from your side, hence each step forward is important in this manner.
Don’t – Don’t still forget the angle of finances as lot of carefulness is needed, and from your side you have to consider those aspects carefully.

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