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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunday 10th June 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – If you are not satisfied with your financial position then you will take bigger risks, and that can lead to further problems for you unnecessarily.
Do – Care is needed to take your decisions in a right manner, and for that reason you have to maintain that stability and regularity of your thinking from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have that competitive spirit in you which can help you achieve greater goals, and that will provide that necessary effort which you will have to make.

Vrishabh – You may not be happy with your partners and the support which they are providing, and for that reason your own dissatisfactions are becoming bigger.
Do – Your supporters and loved ones are helping you immensely, and that will provide that goodness which you can achieve now.
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry a pattern on your mind which creates any lack of trust for others, because that is not going to give you any rewards in any manner.

Mithun – Misunderstandings can crop up because you are keeping your expectations very high, and for that reason you are not able to trust your own loved ones in home and family.
Do – If you keep your expectations high then you are making a big mistake, because that is leading to a situation where you are not able to connect with others fully.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your own loved ones are supporting you and helping you immensely, you will have to therefore appreciate their goodness from your side so that you are benefited.

Karka – You distress lies in the fact that there are pressures and problems in relationships, and you are not able to create that goodness which you wish to create from your side.
Do – There is lot of instability in your efforts which you are making at the moment, and in that also there is lot of negativity attached on account of which you are not able to benefit.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that these are your own mistakes which you are making, you will have to possibly think more rationally to bring about peace in your life.

Simha – You are getting lot of help from your family but you are not able to appreciate that goodness, that is why there are deficiencies in the way you are connecting with others.
Do – This is generally a gainful period for you in many ways, but you are still not able to appreciate those gains and that goodness which is getting created.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create a mindset which is always apprehensive for others, you will have to possibly trust others more than what you are doing.

Kanya – There are psychological reasons on account of which you are pressuring yourself, but there is indirectly lot of goodness also which you have and which can benefit you immensely.
Do – You must involve in your work in a manner that you should get the best rewards, and your involvement in work is total and praiseworthy.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your efforts are also becoming a bit directionless and complicated, you are trying to handle so many things at the same time that psychologically you are stressing yourself also.

Tula – There can be dissatisfactions for you in some love relationship, and that is the reason that you are not able to convey your thoughts the way you want.
Do – This is a period which is increasing distance with others, and that is where the deficiency lies which you will have to remove.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period requires that you should use your knowledge in your work, and in that effort you must show lot of regularity from your side which is very essential.

Vrishchik – You are not able to trust your own abilities as much as they are desired, and for that reason even in home and family you are not able to appreciate that goodness which is getting built.
Do – The more you trust yourself the more you will be able to perform from your side, and that commitment will start showing with a little bit of effort.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains are there for you from many sources, but they are coming in bits and pieces and that is why you are not able to appreciate its quantum.

Dhanu – On one hand you want to improve your career from your side, on the other hand you are not able to have that trust that you can do it.
Do – You must continue to make your efforts from your side, and you must remember that each small step forward will lead to bigger success for you eventually.
Don’t – Don’t let any habit get created that you are always dissatisfied, this habit always lead to negativity which is not desired.

Makar – You may not be happy with your financial position because your expectations are high, and luck is generally supporting you to give you those gains eventually.
Do – You must remember that everything takes time, even luck has to take its own time to give you that full impact of goodness which you desire.
Don’t – Don’t therefore show your stress and dissatisfactions with people around you, especially with friends or well-wishers you have to understand as to what their goodness is.

Kumbh – Professional career requires lot of careful involvement, and for that reason if you have to take the help and support of others then this will benefit you all the more.
Do – You may have to avoid any kind of pressure which you are creating for yourself, and that is only possible if you maintain that regularity from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related advantage is very much with you, and there is no real need for you to feel uneasy in any manner.

Meena – You are stressed and uneasy, you are also not happy with the forcefulness of people around you as that fact also disturbs you.
Do – Disagreements are leading to a situation where you are blaming your luck constantly, and that is the factor which is making you distressed about others.
Don’t – Don’t in the process become wasteful from your side, this situation can lead to unnecessary losses for you unless you take care. Don’t also forget that your own happiness depends on how much you connect with others, and that aspect will be generally well placed without any real problems.

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