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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday 14th September 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be intense in your desires for some relationship but you are worried also, because you are not able to trust any situation which is not visible to you.
Do – Your seniors and superiors are supporting you, your knowledge and skills will prove the goodness which you carry, that must be continued.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the need to plan effectively, any kind of unplanned wastage is not possibly right.

Vrishabh – You must trust your own self if you want to progress in life, and indirectly that will improve your own efforts and performance which is very much needed.
Do – Overall peace and happiness is intact as there is no real problem, and that goodness is abundantly available to you which you must share with others.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the needs of your loved ones, they are there for you and helping you in many ways.

Mithun – You may have the ability to do lot of hard work, but your carelessness can lead to some loss at this stage.
Do – You have to understand that you have to protect yourself from any upsets or problems, and if anything takes away your savings or your prosperity then it may not be right.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your performance get reduced in any manner, there are lot of problems in that and your circumstances may not be as supportive, still your own hard work can prove to be beneficial.

Karka – Your overall sense of goodness is reflected in what you are able to do for others, and for that reason your financial angle is well placed.
Do – You are not happy with your financial inflows because your expectations are high, and that is the reason that you are not able to derive as much happiness which is otherwise possible.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of argument with anybody at this stage, especially with your boss you have to maintain that peace which is very much essential.

Simha – Your self-confidence can lead to a situation where you take wrong decisions, especially any decision connected with your work or career will have to be taken with carefulness.
Do – You may be inclined to think of changes all the time, and those changes may not be as perfectly placed as you expect.
Don’t – Don’t therefore become too rigid in any manner, if financial prosperity is intact then it does not mean that everything else is also perfectly placed.

Kanya – If anything will go wrong then you will start blaming luck for that, but there is no real problem because your situation is quiet under control.
Do – You still have to take your decisions carefully, too much of impulsiveness to push your thoughts at this stage may not be right.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your self confidence much have lot of judiciousness attached to it, if you think with maturity then your thoughts will remain supportive towards you.

Tula – There are many hidden factors which can disturb the peace of this period, especially the financial angle will have to be protected with that thought.
Do – As far as your friends are concerned you have to be a bit careful, because someone may be talking at your back and highlighting your deficiencies also.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any routine types of issues get out of hand, each aspect will have to be seen and understand by your side.

Vrishchik – Work related situation may be stable but there are issues connected with partners of well-wishers, people who may be trying to be good for you may not be the real picture.
Do – Care is needed and wastefulness is to be avoided, any decision connected with changes therefore will have to be done with carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is helping you and supporting you immensely, there is no need for you to panic as nothing is not as drastically wrong.

Dhanu – Very lucky period although psychologically lot of peace is required, especially in handling the circumstances around you you must avoid doubting the intensions of others.
Do – Look at the goodness around you and the opportunities around you, and you will find that those opportunities must be availed if you want to take the full advantage of the situation.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the guidance which others are giving you, even if there are conditions attached some of those suggestions may be beneficial to you.

Makar – Stress is evident as upsets are there, people may oppose you where the question of relationship arise.
Do – You must try and understand the hidden problems behind any situation, even where you are making lot of efforts there can be hidden issues at the same time.
Don’t – Don’t let any pressure arise in personal life issues, especially with your partners you have to maintain that peace which is very much essential.

Kumbh – You may be trying to connect with others in home and family, and everything may seem to be alright, but that is not the picture.
Do – You have to understand that there are many issues which are disturbing you, and especially where you are not able to trust others this can be a bigger problem.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore all those factors of stress, pressures and conflicts which are building up in your personal life, lot of carefulness is needed to handle that because there may be a situation of lack of trust and that can complicate the matters.

Meena – Health related situation is not as comfortably placed, especially where some investigation needs to be done then you must repeat that or take another opinion.
Do – This is also a period where your efforts and involvement must increase, whatever you are desiring or whatever you are doing requires this aspect to be considered carefully.
Don’t – Don’t create any issues or conflicts in your mind, because that is the situation which can spoil the goodness of this period.

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