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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday 21st September 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not able to appreciate the goodness of this period, you are thinking of all the pressures and problems which are heavy on your mind.
Do – Instead of giving importance to your own thoughts you are giving importance to the thoughts of others, that will provide the necessary peace which you require at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t think that people are scheming against you, don’t become depressive in your own thoughts in any manner, that is not going to help.

Vrishabh – Disagreements with others are there because you are creating such thoughts on your mind, on top of it you are thinking of extremes and big problems or decisions which may not be true.
Do – Understand the bigger fact that changes may not be as advisable, whatever you are doing must be maintained to create that stability which is required.
Don’t – For these very reasons don’t let your own efforts get reduced in any manner, if you are not satisfied still you have to continue to involve from your side fully and wholeheartedly.

Mithun – Relationships may not be as well placed and there are disagreements on that, more than anything else it is a factor of dissatisfaction which you are carrying on your mind because you want something better to happen.
Do – Overall pattern of finances will have to be kept under strict watch, risking your money at this stage is not going to be helpful.
Don’t – Don’t therefore base your decisions on luck factors, luck cannot resolve everything around you and that is important to understand.

Karka – Personal life issues are not as well placed because there are many factors to be considered, and in that you have to possibly give importance to what others are thinking.
Do – You may have some love relationship on your mind and getting stressed on account of that, but even if you try to convince others that may be difficult at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect any magic to happen, you will have to make your own thinking stable at the moment as that can be the essential requirement of this period.

Simha – Despite pressures and problems this is a motivating period for you in many ways, but still your own dissatisfactions are causing havoc as I can see.
Do – Your efforts are not pointed enough and that is the problem, you may be planning big things and saying positive things but not able to implement those thoughts fully.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that health is important, for your own self and for others in home and family this carefulness may be needed.

Kanya – In handling your relationships you are not able to convey your thoughts very well, you are causing more of disagreements rather than any solutions from your side.
Do – The worst indication of this period is that your motivation is not good enough, there are deficiencies in that which will have to be removed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry any false self confidence on your mind, that can upset your plans and upset your relationships at the same time.

Tula – Your ability is showing and that can bring success to you, but you may not be happy with the financial position as that is the area of deficiency at the moment.
Do – Look at the goodness of your work as that is important to be seen, money will come automatically and can wait for the time being.
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress yourself if your savings are not adequate enough, if your requirements or the requirements of your loved ones are bigger then you will have to plan more effectively.

Vrishchik – Travels or changes may be there on your mind and you may be concerned about your loved ones, that is why you may be uneasy on your mind and worried.
Do – Maintain peace because many things are under control, carrying anxiety on your mind is not going to be beneficial in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t therefore make a habit of remaining stressed from your side, you have to be optimistic and look at the goodness around you which is very essential.

Dhanu – Your plans and motivation can help you immensely, that will improve your gains and your circumstances very well.
Do – You will have to understand the need for you to remain positive in your approach, your thought processes must therefore remain optimistic and vibrant from your side.
Don’t – Don’t think that worrying about your loved ones is going to solve any problems, each moment is a challenge and that is what you will have to possibly understand.

Makar – Your involvement in work is praiseworthy and you will be able to do well, and as a result your financial prosperity is looking good which will be a satisfying situation.
Do – As far as personal relationships are concerned there may be deficiencies, you may not be very happy with your partners or with your associates also at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that you have bigger responsibilities before you, you have to handle several things at the same time which includes handling relationships in a peaceful manner.

Kumbh – You may be depending on luck and on work related situation luck is actually helping you, even to the extent that your efforts will bring the positive rewards the way you want.
Do – You still have to possibly understand the limitations of what you can do at the moment, and that is why you have to find peace and happiness in whatever is being achieved.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is generally well placed, you will have to draw satisfaction from that if you want to avoid any misunderstandings.

Meena – Putting your money into risk at this stage is not going to be advantageous, as a result your savings may also be under pressure.
Do – Luck may not favor you as much as you want, but people around you are appreciative of what you are doing and that can be a blessing.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget the strength of your work which is very important, and based on that strength you can take your steps forward to maintain this goodness of this moment.

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