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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday 11th September 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts will bring rewards and you will succeed, the best part is that you are able to communicate well and convey your thoughts.
Do – You are likely to make others happy with your efforts, that will include your emotional relationships as well which you carry on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t still be too liberal in your ways, it can impact you negatively in financial terms and that is not right.

Vrishabh – You are able to make others happy and that will include your loved ones in home and family, even to the extent that you are helping others with money and gifts.
Do – You still have certain doubts and dissatisfactions on your mind, but that is something which you are creating for yourself without any real reason.
Don’t – Don’t therefore make mistakes on financial front, if there is a risk then it will lead to pressures and problems, don’t let that happen.

Mithun – Somewhat wasteful period because your plans are likely to go wrong, but I can see that you are yourself not convinced with whatever you wish to take forward and that is why there is lot of confusion.
Do – The best way forward would be to devote yourself to what you are doing, and for that reason your efforts can be remarkable at this stage which can take care of many things.
Don’t – Don’t forget that money is important, and to that extent some carefulness is still needed because you are not taking adequate care from your side.

Karka – Luck may help you to increase your financial prosperity, but you are yourself making mistakes to reduce that prosperity from your side which is not right.
Do – Routine types of issues will have to be handled more carefully, for that reason lot of careful planning is needed on day-to-day basis which you must be in the form of precaution and protection.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your present situation is comfortable, but your past memories may be disturbing you or even disturbing your sleep to some extent.

Simha – Work is important and you are trying to do a lot towards that, but still you are stressed because not many things are becoming comfortable.
Do – Work is something which must get your utmost priority, money will follow automatically and that should not be so much of a concern.
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for something which may not be needed, any big change or big decision can actually be avoided for time being.

Kanya – You may have very forceful plans on your mind, and you are convinced that those plans can do wonder for you.
Do – You must understand that changes in itself will not provide any solution, you will still have to work hard and prove yourself in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is as such favoring you in many ways, but you have bigger responsibilities towards your work and that requires real hard work.

Tula – There are pressures on your mind because your performance is not up to the mark, even to the extent that your efforts are directionless.
Do – Money may still be comfortable because luck is helping you, but that is not enough because your own hard work is not added to that effort.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your health because that is something which is an area of concern, you have to therefore understand that what is the priority, and your efforts, your health and your work performance must be improved.

Vrishchik – Some love relationship is on your mind and you are psychologically stressed thinking about it, but that stress is leading to hindrance in your work which is not right.
Do – Work is something which should be your priority, all others things are such where you are yourself not fully convinced.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a period of wastages as such, hence lot of carefulness is needed from your side so that you are able to protect your situation as much as possible.

Dhanu – Conflicts in home and family will have to be avoided, you will have to devote towards others fully and wholeheartedly without any preconditions.
Do – The fact still remains that you need to be at peace with yourself, and psychological peace and patience is definitely needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is helping you and favoring you immensely, in whatever you are trying to do there can be goodness which you can achieve, for that reason you must plan for some kind of work to be carried forward.

Makar – Relationships are on your mind you can go to any extent to please others, even when you are not convinced you are trying to convince yourself despite your own ups and downs of thinking.
Do - Try to understand what are the facts of the situation, and you will realize that there are many obstacles which can be difficult to handle.
Don’t – Don’t therefore push for anything which may not seem right, and you must understand that life has its own way of guiding us and teaching us at every step.

Kumbh – Financial prosperity will get reflected in terms of happiness and prosperity, even to the extent that you can invest in property which can be beneficial.
Do – Relationships are important and you are happy with that, even where you are not getting along with others you are still finding happiness in whatever is happening around you.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust in your decisions and actions, whatever you are doing is generally in the right direction and there is no reason for you to be uneasy.

Meena – This is a period to really prove yourself, and you have the ability to do so and your performance will also show.
Do – This is also a period where you have to avoid any kind of conflicts, especially with people who are important you have to avoid getting into any difficulty.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the needs of your loved ones, even where your own views are not matching you have to consider the views of others as a priority.

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