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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday 23rd September 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your luck is favoring you and helping you immensely, but that is the reason that you are becoming more and more careless.
Do – Personal life happiness is ensured although you have to be careful in what you say to others, and for that reason your own peace is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a favorable period for investment, the more you plan for it the more it becomes easier for you to do so.

Vrishabh – Financial aspect is well placed and prosperity is indicated, but that is the reason that you are becoming careless in terms of reducing your efforts, that may not be right.
Do – You have to understand that your savings should be used properly and in the right direction, and for that reason you may have to be helpful for your loved ones around you.
Don’t – Don’t get into disagreements with others just because your work situation is strong, because that can be a big negativity which must be controlled.

Mithun – Your wastages are indicated which can have a negative impact on your savings, you may be helpful to others but you have to understand your own limitations.
Do – Protect yourself from doing more than what is needed for others, that is why a lot of careful planning is needed in whatever you are trying to do.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this very aspect has linkages to your relationships, especially in some love relationship there can be issues which may have to address in a better manner, and that is why also your wastefulness must be protected.

Karka – Financial aspect is well placed but the sources on account of which your prosperity increasing may be questionable, it is very essential to maintain your prudence and honesty in this regard.
Do – Even taking money from others must require your carefulness, for that reason if you want to borrow money then its proper utilization must be ensured.
Don’t – Don’t become too critical in your mind as far as your disagreements are concerned, you will have to maintain that peace from your side which is very essential.

Simha – Work related situation requires lot of care, taking big decisions without proper discussions can be dangerous.
Do – Your abilities are strong and you must use them adequately, and that will help you to move on the right path.
Don’t – Don’t let your efforts reduce just because there are obstacles in the path, obstacles will remain, but your own involvement must be maintained at a high level.

Kanya – Personal life issues are stable and happy, your overall happiness is ensured because you are confident of what you are doing.
Do – Be very polite in whatever you say to others, because it can have a direct impact on your financial position also.
Don’t – Don’t neglect your friends at this stage, they can be very supportive to you and helpful to you at the same time.

Tula – Pressures and problems are there because views are not matching, and that is why even in your workplace these dissatisfactions can continue to be there.
Do – Try to understand your strengths by proper contemplation at every stage, and the focus of the present period lies in using and utilizing your abilities towards your work.
Don’t – Don’t let a situation emerge where hidden factors start bothering you, that is why it is very essential to remain transparent in your thoughts and in your dealings with others.

Vrishchik – Try to remain honest with your partner, even where you have certain hidden thoughts and desires on your mind you have to remember this from your side.
Do – This is a period which requires that you convey your thoughts clearly and in a manner of being supportive towards others, and that is the essential requirement which you will have to remember.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this overall period can be upsetting on account of your own mistakes, hence don’t let any loss occur to you just because you have neglected certain aspects of life.

Dhanu – Personal life issues require lot of peace which you will have to maintain, and for that reason your own mindset should remain positive in any situation.
Do – You must understand that you should avoid creating issues in your mind, and that is only possible if you try and look at your priorities and remain focused towards those areas of life.
Don’t – Don’t let any financial differences of opinion bother you in any manner, maintaining peace and maintaining the goodness of this period in personal life is very essential.

Makar – Your intense thoughts and desires in relationships are evident, but at the same time you may be employing certain clever tactics to fulfill your desires.
Do – You must remember that work is your priority and that can give you better rewards, hence other thoughts of negativity must be kept aside.
Don’t – Don’t get away from your loved ones in any manner, don’t let any situation emerge which creates those circumstances where such an eventuality may occur.

Kumbh – Personal life issues are generally well placed, but your dissatisfactions are continuing to be there which can be upsetting.
Do – Everything cannot be measured in terms of financial rewards, even if you have such thoughts you may have to control them from your side.
Don’t – Don’t try to depend on luck for whatever you are doing, because luck may fail you at this moment and may cause unnecessary disagreements with others also.

Meena – You have the ability and you must use that ability in a strong manner, your hard work will definitely provide that goodness to you which you desire.
Do – You have to avoid being too critical in your mind as far as your own efforts are concerned, your motivation therefore must be strong and pointed at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are many things going on at your back, but as long as you are devoted to what you are doing there cannot be any harm or upset for you.

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