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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tuesday 12th March 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecast, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want bigger gains in life and that is why you are willing to take risks also, but you have to be careful because this can lead to problems also.
Do – There is a pattern to show that luck may be favoring you in many ways, but still wastages will have to be avoided because that may not be right.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that work related pressures and problems can definitely be there, especially if you are not able to decide for something then you must wait for the better times to come.

Vrishabh – Financial aspect is generally supportive although lot of carefulness is still needed, the fact still remains that you may take decisions which may not be as supportive.
Do – Your efforts and hard work will definitely give you favorable rewards, to that extent this period is helpful and you will be happy.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners and your well-wishers may be generally supportive towards you, but as a linkage there may be patterns to show that those very people may be trying to take advantage of you, that is where some protection is needed.

Mithun – Decisions connected with work will have to be taken with lot of carefulness, especially if you are trying to expand or look at alternatives then money will have to be protected.
Do – As such financial position seems to be stable, but you have bigger responsibilities before you to fulfill and that is where money may be needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements will have to be curtailed, even if you have good intensions you must protect yourself from any aggressiveness.

Karka – Luck may be helping you and favoring you adequately, there is no problem on that as such and hence you will be happy.
Do – Your performance will be very positive and that is a blessing, and to that extent whatever you trying are to do at this stage can actually be accomplished.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships can be taken to the next level, but you must remember that seniors or elders in home and family may not be as supportive towards you.

Simha – Pressures and problems at workplace may be there, and the only answer to that is to that is to work hard from your side and prove yourself.
Do – Psychologically you need to be at peace to accomplish this, and for that reason you must take the support of others which may not be as much available.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any pressures or problems arise in your personal life, in home and family you have to maintain lot of peace so that there is no linking problem.

Kanya – Relationships are strong on your mind and you are lucky that everything is going smooth, but that is because you are able to connect with others very well.
Do – You must remember that your loved ones are with you at every step, and therefore your lack of trust for others can create problems for you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be hindrances in marriage if there are disagreements, hence lot of peace is required and you have to speak to others very politely.

Tula – You seem to be stressed on account of your work or your finances, and therefore any kind of difference can put you into difficulty.
Do – Care is needed to safeguard your situation as much as possible, and for that reason you will have to keep others happy from your side so that problems do not increase.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any kind of communication will have to be done with lot of peace and carefulness on your mind, that will only safeguard your situation the way it is needed.

Vrishchik – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and you are trying to find happiness out of it, that is why all your thoughts are directed towards that goodness which you have on your mind.
Do – Luck is also helping you and favoring you in this regard, whatever steps you are taking can help you to take your decisions, you can therefore take your relationship to the next level.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that those very people whom you are trusting may be trying to take advantage of you, you have to therefore understand those hidden forces and factors which can bother you.

Dhanu – Peace in home and family is to be maintained, that is the bigger requirement at this stage which will help you to maintain stability in your personal life.
Do – Psychological upheaval is to be avoided, there are many forces which are trying to disturb the peace of this period and hence you have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to take care of your loved ones at the same time, any kind of stress can lead to neglect from your side towards others, that is not right.

Makar – Your efforts towards your studies can bring you excellent rewards, you are devoted and you are motivated to do better in life.
Do – Your associates and your well-wishers will help you and guide you adequately, that is the reason that this period can bring favorable rewards for you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some kind of travel or change of place may also be there on your mind, and accordingly you can take those steps to get bigger achievements in life.

Kumbh – Financial aspect is well indicated and you are able to get rewards from many sources, but the most important is your own effort which you are making at this stage.
Do – Avoid taking unnecessary loans because that can complicate the matters, especially its utilization may not be as proper.
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry any psychological stress on your mind in any kind of discussion, you will have to understand the need to take your normal day-to-day pressures in your positive stride.

Meena – Your work related situation is helping you and motivating you adequately, and for that reason you will realize that this is becoming a highly favorable for you.
Do – Luck may be helping you and your financial position may be supportive towards you, but you still have to take adequate care from your side so that wastages are avoided.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some love relationship may be there on your mind, and for that reason you may even be inclined to travel or come closer to your loved ones.

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