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Friday, June 14, 2013

Saturday 15th June 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – There is some lack of trust in some love relationship, the way you are communicating in that is also showing your frustration and anger.
Do – Your loved ones in home and family are helping you and supporting you, but you are not happy with the circumstances around you, you have to therefore try and find some peace on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability to work hard and that is your strength, a period has now started which will help you to work towards your goals.

Vrishabh – You are worried for someone who is away from you, and that is why you also want to bring about some travel or change.
Do – Your financial prosperity is increasing and that is a blessing, you can get money from many sources which include the support from your well-wishers also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a good period to stay connected with your friends and associates also, therefore it is essential that you remove that stress which you carry on your mind.

Mithun – You have financial worries on your mind and there is some logic behind that, your trust towards others can lead to some kind of loss also.
Do – Carefulness is the keyword as you cannot be complacent in any manner, that is why you have to think more rationally from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your positive motivation will help you to achieve your goals, you have the ability and you try to use it to your advantage.

Karka – You are worried for your career as well as for your finances, you have many responsibilities before you and those pressures are also there.
Do – The problem of this period is that there are several obstacles which you have to face, and your positive efforts are also not giving you the kind of rewards which you expect.
Don’t – Don’t annoy anyone or say anything to anyone which may be hurtful, that is where some carefulness is needed.

Simha – Luck is generally supportive but you are blaming your luck for the problems of this period, in fact your own self created mistakes can cause some problems for you.
Do – Financial aspect seems to be stable but your wastages will have to be curtailed, and that is reason that you need to plan more effectively.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the aspect of friendship at this stage, there are many factors which can cause misunderstandings with your friends also.

Kanya – You are carrying a lot of stress on your mind and thinking negatively about it, that is where a lot of peace and patience is required.
Do – You are worried for sudden upsets and sudden problems which may crop up, and that is why it is essential that you understand all those factors which are complicating this situation.
Don’t – Don’t bring about any major change at this stage, even if some alternatives are lucrative you have to be still careful.

Tula – You are not able to trust others as much as it is needed, and that is the reason that there are disagreements with your partners or well-wishers.
Do – This is a period where gains from work are indicated, but you may be putting your money into some kind of pressures and problems as well.
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk your money in any manner, just because circumstances are favorable does not mean that you increase your risk.

Vrishchik – Stress and disagreements at your workplace are indicated, this is a weak period which must be cared for adequately from your side.
Do – People may not be happy with you and that is the bigger implication of this period, hence lot of care is needed so that this situation does not worsen.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that luck may be playing its positive role only for one reason, just because you are helpful and supportive towards others that can bring some protection for you.

Dhanu – Some love relationship may be causing upsets for you, there are disagreements which may lead to bigger conflicts.
Do – You have to care for your loved ones as that is important, and that aspect requires careful and constant handling.
Don’t – Don’t feel psychologically distressed in any manner, circumstances are generally supportive and you will be able to handle them very well.

Makar – Issues connected with home and family requires better involvement from your side, you cannot become distressed or depressed in any manner.
Do – Some health related issues may also be there which may bother you, hence this period requires let you understand those reasons behind any upset.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships in general requires more involvement from your side, psychologically you have to remain stable and happy so that you are able to stay connected with others.

Kumbh – Your efforts are not as adequate as it is required, that is why there is some conflict which you are carrying on your mind and that is of psychological nature.
Do – Relationship angle is generally strong and stable and that is a blessing, some relationship is giving you happiness and you may want to even take it forward.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is also supportive at the same time, this situation therefore is stable and happy in many ways.

Meena – You may not be happy with your finances or with your savings, that is why this distress is showing in your investments or relationships as well.
Do – Carefulness is the keyword at this stage which you must remember, otherwise it can lead to even disagreements with your own loved ones.
Don’t – Don’t forget that any lack of trust in some love relationships can lead to bigger problems, hence you will have to maintain that peace from your side.

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