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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thursday 6th June 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This period is trying to give you certain alternatives which you may consider, but you are still confused and uneasy whether you should take that decision or not.
Do – Any decision taken under the forces of uneasiness can go wrong, hence a very careful planning is needed to take any step forward.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to understand your own abilities and as well as your limitations in the process, while people may be supporting you still have to discuss your matters in a very peaceful manner.

Vrishabh – Financial gains is the strongest thought on your mind, but in the process you may be creating financial losses also for yourself out of frustrations.
Do – Disagreements connected with money can also lead to problems for you, you may even be increasing your problems in any attempt for travel or change.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever thoughts you have with regard to lack of trust for others can lead to bigger problems, on account of that you may not find that peace which is generally required.

Mithun – Relationships are strong on your mind and your self confidence is there in the process, you will get adequate support from others in whatever thought you have on your mind or plan you wish to execute.
Do – Your friends may be taking undue advantage of you and that is not right, that is why you have to not only consider your pocket but also consider their motive which they have.
Don’t – Don’t forget that whatever seems to be stable in relationships may have its share of problems, and wherever there is lack of trust then it cannot give that kind of happiness in relationship.

Karka – You are moving away from your loved ones and creating that distance which is not right, and if there are financial reasons in the background then you may be having very rigid views.
Do – Work is important and rewards from work are well placed, but you are not convinced with the strength of your work which you have and that is the weakness.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that disagreements with colleagues and subordinates at your workplace will have to be avoided, for that reason you must not find fault in your partners.

Simha – Rewards from work are well placed your hard work is showing, on account of that luck will also help you and favor to achieve success.
Do – Involvement in your work is praiseworthy, but somehow you are still not very happy despite everything being in place.
Don’t –You may have some strong thoughts on your mind with regard to some relationship also, and if there are linkages of that with your workplace then you have to be careful also.

Kanya – Work related situation is strong and stable and there is no problem on that, but on the financial front you are putting your money into some kind of risk where your money may get stuck.
Do – This period cannot be called free of problems, any change can bring associated problems with it and create upsets.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in any kind of discussion there is a risk of misunderstandings, you will have to therefore convey your thoughts with a little bit of mildness.

Tula – While it is a protective situation you still have to understand the problems of this period, sudden obstacles and conflict with people around you can appear to take away the goodness.
Do – Financial aspect is placed in such a manner that you can get into problems, and therefore any wrong decision can actually go wrong.
Don’t – Don’t therefore trust anyone blindly at this stage, you will have to understand this situation clearly and only then take the next step.

Vrishchik – Issues connected with your relationships is suffering because of your negative thinking, and hence you have to avoid any disagreements at this stage.
Do – You will have to protect your money as this can be a weak period in that sense, any investment or any decision therefore requires a lot of protection.
Don’t – Don’t forget that even at your workplace you may have to depend more on others, and only then that stability can be maintained.

Dhanu – Gains from work are indicated and this goodness may please others around you, your family or your partner will be with you in this achievement.
Do – Your past achievements may not be helpful to you at this stage, your present efforts will bring better rewards which you will have to remember.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you may have to depend on your friends for the kind of help which you require, and there is no harm in asking for that help from your side.

Makar – Work related situation may be strong but there are minor hindrances in that, your performance should not go down in any manner.
Do – You are not depending so much on your own efforts as expected, rather you are depending more on the help of others which cannot sustain forever.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be pressures and problems in personal life also, and therefore relationships will have to be taken care of and nurtured from your side.

Kumbh – Luck is favoring you and helping you immensely, this is a good period for relationships to become stable and prosper.
Do – Whatever way you communicate is going to bring happiness to you, your loved ones are with you and supporting you adequately.
Don’t – Don't create psychological pressures on yourself unnecessarily, any change therefore will have to be taken with lot of carefulness.

Meena – Hindrances in personal life are evident despite the fact that everything is in place, and therefore your positive efforts will definitely help you.
Do – Financial planning is required because you cannot ignore that fact, there are various complicated situations with your money that requires patience from your side.
Don’t – Don’t say anything to anyone which may be hurtful, you may have good intensions but it may lead to misunderstandings.

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