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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thursday 27th June 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming a bit aggressive which can actually harm you, and in the process if you show your anger or frustration then it can spoil relationships with others.
Do – Money cannot solve everything and dependence on financial gains may not be right, you will have to possibly take care of others from your side more than anything else.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your friends and well-wishers can be supportive towards you, but you are not able to accept that goodness as much because you are becoming a bit rigid.

Vrishabh – You are creating some wastages for yourself and you are not realizing it also, in the process someone may be actually taking undue advantage of you.
Do – This is a period which shows dissatisfactions on your mind, and that is why the goodness of this period is also getting lost to some extent. Financial aspect is generally stable and there is no problem, and for that reason you may be getting the help and support from others also.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own involvement in work can bring goodness to you, that can bring bigger success more than what you expect.

Mithun – Financial angle is unstable because you are becoming wasteful, that factor of carelessness therefore is not looking good.
Do – If you arrange money or borrow money then it may not be used in the right direction, that is where you have to understand what you must do.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships is important to you despite your dissatisfactions in them, you are not able to get enough courage in your mind to speak to someone for whom you care so much.

Karka – Rewards from work are indicated and your goodness is reflected, your performance will speak for itself and that is a blessing.
Do – You are becoming negative in your thoughts and getting worried unnecessarily, that is where your own problems are getting reflected in this manner.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust in any manner, you have the ability and you must use it to your advantage.

Simha – Work is important and luck is favoring you to get that advantage, and this is also a reflection of your auspiciousness which you carry at this moment.
Do – Help others and connect with others, and you will realize that people will provide that goodness and support which you expect.
Don’t – Don’t become too wasteful in order to please others, that is not going to help you in any manner at the moment.

Kanya – Your positive efforts can bring auspiciousness to you and luck will favor you, but somehow you are your own enemy and you are thinking negatively from your side.
Do – Peace and patience is required to handle anything, and you will realize that financial position will become strong and stable in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a period of goodness in your work, whatever you wish to do to improve that situation can be highly advantageous.

Tula – You are getting into pressures and problems in relationships, and that is why everything is becoming a big problem in my view.
Do – Even in some love relationship there are too many ups and downs, there is some amount of lack of trust also which is the root cause of the problem.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is important and your involvement is important, that will provide that stability which is definitely required.

Vrishchik – Disagreements in personal life will have to be avoided, you will have to help others and connect with others in a very positive manner.
Do – Even if you have doubts on your mind you have to remove them, because those can unnecessarily bring conflicts in your mind and those are not required.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if someone is away from you then you are worried for that, but you will have to try and bridge that distance from your side.

Dhanu – Personal relationships will have to be maintained at a peaceful level, any kind of conflict on account of lack of trust will have to be avoided.
Do – Your positive approach can actually help you and strengthen your situation, and in the process your financial position can also become stronger.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be pressures on your mind, and on account of that your decisions can be a little stressed, but that is where some improvement is needed.

Makar – Peace in home and family will have to be ensured, for that you have to remain good to others and speak well to others.
Do – Work is important and work related responsibilities are high, you will have to therefore talk to people and find solutions to your work related matters.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains can come to you from many sources, and hence those gains will have to be planned in such a manner that they give you the advantage eventually.

Kumbh – Your positive efforts can bring a lot of auspiciousness to you, you have the ability and you must use it with that pointed motivation.
Do – Whatever pressures are there on your mind may be on account of your own making, you have to therefore avoid those situations as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck can favor you and support you abundantly, and for that reason you have to avoid those conflicts in personal life which are shaping up.

Meena – Communication in any manner can be helpful, at least in strengthening your personal life relationships you will be benefited.
Do – This is a period which can still give you financial pressures, you will have to therefore plan more forcefully and judiciously from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in relationships you should not have extremes of thoughts and extremes of desires, circumstances may be stable but that does not mean that you push your relationships too hard.

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