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Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Forecasts (Rashiphal) - 2014

Year Ahead Special - 2014
Career and Profession, Finances

Career and Profession – Your career continues to be strong and stable, and from July 2014 there is further improvement in the form of contentment and happiness, but you will have to avoid getting into work related problems in the months of November and December. In the months of July to October 2014 you may even get a promotion or get transferred close to your loved ones.

Finances – You have a good period running for your financial position, you are able to do a lot for others, but your expenses continue to be high. There will be a comparative improvement in your financial position from July onwards, and your happiness and satisfaction will grow. Yet, in the months of November and December don’t take any financial decision which may be harmful.

Career and Profession – Work related obstacles may seem to be over from July, and that is on account of your own involvement and hard work which is increasing, but the real advantage in terms of professional opportunities will shape up in the months of November and December. Hence from January to October 2014 you should continue to avoid any kind of conflicts at your workplace, your confusions and dissatisfactions connected with work will be removed from July onwards.

Finances – Your financial position is generally stable, but there is a tendency to borrow money or to keep your liabilities high. From July onwards your financial position will improve further, in September and October your expenses are likely to increase, hence a lot of careful planning is needed.

Career and Profession - Gains from work are increasing from July 2014, but luck may not favor you as much in November and December and hence you have to depend more on your own involvement from your side. As such the obstacles connected with your work will be somewhat reduced from September onwards.
Finances – Overall you are doing fairly well at the moment and there is no need for any worry, but your financial position will further improve from July 2014. You may be able to repay your liabilities if any in September and October, but you should not put your money into any kind of difficulty in December.

Career and Profession – Luck will start helping you and favoring you from July onwards, more so because from July onwards your confusions connected with your obstacles will also be somewhat reduced. In September and October you will be able to use your knowledge and skills towards your professional advantage, but despite that goodness in November and December you may even face obstacles in terms of your performance.

Finances – Your financial pressures are there because you have lot of responsibilities on you, from July 2014 your auspiciousness is likely to improve and that will make you happy, but unnecessary borrowing will have to be avoided as it can increase to put you under pressure.

Career and Profession – The period up to June 2014 seems to be stable because you are able to work hard, but obstacles are likely to be there from July onwards wherein you have to concentrate more on your abilities and performance. In the months of November and December any disagreement at your workplace will have to be avoided.

Finances – You are passing through a comfortable period with regard to your financial position, but from July onwards your expenses are likely to increase for yourself as well as for your loved ones, that is where some carefulness may be needed from your side. Your expenses and losses will have to be curtailed especially from July to December.

Career and Profession – Work related situation continues to be stable and supportive, but gains from work are likely to improve from July onwards. In the months of September and October you will be able to work hard and prove yourself. In the month of November however you have to be extra careful so that problems do not aggravate. In the month of December however you will be able to work hard from your side and as a result your obstacles will be controlled.

Finances – Financial position is generally stable and supportive and there is no cause for concern, people are helping you immensely and that is a blessing, this goodness is likely to improve and your financial position will become better from July onwards and as a result your savings can also grow because your dissatisfaction connected with savings will be removed.

Career and Profession – Your work related situation is likely to become strong and more challenging from July onwards, and between July and October your abilities will definitely shine as a result of your strong commitment towards your work. That is the period of growth and accomplishments also. In November and December you will have to continue to work as pointedly as you are claiming to work.

Finances – At the moment you are continuing to be wasteful with regard to money, but that situation will be fully brought under control only from September onwards. Your positive efforts which you will make will start giving you an improvement from July onwards. Your overall prosperity therefore will increase from September onwards and more so in November and December. You will have to stop spending impulsively especially from July onwards.

Career and Profession – The present running period continues to be pressurizing up to June, but from July there is an improvement in terms of your abilities involvement and performance. There is likely to be a further improvement in your professional situation from November onwards. Your self confidence will be very strong from September onwards when you can achieve a lot.

Finances – In February and March as well as in July and August your expenses are likely to increase, but overall auspiciousness is there in which you will be happy with your circumstances. As such you are passing through a period of increased outflows even at the moment, this overall position is becoming favorable in two steps, first in September and October 2014 and thereafter in November and December 2014.

Career and Profession – From now to June you are able to connect with others to get the advantage in your work situation, but from July onwards you are not able to do so because of your rigidness and that is not right. Especially in the months of November and December you have to exercise greater care so that you do not increase your losses in business.

Finances – Your financial position is strong and stable and that is a blessing, from July onwards you are likely to think in terms of extremes or even make mistakes from your side. That is where some increased carefulness is needed in the form of better planning from your side. As such you may be putting your savings into some kind of risk in November and December which must be avoided.

Career and Profession – You are doing well at the moment but not able to use your efforts as pointedly as desired. From July 2014 onwards that factor will improve as your involvement will be very strong and high. If you are in business then you have to control your expenses from July onwards. That factor further requires carefulness between October and December as well. Professional circumstances however will remain strong and stable to give you happiness in many ways.

Finances – Your expenses are continuing to be high and you are stressed on that, in fact the differences which you carry in your mind are basically on account of that, but there is an overall blessing on account of which your needs are being met and there is no problem. By September and October your financial position will become strong as money will come from many sources. But from October onwards you have to control your outflows as well as losses to protect your situation.

Career and Profession – There is an improvement in your work situation from July 2014, but the problem of that period is that you are getting into unnecessary differences and arguments with others. In September and October you can get some promotion and your career will be strong, but you should not become complacent in any manner in the months of November and December.

Finances – Financial position is generally stable and you are able to do a lot for others, as a result your expenses are also being met even though they are high. From July onwards you will try to plan more effectively to reduce your liabilities, but it should be done very carefully so that peace in personal life is maintained. From September onwards your work related situation will support you in your overall effort for financial prosperity.

Career and Profession – There have been some lingering obstacles for you for a while, but your involvement and your performance will improve from July 2014 onwards. But the overall pattern of your work will be free of issues and pressures from November onwards. In July and August 2014 you have to be careful that you do not cause any upsets by your own mistakes. But overall work related situation is improving very well from July onwards.

Finances – Your financial position has been under pressure for a while, and the period continuing up to June remains so in some form or the other. From July onwards there has to be an improvement in terms of goodness in your career, but the period up to August shows that you will be under risk to put your money into difficulty, hence lot of carefulness is needed. From September circumstances will improve and your prosperity will start taking shape, and especially in November and December lot of prosperity is indicated.

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