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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Annual Forecasts (Rashiphal) - 2014

Year Ahead Special - 2014
Relationships and Health

Relationships – In March and April you have to avoid getting into unnecessary differences, similarly from September to December also you have to maintain a lot of peace. You unnecessarily get into differences with others, that pattern will improve largely from October onwards.

Health – Health related circumstances may seem to improve in February and March but there may be some carelessness from your side in the months of April to June 2014, similarly care is needed on health front to avoid self created mistakes in the months of September and October also.

Relationships – As far relationships are concerned you have honest thoughts on your mind, but in February and March as well as in July and August you will get into conflicts with others. That is why lot of carefulness is needed, relationships will improve in September and October 2014 but in November again there may be problems.

Health – Greater care is needed on the health front in January as well as in July and August, but gradual improvement on health front is possible in two steps, first from September and then further from November.

Relationships – People are supportive towards you and associating with you, relationships are therefore stable and supportive. From July onwards you will be convey this goodness towards others and your dissatisfactions will be removed. From now to June you have to avoid getting into any disagreements from your side, but relationships will have to be cared from your side almost all along in 2014.

Health – Health related carefulness is required from September onwards, but more so in November and December when any kind of neglect from your side is not right.

Relationships – Relationships require lot of carefulness during the year 2014. Your stress may get reduced from July onwards but your problems may not be fully resolved, up to October you have to be caring towards your loved ones in home and family. In September and October some love relationship will become strong, but in November and December pressures and problems in that relationship can arise

Health – Health continues to be an area of concern, but from July onwards there seems to be some improvement for you, as the tendency for getting hurt will be removed. Still in the months of October and November you have to be careful on health matters.

Relationships – You are generally caring towards others but you show your frustration or anger which spoils relationships. The period emerging from July onwards requires greater care as you may be creating distance with others, and further whatever goodness you are conveying towards your loved ones in September and October may not sustain in November and December. Hence you have to avoid any kind of differences from your side.

Health - From July onwards greater care is needed on the health front, and further there has to be an increase in your carefulness even in the months of November and December.

Relationships – You are having a practical viewpoint towards others but you are not able to keep others happy. There will be improvement on that in two steps, first on July onwards and then from November onwards. You have to remain good and humble towards others to keep them happy.

Health – From September onwards you need to take care of your health in a more pointed manner, but certain pressures which you are carrying connected with your health may be removed from July onwards when some clarity is likely to emerge. But from September to December you have to protect yourself from health related issues nevertheless.

Relationships – The present period of stress in relationships will be brought under control from July onwards, but you have to be careful from September onwards that you do not show your anger towards others in any manner.

Health – From July onwards health related issues are improving and you will be happy, whatever ups and downs are there in the period of January to June will therefore be brought under control, from July if your work requires greater involvement then you should not ignore your health.

Relationships – There is some stress in relationships which is continuing, but circumstances are likely to improve from July onwards. You still will have to maintain lot of peace and humility on your mind, any kind of aggression in September and October is not right and can spoil relationships. Overall pattern of auspiciousness in relationships will be achieved in November and December.

Health – The months of February and March and then again the months of July and August require lot of care on health front. Any kind of negligence will have to be avoided. Especially in February and March any confusion connected with health may not be right.

Relationships – Relationship angle up to June is stable and it is a blessing, but relationships are not as comfortably placed from July onwards for which you have to be very careful. But whatever you convey or communicate to others will have to be done with lot of carefulness especially towards November and December.

Health – The present running period is stable on the health front, you have to therefore maintain this goodness from your side. From July onwards any pressure on account of lack of clarity of circumstances may not be right. In September and October some extra care is needed on that front in any case, and hence overall period from July to December requires peace and carefulness.

Relationships – Relationship angle may be somewhat stressed at the moment, because you are not able to give enough time to your relationships which is needed. There can be an improvement on that front when your involvement will increase and that is from July onwards, but you will have to avoid being forceful or egoistic in any manner. Your goodness must prevail in remaining favorable towards others.

Health – The present ups and downs of health may continue for a while. But from July there is an improvement wherein you will be more at peace, but a period of carefulness on health front is definitely there in September and October as well which you will have to remember.

Relationships – There is overall peace and happiness in relationships and that is a blessing, but relationships are becoming stressed from July onwards wherein you have to take adequate care, especially in what you speak should not lead to any unnecessary differences or conflicts. In November and December also lot of care is needed so that peace in personal life is maintained.

Health – The period of carefulness on health front continues in January as well as in April to June 2014, but the overall period from July to December 2014 requires stable thinking and carefulness from your side.

Relationships – The pattern in personal life is stable at the moment although there are too many ups and downs which you face, your overall goodness towards others will improve from July onwards but relationship angle will start improving largely from September onwards. A lot of further improvement will take shape in November and December to keep others happy and to get happiness in return.

Health – In the months of February and March as well as in the months of July and August 2014 lot of care is needed, and therefore your eating habits must also remain under moderation in this period. In November and December also you should not become complacent that everything is alright, some amount of disciplined lifestyle will be needed even in that period.

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