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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sunday 15th December 2013, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – People around you including your bosses may not be happy with you, and that is why small matters are also becoming bigger to form upsets.
Do – You may have certain thoughts for changes or alternatives on your mind, and all those will have to be considered very carefully to take those decisions.
Don’t – Don’t let your knowledge and performance get reduced in any manner, even if you are not happy you have to still do a lot from your side.

Vrishabh – Your family and your loved ones are with you and you are having lot of confidence in yourself, that is why you can do a lot at this moment and achieve success.
Do – Depending on luck is not possibly advisable, you will have to perform from your side and prove yourself in the process.
Don’t – Don’t let any distance get created in any love relationship, as such this period is favorable for coming close to your loved ones and getting the support for taking any relationship forward.

Mithun – You are becoming impulsive and aggressive which is not right, you will have to therefore avoid any conflicts in the process on account of this rigidness.
Do – Relationships are not well placed and you have to be rather careful, because anything which may lead to any misunderstanding is to be avoided.
Don’t – Don’t also let any problem arise in your personal life or in home and family, if there are differences then you have to keep quiet and wait for better times to come.

Karka – You are determined to achieve success and for that reason this is a favorable period, financial aspect is very well indicated which you will be able to create for yourself.
Do – Whatever efforts you make to improve some love relationship may be fruitful, as a result you will realize that your performance and your efforts are also becoming very pointed at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t still ignore the needs of your loved ones in home and family, they may be having stress on their mind for various reasons.

Simha – Your care for others is praiseworthy, as a result you will get the warmth of relationships in return in abundance.
Do – Work is important and you are thinking of many changes side by side, but all that will have to be undertaken by very careful planning.
Don’t – Don’t decide based on money alone, don’t let your own involvement get reduced in any manner as that is not going to help.

Kanya – Financial aspect is well indicated and there is no problem, as such there is overall sense of optimism in you which can help you enormously.
Do – Whatever thoughts of travel or changes are there on your mind will have to be undertaken with care, because there is an inherent factor of obstacles which you may have to face.
Don’t – Don’t therefore bring about any change in your work also impulsively, these are careful and long term decisions which cannot be taken in any kind of haste.

Tula – Work is strong and your pressures and responsibilities are high, and that should be taken in a positive sense to achieve bigger success.
Do – Financial aspect may be stable but wastages are there at the moment, that is why you are not able to improve your savings in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t let routine types of issues of day-to-day nature increase or become problematic, don’t also become rigid in your thought process in any manner.

Vrishchik – Luck may be favoring you and that is a blessing, as a result you are determined to work more from your side as much as possible.
Do – Involvement in work will give you increased financial prosperity, and your determination in this regard will also help without any problem.
Don’t – Don’t still bring about any changes as there may be many confusion attached to it, lot of peace and clarity is needed to take any such step forward.

Dhanu – Psychological pressures may be there because you are thinking in terms of extremes, the problem of this period therefore is that you are taking those pressures and not having that peace which is required.
Do – Financial aspect is a blessing and that is not a problem, as such you are getting the prosperity which is desired by you.
Don’t – Don’t still annoy anyone in any manner, keep others happy and you will get their support and guidance abundantly.

Makar – Sudden financial gains are possible which will make you happy, but at the same time you have to try and understand that luck is playing its positive role for you.
Do – Some love relationship is strong on your mind towards which you are committed, but you will have to take the support of your loved ones also in the process.
Don’t – Don’t carry any dissatisfaction with regard to your work, that is your strength and must be carried forward in a very positive manner.

Kumbh – You partners are helping you and supporting you, as a result those minor obstacles can also be handled effectively.
Do – You must consider your situation very carefully, if there are any pressures or differences then you must try to resolve them before taking the next step.
Don’t – Don’t try to test your luck as it may not be advisable, the goodness of this period can be maintained by removing those differences which you carry on your mind.

Meena – Differences in home and family or in your marital life will have to be addressed, because it has its own negative impact on you in many ways.
Do – If you are thinking of some love relationship then you have to be careful of the hidden problems, whatever seems to be very strong may still have some obstacles attached to it.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore your health also at the same time, there are issues which you are ignoring and you have to take treatment and also do regular exercise.

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