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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday 24th January 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are dissatisfied in some love relationship, that is why you are showing your stress and frustrations in everything you are doing.
Do – Disagreements at workplace will have to be avoided, you may have to depend on partners to get the help and support in whatever you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t let your frustrations rise in case of ups and downs appearing in life, this is a reality which will have to be accepted as such.

Vrishabh – Health related issues will have to be addressed, if you are getting repeated problems then you must consult a physician.
Do – Relationships in general are stable and without any issues, but your own uneasiness and dissatisfaction is something which is leading to these problems, that is where some carefulness is needed.
Don’t – Don't make mistakes from your side whether in your career or with regard to your health, these are the areas of priority where you have to understand the circumstances in a better manner.

Mithun – You have strong thoughts for relationships on your mind, but there are too many ups and downs which are continuing to be there to make you dissatisfied.
Do – Try to address the upsets and obstacles of this period, and largely you will realize that they are made up in your mind and you are yourself becoming negative in your thoughts.
Don’t – Don’t communicate in such a manner that it leads to more of problems, if you show your distress and show your frustrations then it can lead to differences of opinion.

Karka – Issues in home and family will have to be addressed more peacefully, any dissatisfaction can eventually lead to differences which must be avoided.
Do – Relationships will have to be nurtured in a better manner, communicate with others to show your care towards others which is very important at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t get into any differences on account of financial matters, because that is where lots of ups and downs can get created and cause unrest of your mind.

Simha – You have the ability and yet you are not able to find that trust in yourself to work hard, there are too many ups and downs in your own performance.
Do – The problem of this period is that people are not happy with you, but you are creating those situations from your side to cause those disagreements.
Don’t – Don’t say anything in a harsh manner to cause upsets, if you remain mild and humble from your side then many things can be brought under control.

Kanya – You are carrying some stress and pressures on your mind because your commitments are high, and you are not able to fulfill those responsibilities as much as it is desired.
Do – Luck will help you and favor you to do what you wish to do, there may be issues connected with it and frustrations in the process but your positive efforts can still help.
Don’t – Don’t create any distance in some love relationship from your side, show your care and concern, that will help in maintaining smooth relationships.

Tula – Your uneasiness is made up in your mind, you are thinking a bit negatively and causing distress for yourself.
Do – Have trust in your own abilities and you will be able to overcome these thoughts, work hard and you will realize that many things are possible to your advantage.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your responsibilities which are abundantly there, you have to do a lot for your loved ones in home and family, for that you have to bridge that distance which has been created.

Vrishchik – Your dissatisfactions are leading to financial pressures, your savings therefore must not be put to any kind of risk.
Do – This is a period which shows travel or changes, but more than anything else you will have to involve in a more pointed manner.
Don’t – Don't think of alternatives at this stage as that may not be the right thing to do, there may be repeated change of views which is not right.

Dhanu – Your stress with regard to money is on your mind, and that is why this psychological pressure can even lead to health related issues.
Do – Try to understand the strength of this period, it can be in the form of your professional involvement which you must create from your side.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfactions on your mind with regard to what you can do and what you must do, that positive attitude will definitely help you to gain immensely in the present set of circumstances.

Makar – You are not liking what you are doing at the moment, that is why you are constantly seeking change which is not right.
Do – There are too many ups and downs of your thinking and that is why changes may not be the right thing to do, you will have to therefore understand that this is a pressurizing period which needs more carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t carry unnecessary frustration on your mind because that can lead to wrong decisions, whether in relationships or in your workplace that kind of peace has to be maintained.

Kumbh – You may be blaming your luck and the circumstances are still supportive, but the problem is that you are not able to get along with people around you which is not right.
Do – Relationships will have to be nurtured and understood, any distance which is getting created at this stage may be difficult to handle.
Don’t – Don't take any aggressive stand or any aggressive decision at the moment, this is a period where lot of moderation of your thoughts is required so that there is no hasty step.

Meena – Your frustrations in your work can lead to day-to-day obstacles getting created, and that is why you have to ensure that there is lot of regularity from your side in whatever you are doing.
Do – Relationships will have to be maintained peacefully from your side, whether in personal life or in professional life this becomes important because there can be some stress on that.
Don’t – Don’t let your performance get reduced because of these diverse thoughts, you must concentrate very pointedly in whatever you are doing as only that will help you to remove your negative thoughts.

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