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Friday, January 3, 2014

Saturday 4th January 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting into problems from your side, and your own mistakes are responsible for that.
Do – You must understand that you have tremendous ability in you and you should use it in the right manner, and only then luck will help you the way you expect.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the reasons for those obstacles which you are facing, don’t ignore the fact that money is needed to take your work forward and that also has to be arranged.

Vrishabh – Relationships are important to you and you are trying to resolve those problems, even in home and family relationships can be stressed.
Do – Try to understand the feelings of others, and you will realize that whatever distance has been created will have to be bridged.
Don’t – Don’t doubt the intensions of others, don’t therefore get into issues and conflicts from your side in any manner.

Mithun – You have some investment on your mind which can be very profitable, you are trying to as such do a lot for others and that will make others happy.
Do – You may be stressed in your mind and that is why you are not able to plan as effectively, some losses are there on account of this unplanned situation which you are going through.
Don’t – Don’t think that relationships can be protected forever, if you are not caring towards some love relationship then you may even lose that, and that can be very painful.

Karka – This is a highly motivating period wherein you will have to work and prove yourself, the goodness of this period therefore reflects in terms of your success which is achievable.
Do – Pressures and problems are likely to remain, especially if there are differences or if there are losses then they are on account of minor issues, you have to try and resolve them from your side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust for people around you, you have to remain supportive and helpful towards others which is very essential.

Simha – Health is an issue which requires care, but there is lot of auspiciousness which will protect you in any situation.
Do – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and you are committed towards that, that is why you may be expecting more from others and getting stressed psychologically.
Don’t – Don’t let your own involvement get reduced in any manner, if there are pressures at your workplace then you have to try and work hard from your side to remove those problems.

Kanya – You are facing many obstacles and that is why someone is trying to take advantage of you, there are therefore many things going on at your back.
Do – You are trying to come closer to your loved ones and that is a blessing, for that reason relationship angle can improve exactly the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t let minor issues of day-to-day nature spoil some love relationship, try to convey your goodness from your side and do with it all honesty and integrity.

Tula – Whatever changes you are trying to think may not give you the desired results, in fact it can increase your outflows or losses unnecessarily.
Do – This is a period which shows travel or changes which you are trying to undertake, but you will have to safeguard your situation from pressures and problems connected with those travels also which may not be advantageous.
Don’t – Don’t therefore spoil the stability of this period which is abundantly there, you have that goodness which can be used for your own advantage and that goodness must be protected.

Vrishchik – Overall pattern of financial prosperity is intact and there is no problem, in fact your own focus is such that it will help you tremendously.
Do – Rewards from work are there and yet day-to-day issues will continue to be there, you will have to take them in your positive stride as that is the bigger purpose with which you have to plan more effectively.
Don’t – Don’t become aggressive in any kind of communication, you have to remain mild and try to understand the other person’s point of view as well.

Dhanu – Your involvement in work is strong and there is no problem on that, but you are unnecessarily thinking of certain changes which can be very pressurizing.
Do – Try to maintain a lot of stability because that is the goodness of this period, you must remain supportive towards others and you will get back that help and support from others adequately.
Don’t – Don't doubt the strength of this period in terms of financial prosperity, your loved ones are happy with you and that is a bigger blessing.

Makar – Your advantage lies in the fact that circumstances are highly supportive, that is why your commitment towards work is very strong.
Do – Luck is favoring you in terms of financial prosperity, and you are getting the help from your family also in every sense.
Don’t – Don't try to test your luck as that can be harmful, some important people may not be supportive towards you and in a very hidden manner they may be opposing you also.

Kumbh – Health related issues are there which you will have to keep in mind, even to the extent that your efforts are also not as pointed.
Do – Routine types of day-to-day issues are bothering you, for that reason relationships may also be somewhat stressed which must be protected.
Don’t – Don’t think that money can solve your problems of relationships, there may be lingering issues which are not as comfortably placed, and yet the auspiciousness of this period can help you in many ways.

Meena – You have the ability to perform well and work hard, as a result your rewards can be there which can please you.
Do – The problem of this period is that you are not able to safeguard your situation as much as it is required, that is why you are not able to control your losses as well.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences with your partners or loved ones, because they can be very helpful in helping you in your work situation, and that advantage must be achieved.

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