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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sunday 5th January 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your financial prosperity may be stable but you are still not satisfied, because you want to do so much more for others and even meet the needs of others.
Do – Your goodness reflects in the fact that you are caring and you are motivated, as a result you can achieve a lot in whatever sphere you are placed, continue to be good like this.
Don’t – Don’t be unhappy for any reason, your family and your loved ones are with you and trying to understand you.

Vrishabh – Work related situation may be strong and yet you are getting into misunderstandings, that is the reason that there is a sense of dissatisfaction which you are carrying on your mind.
Do – Ups and downs of your situation are because of your forcefulness which you carry at the moment, you have to remain very involved but in a manner which is mild in attitude.
Don’t – Don’t think that circumstances in personal life are comfortable, in fact there are many issues and problems which are leading to many hidden problems.

Mithun – You may be trying to do a lot to improve some relationship, but your own frustrations which you carry on your mind are not letting that happen.
Do – Your problems of this period are largely of your own making, your thoughts are totally diverted and that is why you are creating pressures and upsets for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any pressure or problem arise unnecessarily, wastages will have to be avoided and you have to speak very pleasantly towards others.

Karka – Problems are there because you are constantly thinking about problems only, that is why the factor of auspiciousness in personal life is also not being understood by you.
Do – Try to find happiness in whatever circumstances you are placed, thinking in terms of extremes at the moment is actually the cause of problems.
Don’t – Don't let the peace of your personal life get spoilt in any manner, putting your money or your stability into risk is also possibly not right.

Simha – On one hand you are trying to associate with others and on the other hand you are doubting your own efforts, stress in your present situation is possibly leading to these thoughts.
Do – Whatever you are doing must be done wholeheartedly, carrying question marks on your mind is not going to help you in any manner.
Don’t – Don't upset your financial position also on account of your extremes of thinking, your expenses or losses must actually be curtailed from your side.

Kanya – Your differences in conflicts are because of your own making, on one hand money may be the factor and on the other hand your carelessness is responsible for it.
Do – Try to plan your finances in a more pragmatic manner, for that reason your personal life issues and professional needs will have to be understood.
Don’t – Don’t let some relationship get spoilt in any manner, if there is a misunderstanding it should be resolved right away.

Tula – Issues in some love relationship are surfacing again, the goodness and stability of your circumstances must be maintained from your side.
Do – Look at the auspiciousness of this period and you will be happy, your strength lies in the fact that you are able to do a lot for others.
Don’t – Don’t think that there is any deficiency in your work in any manner, whatever factors are there can be handled very well with your abilities.

Vrishchik – You want to move on a particular path aggressively and yet you are confused whether that is the right path or not, that is why you are not able to decide.
Do – Whatever be the case you have to be good to your loved ones in home and family, that auspiciousness can only be achieved if you remove those dissatisfactions from your mind.
Don’t – Don’t therefore bring about any changes unnecessarily, maintain that peace and stability which is more important at this moment.

Dhanu – Whatever effort you make at this stage can be financially very rewarding, and whatever gives you satisfaction must be done wholeheartedly.
Do – Maintain your focus towards life by having lot of trust in whatever you are doing, that single factor will give you happiness which you want.
Don’t – Don’t think that there are obstacles around you, that is the reality with each one of us as nothing can be as easy as we want.

Makar – Your involvement and your financial position may be stable, and still you are thinking that it could have been better.
Do – Looking at alternatives in a positive manner will definitely help, at least you can discuss your matters to arrive at the final decision.
Don’t – Don't say anything to your partners which can be avoided, because anything done under the forces of dissatisfactions can spoil your partnership.

Kumbh – Luck may be favoring you and yet there are pressures and problems, and hence your doubts and apprehensions are somewhat valid.
Do – While many things may be stable you should not still take any big decision, maintain that peace and stability which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health because that can be an area of concern, especially if you are stressed then it can have its own negative implications.

Meena – Any extreme of thought in some love relationship can be very stressful, because by thinking like that you will realize that every step is a big hindrance.
Do – Your own dissatisfactions are possibly leading to this situation, you have to be more optimistic at this moment to find peace which is required.
Don’t – Don't make mistakes with regard to financial dealings, lot of carefulness and clarity is required in every step which you take.

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