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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday 18 December 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Monetary pressures are immense and on account of that relationships are also suffering, you have to understand the views of others and then your own attitude will become positive
Do – Luck may not have supported you for a while but the circumstances are improving very soon, for that you have to remain optimistic and continue to work towards your goals
Don’t – Don’t neglect the responsibilities which you have towards your own people, that includes your family and also your loved ones, don’t also think that everything is a problem
Vrish – Your attitude of being helpful and supportive towards others will resolve many issues and differences, but psychologically also you have to be more at peace so that the problems are kept under control
Day special – Health is an issue which has been bothering you, but more than that it is the psychological make up which has to become optimistic and then you will be happy
Mithun – If you have selfish desires in some relationships then you are likely to get into differences, you have to give time for any relationship to prosper and become vibrant
Do – Your work has been suffering as a result of your focus towards relationships, that factor needs to be understood and improved
Don’t – Don’t get into any conflicts on account of financial reasons or losses, such a conflict is not going to resolve the matters and may complicate the matters further, don’t let that happen
Karka – Generally favorable period and things are under control, you are inclined to please someone in love relationship by way of gifts and offerings
Day special – Many of your differences have been resolved and you are doing well, but psychologically there is need for positive thinking and more of optimism, that also needs to be improved
Simha – Your own hard work is likely to give you lot of happiness, for that reason your relationships are also becoming stronger because your focus towards them is increasing
Do – Inherently some love relationship has weaknesses, for that reason you have to do your duty towards others and not expect anything in return,
Don’t – Don’t forget that your work is your strength, if you try to get linked advantages from your family then you may not get the matching response, hence don’t expect that kind of support from them
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period and God is kind to you in many ways, luck helps you to gain in financial matters and that will motivate you to further work hard
Day Special – You are still not happy with the response of your own people towards your dreams and desires, but you have strength elsewhere in which you may be inclined to invest your money judiciously, you have to take advantage of that
Tula – You are very inclined to think about money alone and that has mixed effect on you, that may help you to meet your financial needs but is also causing stress and obstacles
Do – Your needs will be met only with your own hard work, you have to avoid taking loans to meet your financial requirements at this stage
Don’t – Don’t let your routine expenses rise as that can indirectly put lot of pressure on you, you have to be careful on that
Vrishchik – Expenses on your own pleasures are high and your family is also adding those expenses and pressures, you are however very inclined to save more as that is also important
Day special – You have not been able to plan your investments properly and that fact depresses you, but a favorable period is coming soon in which you will be able to do that to your satisfaction
Dhanu – Your outflows are increasing and that may create unnecessary differences, you have to therefore concentrate on the goodness which this period provides
Do – Your involvement in your work can be a very lucky factor, your own inclination to work hard is also shaping up gradually and you will be benefited with that effort eventually
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses become increased or wasteful as that can cause upsets, especially in relationships that patience will also help, don’t forget that
Makar – Extremely auspicious period for financial gains, nothing can be better than this but you have to be careful in your planning
Day special – Your expenses are high and diverse, you are not able to control that factor and that takes away a portion of your gains unnecessarily
Kumbh – The auspiciousness of this period reflects in the growth of your work, the weaknesses of your work have been bothering you but this is the period to move forward with forcefulness and conviction
Do – Your recent focus about money will gradually change the way you plan, the day is not far for that to happen and you are moving towards that in a positive way
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people can be very supportive in your work related matters also, in addition God is kind and there are many virtues attached with you in this period,
Meena – Not only your own hard work will help you to progress but your obstacles and upsets will also teach you at every step, that is the favorableness with which you are moving forward
Day special – The goodness is reflected in many ways, your abilities will help you and your performance will support you to improve your work, that should be your focus also

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