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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thursday 7 January 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming too rigid or critical in your views, that can increase pressure in your work and cause unnecessary stress
Day special – There is need to help your own people and take their support, that is the weak area which needs lot of involvement from your side
Vrish – Your own hard work can improve your performance in whatever work you are involved, especially in protecting any weakness in your knowledge this period can be beneficial
Do – Work related matters are stable but you have to involve well, you have the ability but you are not using that fully
Don’t – Don’t therefore indulge in carelessness, these can be self-created mistakes, don’t let that happen
Mithun – You may be planning for investments or for some improvements in life, but there are many obstacles or hidden factors which shows ups and downs
Day special – Auspiciousness of this period depends on the goodness of others, you have to draw that goodness by becoming appreciative of others views also
Karka – This is a stressful period which can be improved, a little of involvement from your side can control the pressures and obstacles side by side
Do – Personal relationships need to be improved, that will provide the cushion for stability which is important
Don’t – Don’t neglect your health at this stage, especially on carelessness towards your eating and drinking habits, don’t ignore this
Simha – Financial matters show instability, you are giving too much importance to money also
Day special – The period is indirectly showing pressures and losses, most of it is because of wasteful expenses and habits which need to be curtailed
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact and gives you happiness, but work related matters need more regularity and that is important
Do – In work related matters you think that people are talking at your back, that stresses you more and makes this period unstable
Don’t – In personal relationships don’t get into routine kind of stress and pressures, that can unnecessarily take away the goodness of this period, don’t let that happen
Tula – You are very keen to take big decisions but lot of carefulness is required, the period is not very stable to give you the desired direction and you have to understand that
Day special – Stability is more important at times and that is something which you must understand, as such you have many responsibilities to fulfill which you cannot forget
Vrishchik – Extremely stable period for financial prosperity, your own focus and hard work is giving you the desired direction and that is important
Do – You still feel that regularity of your financial inflows can be improved, for that reason you must remain very focused as it is possible to achieve what you are thinking
Don’t –
Dhanu – Psychological pressures can be there at your workplace, the solution to that lies in your own stable thinking at this stage
Day special – Auspiciousness of this period is immense, don’t reduce that goodness in any way by thinking too much and thinking negatively
Makar – Generally stable period for personal relationships to be happy, luck may not favor you as much but your own involvement can actually bring lot of benefits
Do – Especially on financial matters and regularity of income you have to bring lot of stability, otherwise psychological stress will continue in some form or the other
Don’t – Don’t take your health for granted, if there is need for investigation then you must get it done
Kumbh – You are creating pressures for yourself by your own thinking, actually the situation is not as adverse as you think
Day special – There is greater need to work hard and to involve as far as your work is concerned, even in personal relationships regular involvement is required at this stage
Meena – Stable period for some love relationship to prosper, but your desires are intense and you wish to fulfill your desires at any cost
Do – You must give importance to the views of others, by doing so you can actually make your relationships stronger and that is important
Don’t – In any discussion connected with personal relationships don’t show your annoyance or anger, that can lead to a setback which will be difficult to resolve, don’t let that happen

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