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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday 13 January 2012, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your relationships are strong and you are getting the happiness as a result of this involvement, your honesty is indicated which is showing in the way you are connecting with others.
Do – You will have to be careful in what you speak, especially if it is likely to be misunderstood then you will have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t also carry any lack of trust in any manner, your partners and supporters are there to help you in any case.

Vrishabh – This period is helping you to involve in your work and get the best rewards, but your forcefulness is such that you may even create upsets for yourself.
Do – Remain very mild in whatever you speak, especially at your workplace you will have to be careful in how you conduct your relationships.
Don’t – Don’t annoy anyone who may be important, especially in what you convey to others it should be clear and transparent.

Mithun – Relationships are important to you and your involvement towards others is very well indicated, especially in home and family you are getting that help and support which you deserve.
Do – Financial situation is strong and stable, but some impulsive expenses are also indicated side by side.
Don’t – Don’t let any loss occur because of your carelessness, that is why each step forward is important to understand.

Karka – You may be putting your money into risk and for that reason you may be annoying your loved ones also side by side, and these are the factors which will have to be understood.
Do – Protect yourself from any kind of dispute or difference, even in routine matters you will have to show that carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses go out of hand as that can complicate the matters, more than anything else it can lead to those differences and conflicts which are building up.

Simha – Work related situations remains motivating and that is a good thing to see, but there are many thoughts of changes on your mind which you carry at this stage.
Do – Stability is very important and your motivation is very important, that will help you to achieve your success which you want.
Don’t – Don't forget that your involvement in some love relationship is indicated, and your overall pattern of commitment and honesty is also indicated side by side.

Kanya – Slightly weak period as not many things are as comfortable for you as you want, pressures can be there and obstacles can also be there.
Do – Putting your money into any kind of risk can be disadvantageous, you will have to therefore ensure that you do not depend on luck on this.
Don’t – Don’t bring about any major changes in your work as that may also have hindrances attached to it, and therefore lot of stability is needed at this stage.

Tula – You know that there are problems in relationships and yet you are committed towards that, but there are many hidden factors which you will have to consider side by side.
Do – Apparently you will get the support from your partner, but the support from elders may not be as adequate as you wish.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect any magical situation to be achieved, even for financial matters carefulness is the keyword.

Vrishchik – Involvement in work is strong and stable, and for that reason you are able to connect with your loved ones also very well.
Do – Rewards from work are indicated and financial position is generally stable, but savings are not as adequate as you want that to be.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be wasteful in any manner, even where you have to take big decisions or big changes protect your money and savings adequately.

Dhanu – Some travels may be on your mind but you are also careful to take care of your loved ones, but overall pattern is generally stable and supportive and there is nothing really to worry.
Do – Luck is helping you and supporting you very well, your partner is also supportive to you to understand your views.
Don’t – Don’t ignore health because that is not desirable, especially if there are any investigations to be made you have to be careful.

Makar – Rewards from work are indicated and overall pattern of relationships are strong, but you are not as happy as you should be.
Do – You are aware of the problems and pressures, and there are many stressful situations which you may have to face, that carefulness will help.
Don’t – Don't forget that matters even in personal life will have to be addressed carefully, for that reason you have to take care of your loved ones also side by side.

Kumbh – Extremely auspicious period as lot of goodness is appearing for you, the more you connect with others the better it would be as you will get the support and rewards very well.
Do – Some love relationship is in the offing which will help you, and for that reason your own loved ones will be supportive towards you in whatever you wish to do.
Don’t – Don't forget that this is a motivating period in many ways, your own involvement is such which is very helpful the way you want.

Meena – Stress and pressures are indicated as you cannot ignore the factors which are appearing, psychologically also this may therefore stress you.
Do – Relationships are difficult of handle and you will have to avoid that from your side, otherwise obstacles can be there.
Don’t – Don’t let your own involvement and efforts get wasted in any manner, you have to be pointed in whatever you are trying to do and not create those upsets in your mind in any manner.

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